Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “It’s a Backwards Kingdom” and our guest Brother Dave shares details on the incredible power he has witnessed through the act of forgiveness.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “It’s a Backwards Kingdom”

Some Notes from the Teaching:

Main Scriptures:

Luke 9:48

Mt 23:11

John 3:1-7

Born his means ‘carried’ and learning to be led by the Spirit of God.

Being born of the spirit – willing to serve God, serve other, and doing as God leads.



To paraphrase Jesus ‘The way to get up is to get down’. Or as our brother Zig Ziglar says, “You can get everything you want out of life, if you help enough other people get what they want”.

GOD is soooo GOOD!






Technology & World Highlight:



Something strange about ISON- You might want to see this.

Comments about the comet ISON, and interesting story related to Enoch, and the pyramids, and a language found all over the world.  Did you know the “all-seeing eye” used to have a completely different meaning than is commonly accepted today?

We will be discussing “who might have been the creator of these or the inspiration of ancient artifacts from before the flood of Noah?”

Who might “The Watchers” be as illustrated by the eye on some of these artifacts?

And a hidden message, finally translated, read from the artifacts spread all over the world, from a language pre-dating sanskrit:  THE SON OF THE CREATOR COMES…

It thrills the spirit when we put all the clues together.






Inspirational Running Video:

A short, inspirational message that will help keep you motivated!





Technology highlighted this week will include the 2 mileage boosters. One very easy to install and gets 5% to 50% mileage improvement. The other takes a few hours to install and gets you double or triple your miles per gallon! That’s right! You could get 100 MPG, if your car gets 35 MPG now! See Gifts Page for details.







Guest: Dave Gilbertson – The Importance of & The Power that lies in Forgiveness!

Our honored Guest… Sir T’s long time friend from Alaska and awesome man of God, Brother Dave Gilbertson talked about the amazing power he’s personally witnessed in the simple (but often difficult) act of forgiveness.











Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

C: If just his words can build universes, stars Suns why couldn’t they do something easy like heal? The power in believing is (indeed) very strong!

C: We have a MRI (my wife does) next Wednesday and I want the surgeon to see the new healed results for my wife. I would love to come on the show and give our testimony of complete healing.

C: I gave my life to God about 3 years ago. I lost about everything i own but you know i have never been happier in my life than I am now.

Q: Is Walter Russell’s work is the same as used in the WITTS hemisphere generator?

Q: Sir T have you heard anything about the comet Ison having 2 cigar shaped objects escorting the comet?

Q: If high technology civilizations existed any number of times in the past, why did the technology die out? (Answer: When people take God out of the equation, they dry-up and go wrong. God really wants to bless us as a civilization but it is a matter of us walking with God more than God following us around. So long as we keep Him in the equation, he will continue lifting us up. -In the area of technology WITTS is unique in that it keeps God central)

C: If we truly understood the ABSOLUTE RIGHTEOUSNESS required by God for us to be called Children of the MOST HIGH… we’d understand ULTIMATE forgiveness…and it becomes easier to forgive others.

Q: Were Floyd Sweet’s inventions like his Vacuum Triode Amplifier, a real free energy device? If so, was he ever associated with Witts?

C: I think Faraday struggled with anger all his live… He held forgiveness close…








References & Links:

(…are all in the writeup above.)




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