Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “Who we are in Him: Man’s Creation Status” and our guest Brother Skipper Hughes shares about personal experience with God’s Love.


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Who We are in Him: Man’s Creation Status”

Some Notes from the Teaching:

Main Scriptures:

Jn 10:34

Ps 82:6

Gen 1:26

Rev 3:20

The Scripture says ‘We were created in His image and His likeness’. Genesis 1: 26

What does that include? What are our abilities? What is our potential?

What belongs to us? What are the keys to possessing what is ours?

These topics were covered in tonight’s teachings.



Sir T recommends to get Kenneth E. Hagin’s book “In Him” and find out who you really are, in God.  Get it in your heart and your spirit so you really believe it.

“The Presence of God is with me always” – say that to yourself since it’s true!




Technology & World Highlight:

bankersMoney Is Not Safe In The Big Banks
first 4 min 30 sec

The bank robbers seem to be running the banks and scheming to steal your money!  Do you think your money is safe in the big banks because the FDIC will protect the deposits?  This assumption is not based on the current facts and the banker’s own admissions in writing.


teslarobotsHow the Tesla Model S is Made — Behind The Scenes — The Window

Just as Nikola Tesla helped transform the state of technology in the late 1800’s, Tesla Motors just might reinvent the American auto industry over a century later.



teslapicNikola Tesla’s prediction for the future of the human race
first 12 min 30 sec

Tesla’s Future…Brother Nikola Tesla speaking on the nature of reality, the actual nature of the time space continuum, the nature of gravity, and his predictions for the future. Tesla’s future is our present. How close are we to what he predicted?







Guest: Skipper Hughes – Thoughts on the Love of God and the Power of Relationships!

Brother Hughes shared some of his personal thoughts on the Love of God and the power of relationships.











Some Questions & Comments From the Show:

C: Look at E=Mc2 from the other side” I am still looking and this is how I found WITTS. I believe that God told me to be a DREAMER and stay out of the details but to leave them to him and WITTS but I am allowed to play

C: I know what he’s talking about… it’s called “Osmosis Christianity”… been there, done that… doesn’t work! ….It’s kind of like wanting to have a great muscular body, so lets go hang out in a Gym… or wishing I had a Ferrari, so I take my Oldsmobile and leave it in a Ferrari shop overnight… surely it will learn how to become a Ferrari!…LOL!

C: I have a New Grand Daughter praise God. Children have a special place with God the Father, Their Angels are always before the Face of God. Look it up It is in there in Gods Word

C: I have 2 boys, and the most dangerous thing you can do is assume they really “have Christ”… especially in a “pastor’s household”….It’s totally a personal decision & relationship… nothing else can “make it happen”.

Q: I do have another question/comment for Sir T, if you take two Tesla coils back to back, one coil feeding the other, then use the second coil in revers to feed a load, will you have a power gain? Also, do you HAVE to have an Earth ground in order for a Tesla coil to work properly?

C: As a Father or a Mother you can Ask God help in raising your children no matter how old they are and ask God to send Harvest workers to cross their path and lead them to Christ

C: I don’t want to feed the Tesla coil ground back into the power grid, that would not be good, LOL! It is hard, where I’m at, to actually have an Earth ground, so can a tesla coil setup be made to accomodate a non-Earth ground?

C: I’ve heard of this possibility too… oddly enough, I was just talking to my 14yr old last night about this. High-V seems to “disturb” the ZP field, and since the secondary of the other coil is very high-Z, it seems “plausible”.

C: Tesla’s free energy distribution system operated on a principle like this… massive high voltage “transmitter”, and supposedly non-limited “receivers”  Once you “disturb” the ZP field (or even the EM field), the “energy” seems to propogate with little losses, regardless of how many ppl “receive” the energy. JP Morgan killed it bcuz of that. Sir t, what do you think? Do I have this right?

Q: How do you know that someone is demon possessed? A young man I know always seem to self destruct when someone show him love or even kindness. Can I just pray to release him from evil influences ? His name is Steven Davis and now is on his way to jail Please help me in pray and belive for a great work of God that he might see that God loves him…

C: Regarding taking authority in Christ, you tube Kenneth E. Hagin, The authority of the believer. Excellent teaching!



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