Financial Success – That you may prosper and be of good health!; & Visit from Angel Led Guest to the Lord!

Afraid that you may prosper and be of good health?  Sir Timothy teaches on Financial Success.  Our Guest Brother Max, shared absolutely amazing experiences he has had following the Lord, one in which an angel showing up and asking some really strange questions.



Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Financial Success – That you may prosper and be of good health!

A few scriptures and a couple notes for reference:

2 Corinthians 8:9

Sir T Recommends a book by Kenneth E. Hagin – “How God Taught Me About Prosperity”

Matthew 6:20 – Store up treasures in heaven.  Not on earth.








Technology & World Highlight:

Tonight we had a short video on the Testatika free energy generator built and used by the Methernitha community in Switzerland.   They share many of the principles WITTS Ministries has long embraced.  Sir T shared some insight on not only the technology but also how this amazing group came to utilize uncommon methods to sustain their community!

Testatika Movie split1 (part 1): 

The Methernitha Community is located in the City of Linden, Valley of Enentog (spelling?) – in Switzerland.







Guest-Topic: Brother Max – Visit from Angel Led Him to the Lord!

Shared a remarkable story of how having an inherent knowing of a fundamental force of love, he was led to the Lord.  After a late night, he was delivered a profound message by an unusual visit from an angel!   This is an incredible testimony you won’t want to miss!

An avid musician, he has also done quite a bit of study about structured water.


Per Scripture: When a man’s ways are pleasing to God, even his enemies are made to be at peace with him!

You must learn to use your authority as a Christian.  And get good at this.


















Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

C: In Communism the leaders force everyone to share everything with the leaders. In the community everyone shares of their own free will.
C: Problem with today’s communism is everybody is equal, Problem is, some are more equal more equal than others.
C: In Communism the govt. owns everything at rent to the people.
C: did we ever go to the moon?
C: Forming a self sufficient Christian community is something that’s been on my heart for awhile now.
Q: Why has this self-sufficient community in the video been allowed to exist this long? Hmmmm…  Doesn’t the dark side try to shut them down?
Q: In Methernitha, How do they transfer the power throughout the community, underground wiring or wirelessly?
C: I have been reading The Secret Life of Plants, and there’s a lot that can be done, food productionwise, with limited space.
Q: Why hasn’t there been more numerous reproductions of teh Testatika if it has been around so long?  Does everybody have one of these in their homes there?
Q: How are you able to convert inharmonic energy (static energy) into usable electrical energy? Blessings, -Jeremy
Q: What is “structured water”?
Q: SirT God has been dealing with me on the fall of America. I wanted to know, Is Witts making any special preparation for the coming famine? -Similar to the story of Joseph before they had a famine God allowed them time beforehand to prepare.
C: To Bro Max, I love your testimony.  Mesmerizing!
Q: Jesus took three of His disciples with Him up the mountain to pray. Why just these three?  What are your thoughts?
C: Joe from KS: Hebrews 11:6 – And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
C: He just KNEW God would provide another miracle, a place to stay. NO DOUBT brings God’s miracle power to bear on our situations
C: 180 mpg for a 350 cubic inch














References & Links:

Testatika Movie split1: 












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