7 Steps to Unlimiting God in You!, Pt3; & Facts About the Discovery of Noah’s Ark, Pt 2

Sir Timothy continues his message on how to un-limit God in your life!  Our Guest Brother Mike O’Rork shared many more interesting pictures and video from some of the work he did on Ron Wyatt’s Team, when they uncovered the real Noah’s Ark over 30 years ago in the country of Turkey.



Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – 7 Steps to Unlimiting God in You!; Pt3

A few scriptures and a couple notes for reference:

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Technology & World Highlight:

We had a special additional guest tonight!  We requested JT (author of Free Energy 101 eBook) to drop in and let us know what he’s recently seen being worked on at WITTS.  Sir T has hinted at a number of technology projects that have been in the works for a while and JT illuminated us with some of the results he’s seen himself.

Brother Martin noted how we took authority a few weeks ago on the show with everyone’s agreement and now we are seeing a marked increase in revealings of hidden corruption.

Sir T had spoken about a battery “quickener” a few months ago, but the ministry has taken it quite a bit further now.  Tonight they will make an announcement regarding a remarkable new battery charger that will charge almost any battery faster, and more efficiently, than any other charger!  Not only that, but nearly any battery or bank of batteries up to 120V can be used. Tests so far have indicated as much as 186% efficiency!  Averages are close to 100%!  That means 100% of the power used by the charger is stored in the battery.  And very soon, WITTS will offer this on their Gifts Page!






Guest-Topic: Brother Mike O’Rork – Facts About the Discovery of Noah’s Ark in 1987, Pt 2

This week Brother Mike returned to continue his fascinating discussion of Noah’s Ark.  He revealed more about the numerous massive anchor stones that were used and the rough and rising waters Noah had to navigate.  What was the source of all the water?

Also, the grave of Noah’s wife was found which gave clues to the extraordinary size of the people back then.  Brother Mike had a remarkable account of how it came to be found and what it contained before it was looted.  Amazing stuff! Thank you for joining us this week and asking your questions as Brother Mike shared his expertise on the subject.

Ron Wyatt’s site – get the documentary DVD Ron’s ministry made here.  Sir T encourages you to make a study of it.



















Brother John called in and shared a personal testimony.








Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

C: By reasonable deduction if it is a curse to be sick in Deuteronomy 28: 61   -then it MUST BE a blessing to be healthy.  …and didn’t God say we have ALL spiritual blessings in Ephesians 1…Pretty AWESOME STUFF ….Another viewpoint on the curses of Deuteronomy is if you disobeyed God in the old and it could result in sickness, than by reasonable deduction if you obey god than you will remain healthy!
C: Sir T and Bro Martin, I overheard people at work are talking about your program with the previous Canadian Prime Minister…and this is from folks no aware of WITTS!  I was a bit amazed.
C: Regarding the grave robbers who robbed Noah’s wife’s grave, People who do wrong things cannot fathom all the evil repercussions from their evil actions.  The repercussions are far worse than the wrongdoers can imagine.

Q: Why did they choose crosses to represent family members on the stones? Did crosses have a different significance then than now?C: Ron’s wife wrote a wonderful book -called the boatshape object on doomsday mountainC: Ron wyatt was used by God…no doubt about it.  The holy spirit told me that the moment I heard about Ron WyattQ: Has the country of Turkey given anyone permission to dig the ark area yet ?

Q: If Noah was approximately 15 1/2 feet tall, could that mean he was a descendant of the Annunaki?

Q: Is there any evidence that Noah interacted with exterrestrial beings?

C: Speaking of power, most people don’t know that on average, the U.S. is shutting down 2 power plants per week, while China is turning on 3 per week!


Q: In the presence of an antipolar field, electricity stops flowing in wires, right?  What is the effect on the electricity flowing in the nervous systems of people and animals?

Q: Do I remember hearing that “new” copper doesn’t conduct well, that it has to be conditioned first…?

Q: Do electrons stop flowing in living things too ? (around an antipolar field)

Q: when someone’s body dies, what sort of energy is their spirit made of?

Q: Are there currently any plans to have former Canadian Prime Minister as a guest again?













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