Financial Success – That you may prosper and be of good health! Pt 2; & Visit from Angel Led Guest to the Lord!

Sir Timothy teaches a second part on the subject “Financial Success – That you may prosper and be of good health!”  Our Guest Brother Max, shared more absolutely amazing experiences he has had following the Lord, one in which God totally protected him from a huge guy trying to punch him and then strangle him!



Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – Financial Success – That you may prosper and be of good health!, Pt 2

A few scriptures and a couple notes for reference:

Love God, Seek Him. Ask Him for the answers.









Technology & World Highlight:

We have another short video clip on a subject we touched on a number of weeks ago.  It discusses the development of high tech anti-gravity craft by the Nazis during WWII.  The evidence seems clear that advanced machines had been built and utilized but kept very secret.  It also seems quite certain that groups that worked on these projects probably existed after the war and went underground elsewhere so as not to be tracked or found. Many of the UFO sightings over the years in all likelihood originated from people seeing these machines.






Special thanks to Brother Joseph for creating this cool picture!







Guest-Topic: Brother Max – Protection by Angels? For Real!

Returning this week was Brother Max who shared more of his remarkable story resulting in an inherent knowing of the fundamental force of love.  During last week’s broadcast his testimony was very well received by our listeners, so we requested he return to relate more about his unusual adventures and encounters with angels.













Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

Q: Does the Van De Graaff produce harmful x rays & radiation? Is it safe to sleep under & what level of voltage produced will be dangerous if any?

Q: When Timothy Martin mentions, “What is coming”, I wonder if he knows something specific that we should be informed about. I realize we all understand what he means in general, but I also wonder if he knows something specific.

Q: (Regarding the Video) Is this possible? I mean would not the Nazis have won the war and destroyed all resistance?

Q: I heard that some of the Nazi’s left Earth with the “People” that helped them with this and the rocket technology.  What do you think?

Q: I just found Witts 2 weeks ago and I already feel like part of the Family!!!

C: Max is AWESOME!!! Or better stated, the Lord has really Blessed Max.

Q: Is there any information in the nazi video you thought was questionable as to truth?

C: War is about the most effective form of human sacrifice.  The pagans of the bible never really died-out, they just became amazingly effective and deceptive.

C: As an encouragement to Max regarding his scoffing friend: A lot of times when we feel like we are getting socked in the belly with the unbelief of those around us: 1) we are suffering for Christ & count it all joy.  2)I firmly believe that this is just a taste of how the Holy Spirit feels over such faithlessness.  3) Scoffers turn around BIG -just like the Apostle Paul.

C: For I know the thoughts I have about you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you the order that you expect. -JEREMIAH 29:11

C: Psalms 3:3 – But you, Yahweh, are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts up my head.

Q: Sir T, How did you get access to Area 51 and the spaceship?

C: Job 12:22 – He reveals mysteries from the darkness And brings the deep darkness into light.













References & Links:

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure – Campaign

UFOTV Presents – The Aldebaran Mystery – Nazi UFO Secrets 












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