As A Man Thinks In His Heart, So He Is!; & World Known Designer of Speedbikes Experiences Power of God!

Get informed and involved in REAL World Improvement!  Help change our world for the better!  Sir Timothy continues sharing more ways to live in your “made in the image of God” status, walking in healing, spreading to others, and making the world a better place, starting with YOU!  Our Guest Brother Damjan Zabovnik, shares some of his story of winning world records in speed biking, and finding the power of God to heal his knees when the Doctors only offered options of invasive surgery and replacement of bone with metal and teflon!




Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – As A Man Thinks In His Heart, So He Is – Proverbs 23:7

You can change what you are, and you can change where you are, by changing what goes through your mind.

And you can get almost anything you want out of life, if you help enough others get what they want.

Job 3:25 – the opposite of faith, he said “that which I greatly feared has come upon me” –

Fear and worry attracts problems.

Faith attracts the works of God into your life!

Sir Timothy recommends anyone who wants to practice exercising faith, to set goals and do more than you did yesterday in hard work, not relying on your own strength, but as scripture says “Let him who serves do it with the strength God provides!…”








Guest-Topic: Brother Damjan Zabovnik – World Known Designer of Speed-bikes Feels Power of God!

Brother Damjan Zabovnik. A world-known designer of streamlined bicycles from the country of Slovenia.  He will be joining us live. He is a one time world record holder for the fastest man alive on a bike!  (Man powered vehicle)

Over 75 miles per hour (124 km/h)!

He still holds some world records for speed!

During his long career he has redefined the concept of speed bike and what is possible to achieve with human power. He will be sharing how he accomplished this great feat by the power of God and hard work and training.

He will also be telling us about his experience when his knees gave out from over-work and accidents, how the power of God and “Divine energies and God’s power” brought him to full divine healing for his knees (and other issues!)

He really believes he has the best design in the WORLD for this type of bike, now it’s just a matter of money and training!

You can reach brother Damjan Zabovnik via his website at


Hi, my apologies to what I answered to the question about Gossamer Albatross, flying over English channel.  I misunderstood the question so I answered as you would asked me about Icarus:
It was 5h AM here, so obviously I was losing concentration to understand English.  What a shame.  Please explain that on your web-site.  I just realized it after listening to the recorded show.

My opinion about the question now is:  It happened, the pilot was very powerful athlete, but at the same time I’ve heard that the winds there are very much helping to sail and save your power when you fly in that direction, so you can never say it is only human power, when you fly in the air.  The man who designed that HP aircraft was Paul McCready and I met him in 2006 in Arizona.









Just wanted to give a small testimony about the Quantum Healing Red Light (Rob Abreu)…










Some Questions & Comments From the As a Man Thinks In His Heart Netcast:

C:  it is truly amazing to go backward at 77 miles per hour … on a BIKE!
Q: Think there is more to it than just the areodynamics?
C: Yes! its called faith!

C: faith is action!  As a Man Thinks in his heart…
Q: Could brother Damjan repeat the speed record?

C: Thanks brother Sir T for the teaching
C: The Good, The Clean, The Pure, The Powerful, The Positive! HIDE THAT IN YOUR HEART

C: I guess it is all of us seeking after greater knowledge and truth of God that draws all of US together.  Glory!
Q: How much does the bike weigh?

Q: has it (the bicycle) been wind tunnel tested?
C: Kyle sent (me) a video of laying on of hands that mad me cry like a baby, Gods science is so good!

Q: any comments on the gossamer goose (flight over english channel)?  (Gossamer Albatross)
Q: Damjan what drives you to reach farther and strive toward your goals?
Q: Can Damjan describe the impact learning more about faith and positive thinking has impacted his cycling career and everyday life?

C: for sir T, Thanks for praying for my step son, God really came through tonight.
C: I wanted to say Hi… I am on duty tonight but had a quick break to pop in and listen… You be blessed and keep up the work… Glory to Christ Jesus…

Q:  is the bike for sale?
Q: What part will such as us ( in this ministry) play at the end of the age before Jesus returns?  Any insights out there (dreams and visions, words of knowledge)?

C: I think the parable (of the ten virgins)  also teaches that we should think about what we will need in advance of our need…we should prepare ourselves for eternal life
C: Sir T, Can you explain visions you have had about future events?

C: Good word bro Martin! (about what to be doing in these last days)

C: The Lord gives the ideas and the vision and raises up a standard against greed and evil











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Brother Damjan Zabovnik’s website:







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