To my awesome brothers in Yahshua the Messiah,
Thanks brother servant for making a sounding on the WITTS show, it was really good hearing your voice and your confirmations!
Thank you all everyone of you for all you do! I cannot express enough thanks!
We have been seeing miracles upon miracles… Here is a most recent one.
I took my little girl Anna 9 years old on a field trip to Abilene, TX. To The Discovery Creation Center on Butternut.
While my daughter and I were going through the tour, a poor woman named CJ walked in the door, with a bag of old stuff and a puppy for sale (all for $25.00) so CJ could buy a prescription for this bad rash that covered a large area of her neck.
I asked CJ to come in and receive the money she needed, making sure CJ kept her things that she valued. As CJ approached I asked if she wanted to be healed? And CJ replied with a exasperating YES! I informed CJ that we have seen many healings and that I expected Yahweh to completely heal her in Yahshua’s holy name.
I asked CJ what she needed healed and the list was: 1 a bad rash that was obvious large buffy and red, which sometimes would engulf the left side of her body. 2 her hip popped out of place regularly, due to an accident at age 13 years, which was pinned by the doctors, which also caused her leg to be crippled, have bad blood circulation, and to be 2.5″ inches shorter than the other leg. (note CJ had just been to the doctor and he had determined her leg to be 2.5″ shorter).
I had my 9 year old daughter put CJ’s hand under mine, so I was not touch CJ inappropriately. (who was about 50 years old)  I commanded healing into CJ’s hip, the circulation in her legs to return to normal, the rash on her left side of her neck to go away with that which caused it, and for  the Holy Spirit of Yahweh to minister healing until she was made completely whole. 
I then asked CJ if she felt anything and as she shook her head no, But then she suddenly said she felt warmth all over and the ministering of the Holy Spirit of Yahweh upon her as she started weeping. 
Then she felt circulation and warmth increase in her legs go up to her knees. Then CJ sat on the bench and I compared her legs and feet holding them up and together, they still did not match. Her right leg was turned in and 2.5″ inches shorter as measured by the doctor. So I aggressively commanded the legs to match and to be completely healed of all damaging crippled effects in Yahshua’s Name above all names! 
Then I dropped her legs by accident and picked them both up together and they both matched exactly and were completely healed.
CJ then continued crying and talking a mile a minute and saying she had been praying for years to be healed, but was not healed…
CJ kept saying and crying ” I can’t believe this…” Her rash was also visibly becoming a normal color again. I told CJ to stop saying ” I can’t believe this…”  and to say thank you father Yahweh in heaven and to not stop thanking him.
I also told CJ to believe the gospel(good news) of the kingdom and to know that Yahweh loved her sent his son Yahshua and was pursuing a relationship with her. She was already a believer, but now on an even deeper relationship with him. 
We have been seeing many similar things. So many I can not remember all of them… Halleluyah!!!!!!!!!!  =)
Thank You, 
Tom Linebaugh