Hello to the World Improvement Team. 
I have just made a $100 donation via pay pal. Could I please  request a gift of 2 QUEETs? 
I have been suffering from double tennis elbow (both arms) and although the Lord is gradually healing me, it has been 2.5 years now and has greatly impacted on my work as a music teacher. I believe the QUEET is just what I need to speed up the healing process. 

I “stumbled” across your website a bit over a week ago as I was sniffing around for free energy options. So far you seem to be the only real deal that I’ve come across. I speshly love that you put God first in all you are doing. So far I’ve watched 3 of your broadcasts (#138, #139 and #140) and loved every minute of them, it’s clear that you “have been with Jesus”-Acts 4:13. (The bible studies are the best part, please don’t ever, ever, ever drop them!!)
I hope you and your ministry team are well. 
Kind regards
Colin Blakely
(postal address below)

Colin Blakely