God In You! Christ In You, A Hope of Glory; & Led By the Spirit, Doing the Work of God!

Sir Timothy shares how God wants to be part of YOU!  Christ in You, becomes a hope of glory.  Our Guest Brother John Hanselman, shares some of his amazing story how he found WITTS, and has seen miracles for many years of his life!




Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – God In You!, Christ In You, A Hope of Glory

We are linked up with God.  He is our very own Father.  He is in Us.  We are in Him.
He is part of Us.  We are His Children by nature.  We are born of Heaven.  Hallelujah!

A few scriptures for reference:

Col 1:27,25,26 – Say what God says about you!

–If you say it and confess it, it becomes more and more real.

–If you don’t remind yourself through the Word what Christ says about you, you will likely hear the devil’s reminders.  Who’s voice do you want to be loudest in your head?

II Pet 1:4,3 – we are partakers of His divine nature

Phil 2:13 – …its God working in you, working his good pleasure

1 Cor 1:30:?? Wisdom is in us since Jesus in us

–The Word of Knowledge – you’re connected with the Source, and He’s downloading to you!

2 cor 5:21 –

Rom 3:26 – righteousness is a gift



Christ In You

God In You! – Christ In You, A Hope of Glory!










Technology & World Highlight: 

The first video tonight – a concise revelation on “The Bank” and it’s purpose.

The second video was a short expose on various ET and Secret Craft people have observed here on earth and near earth.








Guest-Topic: Brother John Hanselman – Led by the Spirit, Doing the Work of God!

Brother John Hanselman has been led by the Spirit on a fascinating journey, not only finding WITTS, but also learning about the healing nature of plants and ways of implementing forms of sustainable organic agriculture.  We enjoyed hearing of his recent experiences.

Next week, we look forward to hearing some of the interesting visions he’s been shown.

He also shared about a UFO experience a few years ago.

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a moving testimony we received from Brother John, where he shared his recent success in taking authority over chem-trails.

















Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

C: I saw a triangular ufo few days ago. Lights slowly disappeared one by one.  The same night I also saw another object moving about the speed of a plane but no flashing lights, the light slowly disappeared. There were absolutely no clouds in the sky.
Q: Do you think any angels in the bible were just plain people of the light from another planet?
Q: Has anyone ever heard of ET’s confessing the name of Jesus…or anything to do with Jesus?

C: I am glad brother John is teaching his kids… I thought my girls would think I was crazy but they do not.
C: My 4 kids grab onto this stuff very quickly as well
Q: Does bro John have any thoughts about the Cosmic Pipe?
C: Regarding my earlier question about ET’s and Jesus, I saw a video of a farmer in South America asking an ETs about Jesus.  He said the reaction was that of extreme commotion and deference and respect to the name of Christ.  It was like the whole ET civilization that he was interacting with held Jesus in the highest regard.

C: I heard that there is in the works tonight the banksters’ cronies (the government) is voting on whether to make illegal the trading of seeds.  Feel free to take authority over this.
Q: Question: is anybody familiar with the 6 inch mummified alien that had DNA testing on it? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
Q: do the chem trails also create the smog that hangs over our cities?
Q: Does John suggest Worms for soil?, for making soil?
C: I so Glad about this show… Witts, Thanks God , for the Amazing information that you Guys teach every week, Thanks Sir T, And Tim Martin, Awesome show Guys,
C: Thanks Witts Team!!! I’m you’re broadcasts are encouraging and enlightening! I thoroughly enjoy them! Good Night










References & Links:

The Essence Of The Banking Industry

Alien Technology – The TR-3B How it Work?









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