Just wanted to give a small testimony about the Quantum Healing Red Light

I {donated and requested it from} the witts gifts section; about a month an half, ago I requested the Quantum

Healing light, for my parents.. my Father is 76 years young, and my Mother 64 years old,


Both of them have Arthritis Pains on there joints. Arms & Legs. Dad had pain on his fingers

That pain is now gone! And Mom.. Had a sore painful left side shoulder.. Which she could not lift

Her Arm up above her head… because was too painful.. For about 8 months, 

And to add to that Mom also had Sour Painful tooth aiks for about 3 Months … Thanks God and thanks

To the Witts Team.. All of my Mother’s pain in her shoulder & Tooth pain have gone.. My Mom now is able to lift her left Arm up over her head.. Without any pain..

My dad pain gone now also..


Also last week I’ Rob, have been very busy with work, and life in general   I have been going to bed late

With only 4 hour of sleep a night   I could feel my body been run down after two weeks of this

And my Bones, joints started to Aching & pain setting in… I .jumped out of bed one morning and pull my back out.


It was painful.. But I know it’s from late nights and not having enough body rest..& Sleep..

So I started going to Bed early.. But after two weeks of pain.. I thought Ok I have to try

The Quantum Healing Light.. The first day I use it for 30Minutes.. And the next day for about 1 Hour..


On my lower part of my Back,… I was completely amazed and shocked to feel the pain had left and gone..

From my Back.. Gee it felt Good to stretch my back again. .All I can say is Thanks God. And thanks

To the Witts Team.. For creating this Quantum light,.. Truly Amazing indeed…

Thanks Brothers!



Best regards,

Rob Abreu