Pyramids & Healing…

“I had a problem with my wrist that occurred during my Africa mission trip. I put my wrist on the pyramid grid and in 2 days, with prayer, the problem went away completely! 

My doctor can’t figure it out!”


– Jim Libbey – 7/4/12


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The WITTS Amazing Pyramid Energy Grid

The WITTS Amazing Pyramid Energy Grid

We’ve received many such testimonials that will be posted in the future.

The Amazing Pyramid Energy Grid helps with falling asleep, with health and healing, with food preservation, and with food nutritional enhancement!

As has been taught in many of the Archived Broadcasts, shapes DO matter.  Over two thousand ancient pyramids on earth’s surface can’t be wrong!

Think about the tremendous resources that were expended to build these pyramids on earth for some reason, probably many reasons!

When something is said over 2000 times, we make a point to listen, right?  When something that massive is built over 2000 times, by multiple races, through multiple generations, and in many different time frames, there MUST be a significant reason why!