The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing ! Part 6

Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing ! Part 6

–Of the many scriptures referring to divine healing, one is mentioned here: John 4:46,

–Many different methods of divine healing are discussed, with biblical and personal references.


Guest/Topic: Timothy Martin – Fascinating discussion on Quantum Dots, Quantum Car Combustion, Russian UFO found in Melted Glacier Snow, filmed in 1969.


Some Questions & Comments From the Broadcast:

Q: I have read reports of “Joe Cells” that have gone out of balance and made people sick. Can you comment further on this side effect?



The Seven Keys to Success to Receive Divine Healing ! Part 6


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Sir T will begin our broadcast with this week’s teaching: The Covenant and the Contradiction.


Tonight Brother Martin will be joining us for an interesting discussion on Quantum Dots.  We’ll have a short introductory video showing recent development of this technology and its use in lighting.  The ministry has been utilizing this for over a century in the development of some amazing devices.  The QUEET (Quantum Energy Enhancement Technology) and the Fuel Enhancement Technology Kit are both samples of this put into available useful items.  Sir T will explain in more detail what makes it tick, and also how it could be further developed in the future.  He’ll demo a fascinating feature of the Fuel Enhancement Technology on tonight’s program!


We’ve also got a couple of other interesting short videos to cover during the show…  a leaked old Russian military film from 1969 taken of an extraterrestrial saucer found during the Cold War.  Sir T has some additional information about the source of the film.  And, a video of an additional remote discovery regarding a deceased ET kept hidden for many years.


This week’s broadcast will no doubt be a real education!  If you can’t join us live, please check out the archive!


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Some Questions & Comments From the Broadcast:

Q: One day you must explain extra terrestrials and redemption, and discuss more of the aliens you worked with

Further Discussion:

UFO’s, Aliens, flying saucers

Picture of a crashed saucer craft found in Russia in 1969, appearing after Glacier ice had melted – this was an OLD flying saucer.

Crashed Saucer Craft, discovered Russia, 1969

Discussed this show, and given legitimacy, a VERY OLD crashed saucer found after a small glacier melted in Russia.

















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