Brother Faulkner has a deeper relationship with God through WITTS Weekly Broadcast!


From Brother Faulkner 06/29/12:


Thank you so much for this week’s broadcast!

I was one of the many proud viewers to watch it and I will have to catch up on the archives as soon as possible. Already I wish a week’s time would dilate faster so I could view next week’s immediately haha. I really gave all my energy to WITTS and Brother Sir T upon viewing it. I managed to stay awake; captivated by the show and certainly the interesting UFO finding within the Baltic Sea.

I know God and Jesus better now after your program and I know with certainty that there are angels out there watching over me and my loved ones. They saved my life recently, rescued me from true darkness and despair and they have guided me again and again to your ministry. 

I am a proud member and brother of the WITTS team and will be sure to donate when the good spirits above guide me into a little monetary wealth. I am eager to exchange a few bits of cotton-paper for the libraries of knowledge the WITTS ministry has to offer. 

Again I thank you for guiding me to the weekly meeting, I will be sure to spread the gospel. I am proud to know that there are like-minded equals within WITTS. God bless and protect you, brothers and sisters.

Brother Faulkner