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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Covenant & The Contradiction

–Listen to find out about the Covenant God made with Abraham, and how it affects YOU directly!


Guest/Topic: “Brother Farmer” – Discussed extensive research into food, food growth, serious problems with the mainstream food supply, and why growing your own is the best option.

Here’s a page Brother Farmer prepared for us, and maintains:


Some Questions & Comments From the Broadcast:

–I started a garden this year using the black plastic and it seams to me additional water is needed here. also what is the best way to prep the soil organically for next season?

–Can you go into more depth on the differences between reading PDF online and reading paper?, and why it is so?

–2Timothy 3:16/17 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work

–Can you comment on 2012 and if you foresee a major catastrophe, or apocalypse This year?

–Does brother farmer drink coffee? can he comment on why so many people are dependent on it?  Does he have any feelings on sugar consumption?

–I received the hemispheric generator gift. Can you tell me if I build it – what would be a good use for it?


Further Discussion:

Living Off-Grid, and why so many people are pursuing it…

Discussions of caffeine and sugar,  Rat studies and human studies.  Most people tested, when fed superfoods, voluntarily left their SMOKING habits when on superfoods for 4-5 weeks!

Additionally, rat studies showed rats fed poor diets, resorted to alcohol, and when switched to superfoods, left it behind, preferring the healthy superfood diet!

GMO foods shown horribly detrimental in studies, with multiplied harm to 2nd and 3rd generations.


References & Links:

Brother Farmer’s page contains many references:




The Covenant and the Contradiction


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Last week’s teaching wrapped up the previous weeks, so Sir T will start new with this week’s topic: The Covenant and the Contradiction.


We will be welcoming a fantastic guest to tonight’s program speaking about little known information and techniques for restoring our depleted soils and growing healthier plants.  “Brother Farmer” has compiled some extensive info on what’s going on with our soils and food supply.  He’ll enlighten us to what can be done to change it for the better… and do it without poisons and in sustainable ways.


Is it possible to grow lush gardens in cold climates with poor soil and virtually no resources?   A few spiritually led folks did so in Scotland no less!


Have you ever heard of biodynamics, or permaculture?  Is there a connection between the health of the soil and your own immune system?  Ever heard of a ripe orange that contained no vitamin C?  How about 100 pounds of potatoes grown in an area four feet square?


Find out on tonight’ s show!


Also, we have a short video about people who’ve left the rat-race to go live off-grid.  These folks are in many ways trailblazers, putting into practice becoming virtually self reliant, independent, and free.


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Reference Page provided by “Brother Farmer” (This is a snapshot of the contents of his link.  Check his link for the latest version of this very detailed page…):


rough notes

pyramid 16 ft 3/4 iron pipe tubing standing back showed potato plants growing almost double from about 60 feet away to near it. So if they were 6 inches high, they were about 10 to 11 inches high and that much bushier. That was at Schaffer’s Health Center in Unity Saskatchewan about 20 years ago.

He also had a wood framed pyramid covered with corrugated greenhouse fiberglass that with water stored in the peak from the house drain, made herbs like comfrey and mustard taste sweet and superb.
Pyramids can be used to store food and retain the freshness of herbs for example and keep milk from spoiling.
The more minerals & nutrients in plants, the sweeter and better they taste. Besides taste, their is the Brix meter that checks the refraction of light through squished leaf or root juice under a prism. That could be why children are so attracted to sweets as they are not getting it in their foods.

Also healthier plants can take stress and cold better. Especially when it is permaculture with various plants combined together as the auras and energies help shield them more. The Findhorn Foundation is an example of flowers growing their that people would not expect to survive in those northern Scotland conditions. Water Differences Tap, RO, Well & Magnetized for plants. A person can try using quarter size very high strength neodymium magnets south side pointing in on a spiral starting with about 10 of them from sources such as Lee Valley Tools for about $1.50 each.

Biodynamic Preparation 500 – Cow Horn Manure – Similar
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Rudolf Steiner & BD · BD Agriculture Intro · Humus The price has risen since the horns are known to have a value in agriculture. Cow’s Horn Only cow horns
These micro organisms are cultured over the winter and then mixed with water and alternated with vortexes of turning in a barrel. What that does is allow oxygen and for them to mulitply 1000’s of time before being sprayed on the land.
These cultured microorganisms are like super probiotics for the soil. One person said he noticed more benefits from making a few sprays on his acreage than with wheel barrows of manure. In Austrailia where the soil can be like adobe brick, it is being used on several hundred thousand acres as it softens the soil down several inches. Charles Morton probiotics
Our Mission is to bring to the public Better Than Organic® growing products and techniques. We strive for excellence and quality in all of our products. Each of our products is made with the finest of our earth’s resources. We teach Better Than Organic® ways to grow your food so the color is vibrant and they’re full of nutrients. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. We have been in business since 1999.

Acres U.S.A. — A Voice for Eco-Agriculture – Similar
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Acres U.S.A. is North America’s largest and oldest publisher of sustainable agriculture books and information teaching farmers how to grow healthy food without
A doctor told one person the ratio of minerals in soils appears to be the same ideal ratio of minerals in the human body.
Others say that every sickness and disease is a deficiency disease. (there are conditions of toxins like chemicals, heavy metals, parasites that also need to be studied).
Just simple changes in diet make so much difference mentally, emotionally & behaviorally.
I have read of where a doctor putting people on super nutrition, 85% of the people voluntarily quit smoking & drinking in 3 to 4 months.
In 2 mental institutes one of which was in Calgary, Alberta Canada, 80% of the patients walked out.

A lady taking care of a psychotic patient personally was very concerned because she went missing for 3 days. When they found her, she had recovered pretty much totally because she wasn’t getting foods she was allergic to like fresh wheat, dairy products etc.
In a study with rats, when they were given good food, water & alcohol, they stayed with water. The group with junk food, water & alcohol started drinking alcohol.When the groups were switched, they switched back from water to alcohol and alcohol to water.
Such important information yet people are overwhelmed with less important information and don’t seem to concentrate on the best.
Also with advertising repetively & subconsously influencing, they can change an island of kids drinking natural fruit juices to drinking poison Coke Cola & Pepsi in 2 years.
Also in the first few years is when the brain cells & bodies develop the most. And is the most important for super nutrition.  An article where a public school cut out junk food and offered good foods to the students. Grades are up, truancy is no longer a problem, arguments are rare, and teachers are able to spend their time teaching. first 5 books in a zip file right click and save as a download
I am really enjoying reading about Anastasia in the Ringing Cedar Series by Vladimir Megre. It is very encouraging and uplifting.
She promotes a couple starting together on a hectare of land with building house, plants, herbs, animals, bees and a living hedge of vegetation around creating a Space  Love. That Space of Love can be started in just a room with plants & the couple’s energies working together as a team.
That way the food is fresh enlivened with love energies sustaining the family just for starters. The family is saving money so they are not as stressed financially allowing them more energies to create more Love.
She holds the seeds in her mouth before planting in order to give them information on the healing properties they need to draw in.
She suggests people eat one bite of various foods and herbs separately in order to give the body information that it needs in order to eat later in order to heal.
She is a lady guru living with wild animals as friends, no electricity yet receiving information directly from the Creator and the akashic records.
She also talks about the dark side i.e. priests manipulating people occultically so the people are not on a divine path. In Egypt the priests switched from using 1 guard for 10 slaves to using money as control. Then using religions such as the Jewish being the chosen race and Christians bowing down to a God and the king with divine right of rule and serving others in order to divide and control. Also of destroying and hiding knowledge from people (Alexandrian Library as an example).
And people communicate directly rather than going through priests and ministers with a Loving God who only wants the best for people.
She has golden nuggets of information spread through out like remote viewing and healing, “You must first raise yourself before you can raise children” and “Pain is a communication between Man and God” due to Man not paying attention to the ways he has been causing dis ease in his life.
Ananastia envisions couples conceiving their future child in their mind before even having sex/physical intimacy/Sacred Divine Union in order to draw that soul in. And that having sex in their Space of Love under the stars draws in Cosmic Energies into their lives.
And that their child should be born also their in the Space of Love. With those loving energies from before conception through after birth, a person can see how those children will feel that much safer, securer and confident in the world.
The Universe itself is a thought; a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. ,,, .My son. you are infinite, you are eternal, within you are your dreams of creation.
A school in Russia teaching what she promotes for raising children has them learning up to 10 years of math in one year.
Over 10M copies sold in Russia basically word of mouth.
Group Communities are going up in Russia based on her principles including some in North America.
If a person got into a community like that with barter, internet access and an online business or something bringing in income with everyone focusing more on good yellow mellow spiritual vibes leaving the dark side out, can you imagine how good that would be?
Now it is like everyone a person meets is stressed out about something – they just don’t say at first until a person starts talking to them some.
I am more and more impressed with the simplicity yet far reaching results of her ideas which are profound. The quote that “Truth is stranger than fiction” fits these books.  I feel her books are so important they should be spread as wide as possible as fast as possible. Due to the reason below, the printed books are easier to read & retain the knowledge much better so if you can, borrow from a library &/or share with others.
Book 3 – The Space of Love page 151 goes more into Tekos School principal Shchetinin who is teaching up to 10 years of math in one year and 3 languages besides using principles that Anastasia was trying to explain and how she was raised. 
____________________________________________________ Studies show retention from reading paper is 85% vs 40% on a movie screen down to 5% on a computer screen due to reflected light vs. radiated light. Also brain scans show the cycles per second put the reasoning part of the brain into a hypnotic state within 30 seconds of watching TV/Computer?.That is a huge difference between reading paper vs. reading off the computer.
The above fact is also critical with so many schools shifting to the computer.
The Travistock Institute found they needed to shorten news articles and jump around more in order to retain people’s attention. Then by promoting various viewpoints, it would paralyze the listening audience so they would go along with the elite’s agenda.
Holding seeds in mouth, hectare (2.5 acres of land) self sufficient
Secrets of Plants by Thompkins and Bird – Fantastic Books – order in from the library for less expense
Secrets of Soils
Fascinating information like Burbank in California choosing between 10,000 seedlings for the one he wanted like cactuses without spines.
Clive Backster hooking up an eeg meter to a plant. The plant remembered a person that came in and threatened it with a knife. Also Clive’s plants emotions fluctuated with his. His saliva sample even miles away reacted in sync with his feelings and emotions.
Bose in India using a sensitive meter to chart plant reactions to such things as chlorophorm when transplanting
Findhorn Foundation Scotland growing a veritable paradise starting from poor soil and virtually no income using local materials.
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And walnut trees that grow twice as fast in half the time. “Think of birds singing early in the morning,” he explains. He then developed a fertilizer a combination of seaweed, amino acids and trace minerals to apply to plants after they have Plus, they’re bearing fruit years ahead of schedule and of amazing size – walnuts

Super Growth seaweed plus another ingredient plus bird recordings played morning and evening open up the mitochondria. Corn using this can grow up to 16 feet tall.

I had a picture where corn grew between 2 to 3 x tall just with 3 seaweed foliar feeds. Some estimate over 90% of nutrition comes from the air for plants.
Kirlian photography can show which nutrients plants need and are lacking. Example one person was down in B6 drawing those energies from the plants too. Picture Couples Fingers, consciousness control picture magnets links equipment kirlin photography showing the affects of medication on the body Kirlin photography showing energy fields around herbs, plants and hand
Muscle testing is another method of choosing nutrients for soils and plants and people. 1. Arm outstretched – someone pushes down on. 2. Hold the item in outstretched arm and push down with the other arm. 3. Fingers in a circle and test strength with other fingers. 4 Arm outstretched at base of spine 0% raising up until feel resistance or wall of energy. Arm outstretched at top of head crown 100% lowering until feel resistance or wall of energy – gives approximate 0 to 100% of energy. muscle testers use index finger like arm, the middle finger tapping down and use that to get 0-100%. They can use the other index finger on the other arm to touch accupuncture points on the body to get % capacity, toxins, supplements to take, how much to take and when to take.
Radionics machines such as Bruce Copen, SE5, Hieronymous, SCIO, Interro, etc.
Another person was an x-ray technician during WWII and he noticed that insects have antenna like they use in X-Rays. They tune into plants that are diseased and eat them up first.Soft Rock phosphate from Idaho has about 25% phosphate, 25% calcium plus microminerals. Tests out high for plants. is about 50x more expensive but can test out even higher as it is 70? minerals in 190 compounds. Wheatgrass super food that can start being juiced in about 2 weeks in the home
Rockefellers – Had 90% monopoly of crude oil production by 1890’s due to sharp business practices, financial backing and help from other illuminati elite like the Rothschild’s, sabotage and squeezing out competitors.Prohibition was financed behind the scenes to stop farmers from using alcohol distilleries like the plans Ford was including with his vehicles and tractors.
Hemp was also taken out of the markets when new processes would have made it cheaper than pulp paper. It yields 4x the production as trees and rebuilds the soils – another lost market for the farmers.
16 alternative health universities were shut down using the Fixner Report and their control of the government. Thus surgery, toxic drugs, radiation & expensive high technology became the main medical system.
The educational system was switched over to facts figures and knowledge overwhelming the students that left out the most important information like deficiencies of soils, healthy diets, exercise, sunlight, emotions, mind and the spiritual part of humans.
It appears they want a devitalized, unhealthy population weak and sick unable to resist as well as having their money exctracted from them before they die.
After WWII, the Rockefellers had empty factories that were producing toxic chemicals like mustard gas, nerve agents etc. Thus a new market needed to be developed such as DDT with a half life of 75,000 years.
It should be name Toxic Revolution instead of the green revolution as millions of birds and beneficial insects were being killed which means more devouring insects survive plus changing plants genes and chemistry. Thus the cancer rate is going higher along with more sprays are being used each year.
Biofuels are driving up price of foods. Regulations and subsidies support non-organic food and hinder production of healthy organic food.
Soils under a microscope are teaming with life with all kinds of microorganisms and earthworms. Conventional agriculture with chemicals and artificial fertilizers like anhydrous ammonia kill off those organisms and use up the nutrients mining the good out of them.

Soils are being depleted of minerals and humus with toxic minerals added. For example without cobalt, vitamin B-12 is utilized and made. And without B-12, iron isn’t used as efficiently in the body. Which means people don’t carry as much oxygen. Hybrid corn can have no cobalt in it.
Spinach can have 1/40 of the iron as 60 years ago. Oranges can be tested with no vitamin C in them.
Soils and Immunity by Bernard Jenson goes more into the decline of soil health and methods of increasing the fertility naturally. A lot of research was done in the 30’s and 40’s that he studied into that again, the mass media doesn’t let people know about.
And if that isn’t enough, with the genetically modified food, even more of a toxic food chain is being created.
Now there are genetically  modified bananas reports are that even the monkeys and flies are not eating. Scientists have found immune damage within 4 to 8 weeks of eating genetically modified food in rats. Corn pollen is drifting 100 miles away in Mexico altering heritage corn. It is an environmental catastrophe with Monsanto the worst food altering company in the world. Bees are dying off which pollinate plants. Also butterflies. Then the birds.
100 toxic chemicals in newspaper report that the studies were falsified at a research center in the US. Treflan example, roundup genetic damage is showing up.
With birds dying more insects go for weakened crops first, weeds rebuild soils, For example quackgrass and Canada thistle grow in compacted soils low in calcium converting them to more beneficial soils. Anhydrous kills off beneficial bacteria and earthworms. It gets harder and harder. One person rebuilt it by allowing weeds to grow and turning under at the end of the year. At 7 years, the soil was rebuilt again.
Dr. Day in “Barbarians at the Gate” was told of plans for the future of which part of that was moving people like rats into cities where they have to pay for most everything.
Anastasia with her 2 acre domains is promoting self sufficiency and an almost opposite course for humanity.
Studies are promoted as being done scientifically. Dr. Daniels said on every study she was involved in, she was asked to falsify data. The reason why they want large studies done is the difference isn’t enough to show in small scale studies plus with such large monies involved, it is easier to fudge figures and pay off people to make changes. For example in one cancer study, they said it was about 80% success rate whereas one person said he knows that was absolutely false as his wife was the only survivor of 56 people.
One university was quoted in agriculture research that for $100,000 they would provide whatever results the company wanted.
Schneider’s use a 5 year crop rotation with a green manure crop like clover ploughing under before weeds go to seed. BACK TO EDEN shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. The organic growing system that has resulted from Paul Gautschi’s incredible experiences has garnered the interest of visitors from around the world. However, never until now have Paul’s methods been documented and shared like this! 1 million pounds of food 3 acres.   1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 1 pump,10000 fish, 500 yards of compost ** Aquaponics
*** Wake Up World Viewer Special – Easy Step by Step instructions on how you can do this in your own home *** COSTS INFORMATION
What You’re About To Read Is Life Changing Information, Continue Reading To Discover a Way To Grow Up to TEN Times the Amount Of Organic Produce In the Same Area of Ground, Use 70% Less Energy, And Absolutely Revolutionize Your Gardening and Farming Forever.
no weeding, fertilizing or soil cultivation, soil pests,
grows most plants twice as fast & up to 70% less energy
Original Story
I came across this video of a man who has figured out a system to grow 1 million pounds of food on 3 acres each and every year. How are they doing this?
* By producing 10,000 fish
* Using 300 to 500 yards of worm compost
* By utilizing vertical space
* Having 3 acres of land in green houses
* Using 1 simple aquaponic pump
* Food is grown all year by using heat from the compost pilesA packed greenhouse produces a crop value of $5 Square Foot! ($200,000/acre). That is if the whole acre was under greenhouse.UPDATE 26th July 2011 -The response we received from this short story is amazing, but created many questions. We have since looked into this further and we are happy to share with you all detailed information on this amazing organisation. Part 2 includes new HD videos, detailed information on training centres, outreach & community centres, useful links, volunteering, farm tours & contact details.
Read and watch the new article here –

the urban farm currently includes:

  • six traditional greenhouses growing over 15,000 pots of herbs, salad mix, beet greens, arugula, mustards, seedlings, sunflower and radish sprouts.  These greenhouses also host production of six hydroponic systems growing Tilapia, Perch, and a variety of herb and salad greens, and over 50 bins of red wriggler worms;
  • two aquaponics hoop houses with two independent fish runs and growing beds for additional salad mix and seedlings;
  • seven hoop houses growing a mixture of salad greens and mushrooms;
  • a worm depository hoop house;
  • an apiary with 14 beehives;
  • three poultry hoop houses with laying hens and ducks;
  • outdoor pens for livestock including goats and turkeys;
  • a large plot of land on which the first stage of the organization’s sophisticated composting operation is located including 30 pallet compost systems;
  • an anaerobic digester to produce energy from the farm’s food waste;
  • a rain water catchment system; and
  • a retail store to sell produce, meat, worm castings, and compost to the community.

Grow 100 pounds of Potatoes in 4 square feet

Quite the clever gardening tip here folks! Today’s feature includes tips from three different sources for growing potatoes vertically (in layers) instead of spread out in rows across your garden. If you have limited garden space, just an apartment balcony, rooftop, or want to try some nifty gardening magic, this could be a great option for you.

John from makes a special trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to show you how YOU can grow in the winter time – in the snow! After watching this video you will know how you can grow in the snow. You will also learn more about what they are growing at Will Allens place – Growing Power. heating winter Canada cheap waste material boiler etc. $20k paid 7 years
n 2006, Les Stroud produced a special documenting his family’s journey to building an off-the-grid home. The show, Off the Grid with Les Stroud, chronicled the process of buying property and refitting an old farm house with solar and wind power, a rain catcher and well, as well as the adjustments the Stroud family had to make to adapt to this style of living. Geometric Dome – This odd looking structure can withstand an earthquake, can be used as a greenhouse,and only costs $500 to build…in a single weekend.

You’ll discover the incredible material I have found to cover your dome with which can turn your dome into a tropical paradise. This material is currently being used in parts of Canada where it is -30C (-22F) outside, and the farmers are picking strawberries in their t-shirts. This material is incredible at keeping heat in! They’re using it inside a regular green-house, it’s even more effective inside your DOME green-house with the thermal benefits of the dome’s shape. I’ll show you how to get this material and how to cover your dome with it. – Poly Keder Poly Keder

Found poly-keder at It’s about $3,000 for a role big enough to cover a dome with a 40 foot diameter

Chuck R. Ellsworth We are now distributors of Poly Keder in the U.S. contact us at:

This material is also cheaper than glass, acrylic or any other type of transparent plastic!

The 3 critical systems necessary to keep your dome thriving and maintain the temperature inside your dome.

use natural methods of weed control like vinegar, companion planting David Allans 10 Principles of Solar home with gardening, dehydrating foods, etc.
This Steinerian ideal is a accomplished with what Galen called cosmic pipes, ten-foot- plastic polyvinyl-chloride tubes, three inches in diameter, which was raised, like an Egyptian dged column, to a height of eight fee, their bases inserted thirty inches into the ground. Atop each pipe is a copper electrode designed to absorb the mysterious solar energy Galen called eloptic, a combination that obeys “some electrical laws but not all of them, and some optical laws, but not all of them,” and passes it down a wire coiled around a quartz crystal to an underground amplifier, there to be broadcast through the soil for  a mile or so in all directions.
“We don’t make them any higher,” Galen told us in the summer of 1987, a few months before he died, “because the potential increases as you go up: it gets too strong above six or seven feet.  All around us is  a great sea of energy, cosmic energy, solar energy, lunar energy, planetary energy, and the energy of the earth itself.  But, unlike the chemicals sold in commerce, this energy is free, and it isn’t toxic; it’s highly beneficial. All we have to do is tap it: and that’s what we’ve done. When I saw that chemical fertilizers and paten medicines designed for livestock were making paupers of the farmers of this nation, I got out my early experiments in eloptic energy and adapted tem to tap this sea of free energy, and so we devised the cosmic pipe.”
With his radionic instrument Galen mysteriously rid the fields of many a Pennsylvania farmer outside Harrisburg of Japanese beetles and of European corn borers, remotely affecting the fields with a photograph placed in his “black box” many miles away. So successful was this method that a U.S. general helped form a company to exploit the invention.  But the Pentagon, quickly realizing that the same system might be beamed on soldiers in the field, did the chemical companies a service by remotely tuning Hieronymus out of the business as effectively as he had tuned out the bugs on the farmer’s fields.”
It isn’t even a very new idea. While most people have heard of hydroponics (usually associated with tomatoes and marijuana), almost no one is familiar with aeroponics. It’s based on the discovery – in 1983 by inventor/entrepreneur Richard Stoner (yes, that’s his real name) – that it is possible to suspend plants in midair and deliver food through a nutrient-rich mist.

Aeroponics is far more efficient than soil-based agriculture. It requires only a tiny fraction of the water supply needed by conventional farming; takes up far less space; eliminates expensive farm equipment and the fossil fuels needed to run them; makes herbicides and pesticides unnecessary, thus removing their toxic runoff from the ecosystem; minimizes transportation costs; and allows for year-round growing. It’s the ideal way to feed a city.

A Swedish company, Plantagon, is already deploying 10,000-square-meter glass spheres in Sweden, Singapore, and China that can grow 100,000 square meters’ worth of produce. But the concept could scale up far beyond that. It’s estimated that a 30-story building one New York square block in footprint could feed 50,000 people all year long.

Vertical farms would be constructed with a skin of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, a polymer that is extremely light, self-cleaning, and transparent as water. Parabolic mirrors would increase the amount of sunlight bouncing around inside, and LED grow lights could be used as a supplement on cloudy days and at night. Embedded, computer-controlled sensors could monitor and adjust temperature, pH balance, and nutrient flows. On top of all that, University of Illinois researchers predict that within the next 10-15 years, genetic engineering will increase a plant’s photosynthetic optimization and thus ramp up crop yields by as much as 50%.

___________________ scroll down to agriculture for very interesting research and patents on magnetics, electricity, grounding, enzymes, mineralization from different sources, etc. to increase plant growth and health.


Sources of organics are local stores, farmers markets, bulk food buying clubs and Organic non GMO buying source $50 off first order• Shipping costs nothing for orders over $75.• Their low-price guarantee means you’ll always get the best price!• You’ll save hundreds if not thousands a dollars each year on organinc, non-GMO and truly natural products you are probably already purchasing.

• GPDB supports both small and large organic and natural food companies, including many who are adamantly against GMOs (such as Nature’s Path, my favorite breakfast cereal company).

Alternative health
Iridology by Bernard Jenson with charts of the colored part of the eye showing deficiencies and areas of weakened organs.
Live Blood Analyses showing red blood cells clumping, toxic colon, candida yeast, parasites, heavy metals, poor immune system etc. using iridology with concentration on the bowel, Chinese analyses of tongue, fingers, ears, and their muscle kinesiology getting % energy capacity of organs. What types of toxins in the body. And what supplements and herbs would be most beneficial with times and amounts for best utilization in the body.
Electrodiagnostic machines like the Voll, Interro, Hieronymus, Bruce Copen Radionics machines can pick up hidden allergies, toxins in the body that conventional medical testing won’t show. They can also help pick the highest energy water for you. The first most important thing I would check first would be water as the better the
water, the more a person wants to drink water keeping the hydration up. When it is poor quality water, pop, alcohol, etc. become that much more attractive.
Asyra PRO by Gtec is the only such device registered with the FDA that I know of. Drawing from a clinical pool of 1,800 patients, E. Alan Jeppsen, M.D. and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D. from the University of Utah Alternative Medicine Department, conducted a double-blind study which yielded a 97 percent correlation with blood chemistry.



For me I like sharing CAC which is like a grapevine to the universe. If there is anything better out there, I would like to know about it. It combines so much good information together from Bible, Eastern, Science & Metaphysics in a fairly simple language. If there is a better source, I would like to know about it. CAC – Cosmic Awareness Communications new site current issues free to download under Cosmic Copywrite Free Info & Manuals for $5 Very reasonable for what you are getting. CAC old site some articles Downloadable pdf file Who, In Fact, You Really Are? Free Downloads Galactic Overview of ET races has search for words & past issues of CAC.
20 Minute recording of Ascension info from Cosmic Awareness. Beautifully read by Joe Pena.  How to be aware of both good & bad yet focus on the good especially in these troubling times.
The Second Coming–  2 min mp3 Christ Light within each
CAC says that the future is becoming more malleable so that what we desire/fear can manifest that much faster. So it is important to focus more on the good that can happen as otherwise we can draw in the negative.

Each person can connect with Divinity and their Soul in order to create more positive beneficial futures.______________________________________________

If you find this information worthwhile, please remove this email & forward this on to others. Feel free to post anywhere & everywhere.
I would like your comments on this article by Anonymous & if you have practical suggestions that enable people, please feel free to reply with them.
In the old days in the barter system, 10 families could be supported by 10 men working. The wives could stay at home and raise the children properly with morals and values. The children were happy in a secure environment and learned from their parents as well as helping them with their work.
If a crime was committed, the community could decide the most appropriate punishment depending on the circumstances and loss involved in order to rehabilitate the criminal as well as make restoration to the wronged parties.
Children were educated concentrating on reading (phonetics) writing & arithmetic with practical and worthwhile examples.
Guns were used for hunting, defense and also to keep any person from declaring himself as dictator or king.
If someone invented new technology, the other 9 could exchange their goods & services for devices that would reduce their work week 5 to 10 hours per week for example. If an expert gave advice, that advice would be bartered for enabling others to learn.
If a new church or school needed to be built, the 10 could donate or give their 10% of goods & services and the building would be fully paid for with that community gaining the benefits and/or revenue in perpetuity.
Now an International Banker arrives and sells them the idea that he will lend each family $100 to speed up the transfer of goods and services. It will save time haggling and he will not charge for book keeping services. It is all covered in the 10% interest charge each year.
The first year seems to be ok but at the end of the first year, the banker can collect his $10 interest from each family and have $100 in his pocket leaving only $900 in circulation. If the banker chooses to call in all the loans at that time, at a minimum one family if they spend their $90 with $10 to each of the other 9 families or a maximum of all 10 families if each family spends equally is forced into bankruptcy due to only $900 left in the community to pay the total principle outstanding of $1,000 in the community. These family/families are forced into bankruptcy no matter how hard they work or how smart they operate.
The banker doesn’t force them into bankruptcy the second year as otherwise the community would throw him out, hang or shoot him. He waits for a generation until people forgot how it used to be.
The question at this time is, who has the money to hire new technology to replace the workers to drive down the wages?
Who has the money to pass legislation to bring in cheap foreign labor despite the unrest and problems it causes driving down the already low wages.
The question at this time is, who has the money to hire the “experts” to confuse everyone else in order to change black into white and white into black? Like we have to raise interest rates and slow down the growth of the money supply in order to fight inflation as the economy is getting overheated.
Who has the money to buy up the mass media to spread ideas that we have to bail out the banking system to prevent it’s collapse?
Who has the money to alter the educational, legal and religion systems so we don’t hear that “The rich ruleth the poor & the debtor is the servant of the lender, Proverbs 22:7?
Most of the programs like unemployment, social welfare, disability etc. and taxes are to take more money out of the middle class to solve the problems the banker created with his debt created usurious money so the lower classes don’t rebel. The banker of course uses tax exempt foundations, trusts & corporations to hide his income & assets.
Now 7 or 8 families have both the wife & husband working longer hours supporting 12 or 13 families. They are supporting those unemployed, on welfare & the banker with his experts, CEO’s & politicians raking money off of the top for taking money away from the productive people.
The unemployed families have little alternative except to turn to crime as a way to survive or to get ahead. For an expirement, try living without any money and see how long you survive.
That is why society has changed more from a co-operative society 100 years ago to a competitive society. People can’t afford to donate 2 weeks of labor or goods to other people. They are on the edge of going under in jobs, bids, contracts & sales compared to others also on the edge.
That is why 3rd or 4rth generation farms or businesses working 60 or 70 hour weeks are taken over by a banker working in his air conditioned office from 9 am to 3 pm.
Due to a shortage of money compared to good’s & services produced, prices are forced down in comparison to costs to produce them.
(Contrast that quote with the outdated ancient people like Thomas Jefferson – bottom “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” * In 1787 John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson “All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in the Constitution, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as down-right ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”)
That is why
With about 60 Trillion in debt world wide, who looses from 10% inflation and gains from buying companies and assets on 10 cents on the dollar in recessions or collapses like Asia, Brazil, Argentina – now US and Canada.
Who has the money to finance new public projects to gain the benefits and/or revenue in perpetuity?
Who has the money to alter the educational system so students reading, math & real practical knowledge has dropped dramatically yet they are studying so many facts, knowledge and formulas that they are sick of school and can’t wait for the week end to party?
Who has the money to alter the legal system so those that go against the system get years in jail and the large corporate robbers & polluters get off with minimal time or fines?
The banker chooses to inflate the money supply for several years or a generation as it gives him time to lay his spider web more strongly and so the people forget how good it was in the past. He introduces programs like unemployment which extracts money from the middle class to pay for the squeezed out worker. Social and mental programs are introduced to sugar coat the real problems arising from the simple change of barter (each community issuing it’s money) to the international banker issuing debt created money for the community.
In the old days, you had 10 men supporting 10 families. Now with banker created debt money, you have 10 men and their wives working to support 15 to 20 families. The children are in day care or on the streets with no guidance. The parents are stressed when they do get time with family and don’t know how to explain the constant pressure to make money.
The Banker is taking about 20% of the wealth for computer entries and through manipulating the money supply, wars, take overs, monopolies and the use of exotic financial derivatives. The CEO’s, experts, politicians, military and those supporting the economic slavery along with the unemployed and those that have chosen crime as an alternative to making money to survive need to live on real goods and services that the 10 families are providing.
The top 13 major banking corporate illuminati families control most of the top 1% of the people which control nearly half the world’s resources with the bottom 50% of the people fighting over 1% of the world’s wealth. Now you know why you have to work harder and longer for less and less even though the technology is there to provide for everyone in a bountiful fashion that God has provided for us if we choose to use it wisely.
It is important to gain control of the educational system as then it keeps the students so busy learning facts, formulas and figures that they do not learn the real important knowledge. Those students coming out as PH.Ds (piled higher and drier or those that learn more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing) and Masters will then be the strongest supporters of the system as they will not believe it is the smartest that is the easiest to brainwash if you give them the “right” information (i.e. propaganda).
For a simple test who is most and easiest to brain wash, send this email to various educated friends and ask for their response. (Generally I have found, the most educated will listen the least & fight the most about the simple logic of this information. They are the least likely to research documentation for themselves)
It is important to gain control of the mass media so that the sheep/cattle read and hear what the banker wants them to hear. The papers like “The Spotlight” that will not reform through pulled advertising, threats or bribes are shut down through crooked judges and their court orders.
It is important to have “cold wars” to extract military spending for black projects like the CIA controlling the drug trade covered in the book Dope Inc.. It is the independents or those on the inside that do not want their share decreased like Noriega of the Panama that get caught and their drugs go back into the pipeline after a suitable time has passed.
The intelligence communities work for the Fortune 100 corporations and monitor the people for any possible threats to the Bankers power in order to neutralize them ahead of time.
John Kennedy created interest free 4.2 billion US treasury dollars backed by silver instead of Federal Reserve Notes (i.e, A fancy name for I O Us’ backed by the illusion of wealth) was working with Governor O’Occonnelly ready to go into circulation. That is the real reason he was killed & governor O’Connelly shot at also. Timeline Bankers Control from 48 BC to Present
To skip some of the history and to get to the problem & real solutions, scroll further down starting with:
1 Community issued money &/or barter.
2 Tax rebellion
3 Investments
4 Health
5 Legal System BAR
6 Education
7 Knowledge of what the bankers have done in the past gives fore warning and examples of what they can try doing in the future
8 Religious offerings & donations.
Wars are the fastest way of destroying the independent wealth of the communities and making them dependant on the bankers for loans to rebuild their countries like Germany in WW1 & 2, Japan rebuilt by the Rockefellers using new manufacturing technologies (SONY – short for Standard Oil of New York) which is why they are a leader in those areas, or other countries that are still left desolate like Kosovo or Iraq. Wal-Mart didn’t really get going strong until the Rockefellers joined forces using their connections to cheap manufacturing overseas like China when competitors were blocked under the supposed trading & restrictions and now with red bureaucratic red tape.
Of course as a condition of the loans, certain leaders beholden to the bankers will have to be put into leadership positions. Is that what happened when Unocal lost their oil pipeline bid with Afghanistan when the Taliban made a better deal with an Argentina Oil Company Bridas Corporation? Were there too many drug independents that needed to be squeezed out at the same time?
One branch of Rothschilds financed the south and another branch financed the north in the US civil war and slavery was chosen as the issue to divide the growing prosperous country as Mexico & Canada were too weak to build up and it was too expensive to send ships, arms and men from Europe. Abraham Lincoln was given the opportunity to borrow at 28% from the Rothschilds. He chose to issue 450 million interest free in Greenbacks incurring the Bankers wrath
Shortly after that happened, “The London Times” printed the following:
“If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy (misleading as the bankers owned the monarchies by that time through loans and the agents they had inserted around them by that time) on the globe.”
As Lincoln said in one speech after he was reelected, that he had two enemies of which one was the south/war and the other the money power. Of the two he feared the money power more and after the war was settled, he would work on the money power. It was just a short time later that the hired agent Booth killed him. A coded key was found linking him to Judah Benjamin an agent of the Rothschilds in the united states.
For a simple math question, how much interest did the 450 million printed directly save the American people since 1865 at 28% interest amortized over 30 years?
After you have done this calculation, do you have a motive for the killing of Lincoln and why he said he feared the money power more?
Why does a bank robber with under $10,000 theft get on average 6 to 7 years in jail yet those in the Savings & Loans scandal in the US get only on average 1 to 2 years if that when they mismanaged and stole millions for themselves and those pensioners and others lost their life savings after years of work. Why did Henry Ford say it would only require 60 to 70 bankers being put into jail to stop all wars when plans were told him for World War II and how various people would profit from it when riding on a ship to Europe?
The Czar of Russia was targeted for his helping the request by Abraham Lincoln and the United States when he sent a fleet of ships to New York and San Francisco to block fleets from Britain and France and for not having a central bank controlled by the Rothschilds or the other 12 illuminati elite families.
By the early 1900’s, the Russia was producing 12 million barrels of oil per day compared to the US with only 9 million barrels per day. If they had been allowed to industrialize with their own money, they could have been more technologically advanced than the US contrary to the myth that it was so bad there which is why the people rebelled.
Thus the Bolshevik Revolution was financed to throw the Czar out of power with the aim to take out the competition in banking and oil.. Standard Oil provided the training facilities for a number of the revolutionaries, Shiff supplied 20 million in gold, the Rothschild’s abetted with intelligence and other support. Rothschild (Red Shield) matches with the Red Armies of Russia & China and they like to have front governments with politicians controlled by them assuring that their central banks can easily lend large volumes of money secured by the people’s earning power and thus taxes. Interest rates and loans can fluctuate as they determine for maximum profits to themselves and their insiders.
The French Revolution in France removed the King and the Roman Catholic Church as competitors. When the Rothschild’s backed Napoleon sent his general in to the Vatican in 1798, it would be interesting to know what terms and deals that were made afterwards when they became the bankers behind the scenes for the Roman Catholic church. While Napoleon seemingly was such a power according to the school history text books, who had enough influence to have him exiled to an island and later poisoned with arsenic according to hair samples when he didn’t follow orders close enough? An Interview with ‘Henry Deacon’, a Livermore Physicist who has worked with several top 3 letter intelligence agencies tells how he was briefed 2 years before the 911 as an event that would change the game. Also that a war between US and China has been planned since 1998 scheduled for the end of 2008 shows one of their plans for the present & near future.
John F. Kennedy was working with others to issue constitutional US Treasury dollars with no interest owing They had 4.3 billion printed distributed in several banks and as the State of Texas had the easiest legal method of issuing their money due to having to annually renew their United States Federal Treaty Agreement, Governor John Connelly was also helping. That is why Connelly was also shot at and it was not a random bullet. All the supposed new revelations are more cover-up of the real reason Kennedy was killed.
John Kennedy Jr. was killed by a bomb set off on his airplane in the tail section before he could raise much public awareness about his running for US presidency as he might become a real threat like his father. His supposed flight inexperience was a cover story for the gullible public to swallow.
Benjamin Franklin printed the State of Philadelphia’s dollars on his printing press in proportion to the projects the state of Philadelphia needed to be built like roads, schools and other buildings. The people were happy, there was very little crime, drinking or other social problems. When asked on his Europe trip as to what the united states owed it’s prosperity and happiness to as there was so much unemployment and starvation there, he said we print money as needed for beneficial projects.
The international bankers realized they needed to do something and in essence, the Rothschilds told the King of England to issue an order that the us dollar’s were not to be accepted any more and their British money had to be used. By issuing only 1 British dollar for 2 US dollars, they cut the amount in 1/2 per person in circulation and then through high interest rates and calling in loans, cut that amount in circulation by 1/2 again to 1/4 from the previous amount.
In a short 2 or 3 years there was 25 to 30% unemployment, drinking, crime, divorces, debtors prison, forced child work, prostitution, etc. Benjamin Franklin said we would have gladly borne the tax on the tea if we could have kept our own money which very few people know about as it would not do to have the people learn anything valuable about the real history in school of the 1776 revolution. There is a reason that the Rockefellers related to the Rothschilds and originally borrowers of in the past bought up controlling interest in the five major text book companies.There is a reason for the constant change in text books often times for the worse in ease of real understanding as there is not much profit in text books that are used for 50 years like the McGuffy readers.
US and Canada by having partial control and issuing their own money built up their countries until 1913 with roads, bridges, buildings etc. with very little debt until the Federal Reserve Act in the US (the name carefully chosen to deceive the people from knowing that it is a privately owned corporation with most of the ownership European – 51% reportedly Rothschild majority owner) and a similar Banking Act creating the Bank of Canada in Canada.  Despite parliamentary hearings in England in the 1930’s, they still don’t know who the owners of the Bank of England are.
A Democracy rather than a Republic is easiest for the International Bankers to run as then the people believe they are free but it only takes about 200 out of 300 people bribed, blackmailed or brain washed congressmen to make laws and legislation for 300 million people.
USSR as a dictatorship was too inefficient as too many people  were just putting in time or were rebelling against the elite dictatorship. A plan was conceived wherein their was a resemblance of a democratic revolution to over throw communism. National industries were privatized and sold for cents on the dollar to Rothschild front men. Medical, pensions and other programs to help people were cut back or out totally and now there is approximately 50% unemployment. Yet people in the west think RUSSIA is better off because now they have a democracy like them.
In countries like Africa and South America it was less costly to finance terrorist movements to overthrow semi corrupt governments that were not handing enough mines, assets or interests in the countries wealth to bankers and/or banker controlled trans national corporations. The war for Kosovo was planned & told to others in the 1991 Builderberg meeting as the not compliant enough president Slobodan Milosevic needed to be removed so the oil and mineral wealth could be extracted for outside companies, a pipeline be built to carry the oil from the Caspian Sea through to Afghanistan and then from there to China to supply the growing energy demands of 1.1 billion people.
A destroyed country is always easier to negotiate with. It is also a good example to show other obstinate countries to bring them back in line.
There are people that remember the supposed gas oil shortage when prices spiked up in 1973 in the US. A middle level oil executive that worked in Libya when asked if they used the CIA as enforcement, said no, they were too expensive and too inefficient (implying they used others). As for the supposed oil energy shortage, he said there was oil tankers loaded with oil sitting offshore but the 30 year oil leases had expired with the middle east countries. The terms of the new agreement were that with the increased oil royalties to 20% minus capital costs but the with greater tax right offs from the US government, the oil companies were actually making more money than before.
For a simple math question, if OPEC countries get 20% royalty from every barrel of oil sold from their country, who gets the other 80%  of each dollar from oil sold? Who benefits more from oil going to $100 dollars per barrel from $20 per barrel?  What is the amount of government taxes on each gallon of gas sold? Why do we hear about all the profits the oil companies are making yet very little about the taxes on each gallon? What percentage of the government budget goes to pay just interest on the debt owing and why is it that the richest countries have the highest debt load?
Who gets most of the blame for the high prices in the mass media? Why is it that OPEC is blamed first, the oil companies next and never a word about the bankers benefiting? Did the banks (more ownership Rothschilds) aid the US government to get even with the oil companies (more ownership Rockefellers) on the Alaska pipeline through red tape and delays so that the price of the pipeline went from 2 Billion to over 12 Billion nearly bankrupting the oil companies and forcing them to borrow their net worth. They also blocked them from tapping enough oil reserves equal to Saudi Arabia and enough natural gas for 200 years supply. Did they not want the US to be self sufficient and to be able to pay all their debt off? How easy is it to bamboozle the average citizen?
If there are 30 year contracts with the middle east countries, what is 30 years plus 1973? When did the war break out with Iraq?
30 years ago, Iraq did not have the knowledge and skilled work force to operate and maintain the oil fields and equipment. Now they do and have the money to maybe operate & receive 100% of the revenue. What kind of terms are Iran & Saudi Arabia going to agree to after seeing what happened to Iraq? Which companies transported and received the first ship loads of oil from Iraq after the last Iraq war was over? Which oil pipeline was started up again that had been shut down after the 1967 Israeli war and where did that pipeline go too? Those answers lead to who was behind the war and who are benefiting from it. Suddam Hussein is a pussy terrorist cat compared to Bush & Associated Companies wanting full control of the oil instead of 80%.
Iraq & Iran know that if they don’t buld up their countries industrialization, once their oil is gone, they will have lost most of their revenue and be heading back to camels. If they build up nuclear powered plants now to supply electricity like France, Canada, US, Isreal and other countries have, they will save an irreplaceable resource being burnt up now which can be used later for plastics and other products that last long term and are more valuable. For Christians and others to see that turned into a nuclear weapons threat when the G7 countries plus others like Israel have nuclear weapons already is like 10 kids in a sand box kicking the smaller kid in the face and saying “You can’t have the toys like we have as only we know how dangerous they really are for threatening other kids. And of course,we can’t have anyone acting like we do with our toys – so no toys for you!.”
The Iraq war took over a country with a central bank less controlled by the Elite, several trillion of oil wealth that Suddam Hussein was trying to nationalize rather than only receiving 20% royalties minus capital costs (who gets 80% of the rise in oil prices) and was supporting a gold backed Dinar. Now the Elite are trying to figure out sneaky ways to start a war with Iran like sinking an aircraft carrier or terrorist nuke bomb incident for much the same reasons.
With the equivalent of over 300,000 Hiroshima bombs of radiation spread from depleted uranium used in anti tank shells & weapons, the cancer rate has gone up over 10 X locally in Iraq and has spread around the world through the dust and air.  A UN inspector was given a mask and told to remake a report. Within one month, he was dying of lung cancer. The US Corps saved themselves expensive uranium remediation costs and have created a hell on earth for those people.
People wonder how German citizens went along with Hitler’s supposed genocide against the Jewish people when today’s Christians say war is not good but we have to be over in Iraq to stop terrorism and bring democracy to Iraq. They won’t even stop paying pro rata their share of their taxes used for the military budget like some Roman Catholics are doing. They won’t even go to some links on the internet to get another viewpoint from the mass propaganda media. They don’t tell their ministers to do some research on the Bible, wars, money and have a sermon on “The debtor is the servant of the lender” -Proverbs 22:7 and Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute. Proverbs 12:24 is very interesting as it implies people need to be diligent about the government and laws set up otherwise if they are slothful or lazy, they will be paying tribute to their masters implying ownership of slaves. When have you ever heard a sermon or read about that in your church paper? Ask your minister for a sermon on those texts in connection with today’s events.
Ask what Jesus really meant when he said “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s”
If the US government is collecting taxes on wages for which there was no law in the unratified original 16th tax amendment (even in the present tax code it is voluntary & wages are not included as income) with the IRS registered as a corporation in the state of Delaware collecting the funds which go to the owners of the Federal Reserve, is that lawful or grand criminal theft? Is “Thou shalt not steal” only applicable to theft of food, cars etc. by the little person or does it include wrongful illegal government theft? When will churches speak out about what is really going on?
“Resistance to Tyranny Is Obedience to God” was one of the rallying cries of those that fought the united states rebellion. What if they had meekly kept on paying higher and higher taxes through the years so now the collected taxes were 90% of gross income? Is it better to rebel now through taxes and other non violent methods or wait until another Stalin comes in and murders 20 plus million through starvation and killings or 60 plus million after the communists took control of China?
I have some questions for Christians – Is it wrong to murder your neighbor when you want his land and assets? Is it ok to hire someone to do it for you so his blood is not on your hands? Is it ok to have 10 neighbors pay for the murderer and divide his assets between them so it is a group effort by the community?  If that is wrong, what makes it right to have 100 million tax payers pay their taxes so others can do their dirty work for them under the guise of government anti terrorism etc.?
Was Stalin right when he said “Religion is the opiate for the people”? Listen to a sermon, go home and do absolutely nothing like a drugged out hippie.
It is note worthy that the only recorded use of physical force in the Bible by Jesus was when Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. It is  also interesting that it was only a short time later that he was brought up for trial & when the Roman Pontius Pilate did not want to execute him, it is likely the money changers paid to have the mob leaders cry out for his death and the release of a murderer & insurrectionist Barabus instead.
“Jesus once said to the Jews: ‘You are the sons of Satan, and you do the will of your father Satan.’ They answered: ‘No, we are not the sons of Satan, we are the sons of Abraham.’ He replied to them: ‘Had you been the sons of Abraham you would be acting [in accordance with] the acts and precepts of Abraham. Therefore you are the sons of Satan…’ John 8:41
Is that message even more relevant today for those that claim to be Christians yet are supporting wars through taxes, shaking their heads it is so sad and basically doing nothing except going along with the new dictator Bush in the US, support troups from Canada to Afghanistan so it saves men and money for Iraq for the US etc?
The NWO doesn’t care about head shaking or letters or emails or namby pamby stuff. What they care about is people not paying taxes, refusing to fight, cities & states that won’t pass more homeland insecurity acts, start taking actions to succeed from the US corporation, stop poisoning their people by adding flouride & chlorine to water and use ozone and ultraviolet lights water treatments like France.
The Rothschilds knew of mineral & oil wealth in the middle east as far back as the late 1800’s. They hired a geologist to do a study in the early 1900’s who confirmed large amounts of mineral wealth in and around the Dead Sea in addition. They killed him to keep that information from leaking out and it emphasized the need for a central location they could control as a base for conquest of the Middle East – ergo the need for the land of Israel controlled by them – the first kibbutz was set up by Edmund Rothschild in the late 1890’s. They needed public support in order to justify confiscating land from the real Palestinian owners and following the guidance of the Talmud, it is better to sacrifice even our own if it justifies the ends – Gentiles are worth less than cattle of course, they grossly exaggerated the numbers of Jews killed to 6 million by gassing mostly, built gas chambers immediately after WWII in support of that fiction and got their press relation team going overtime against the dirty rotten Germans and for the poor suffering Jews who need a home land from others, money as reparations, money for damages and support in Airplanes, nuclear weapons, high technology especially from the US in order to fight those evil un Godly Moslems, Arabs and any one else that might not want their land, houses and factories taken from them by force.
In reality, a comprehensive three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross reported that the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301 and most of that was from starvation and disease which a lot of Germans were also suffering from much the same at the end of the war especially in the large bombed out cities. From the American Jewish Committee  their own records show more Jews living in Europe after WWII than before Jews In Europe – 1938: 8,039,608 – 1948: 9,372,668. How could that be when 6 million were killed and quite large numbers left for other countries? How is it when so many were supposedly killed, so many Jews survived from the camps 40 to 50 years later that billions need to be paid from Germany to Israel? Did that money go to the survivors or the State of Israel owned by the Rothschilds?
In actuality more Germans were killed by the Allies in Allied concentration camps after the war as punishment for their resistance to the bankers than Jews were killed and also in order to break any resistance to the takeover of their country after the war. Factories were taken apart and shipped to communist Russia as one example.
Acknowledgeable Germans that knew how Jewish Rothschild Money had taken over Germany after WWI at the top and were going to do it again after WWII were killed in the Nuremburg trials, if they didn’t agree to toe the line and give up information on secret technologies and information the bankers wanted. Hess tried to make an peace agreement with the British near the end of WWII so the Germans could concentrate on Russia as the real threat to Europe (who ended up with all those countries and half of Germany despite only being able to fight with Ally weapons, money, loans and support from England and the US). Hess was killed and a double went to jail with the jailers ordered to not to talk to him as an example as even then the double might give out too much information.
Most people think that a bank lends money out that it has set aside from savings or some ratio of that. That is a misconception that the banks don’t want cleared up. In actuality, a person signing a note or mortgage of $100,000 creates paper note wealth that the bank can then set up a numbered account to enter a loan of $100,000 from which that person can write checks to disburse money (actually debt backed fiction money) to other people or stores. For the bank, it was just a matter of electronic digits to create & keep track of but for the person to repay the interest on top of the principle, he has to repay with blood, sweat & tears. For a 30 year mortgage on his house, he can repay two or three times the principle in interest.
Look at the dollar bill and it says “This Note is a Legal Tender”. Look up the definition for note in the dictionary. It is a fancy name for IOU. I OWE YOU. Your note or promise to pay $100,000 on a loan for your house is worth relatively much more than a bankers promise to pay as usually a house seized is worth more the note value whereas if all the people that have accounts seized the bank, they would only have a building, a computer with digits for accounts and some printed paper in the vaults.
That is why a run on the banks is so scary to both the people and bankers – the conned might have to actually do something about the conmen. Mr. Ron Supinski of the Public Information Department of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank in a phone call admits more than most about the Federal Reserve with the stock owned by private banks and that
CALLER – Are Federal Reserve Notes backed by anything?
MR. SUPINSKI-Yes, by the assets of the Federal Reserve but, primarily by the power of congress to lay tax on the people.
Most of the real value in the vaults is depositor’s gold and silver that people have to pay storage fees on which the bankers can seize again like 1933 (exchanged printed paper with $20 costing 5 cents to print on the front for each oz. of gold – raised the price to $35 per oz.afterwards – the insiders moved their gold out of the US prior) when Roosevelt declared the banking holiday. Funny term holiday – the people didn’t have a holiday so it must have been the bankers celebrating another wonderful scam that they pulled off again. Why make it easier for the bankers to collect assets by paying the bank to have them all that gold and silver in easy places to seize again with legislation already passed & ready to implement?
That is also why third and fourth generation farms are foreclosed on by bank managers that the only work they do is type some numbers on the keyboard in air conditioned offices for 6 or 7 hours a day. Lend the farmers numbers on a computer and just wait for one bad year to push them over the edge. Foreclose and sell the assets to a corporate buddy who is a good credit risk and a risk to the food chain, water supply and the land with their farming practices for everyone else.
There is a misconception that governments need to pay down the debt as a solution to the problem. When 10% of the debt is paid down, that reduces the money in circulation by approximately 10% as nearly all money in circulation is debt created money except a small amount of coinage. When the average dollar is exchanged 5 to 6 times a year, a $100 dollar debt payment dollar reduction can mean $550 loss of goods and services exchanged in one year. For a billion dollar debt pay down, that can mean $5.5 billion in loss of goods and services that would normally be exchanged. Is that why M3 numbers are no longer being published? They will not see how the money supply is being fluctuated up and down?
That ratio is why the economies can fluctuate so fast from growing to recession due to just interest rates and bankers ease of lending and has a very low correlation to the willingness of people working, the education of the people and the other spins the mass media puts such as the 1929 crash was connected somehow to the farm economy going bad due to drought. which led to escalating failures. Winston Churchill was flown in at the peak before the collapse to show him their power and also probably to relay instructions to the US colony personal running the US CORPORATION.
If a person takes the 30 year loan rate and subtracts the short term 1 year loan rate, that will give almost exactly the growth rate of the economy in 1.5 years. For example, if the 30 year rate is 7%, and the 1 year loan rate is 5% then in 1.5 years, the economy will be growing at about 2%. If the 1 year loan rate is 9%, then in about 1.5 years, the economy will be contracting at about 2%.
Now the degreed economists give the gross numbers but don’t include the shift and concentration of wealth from the poor to the wealthy. A paper company can be producing more showing an increase in gross sales due to robot technology but not that there has been 10,000 employees that have been laid off with a 10 million dollar bonus to the CEO who did the hatchet job. With increased profits, the stock goes up and you tell me how much stock the average unemployed person owns and who owns the majority of the stock? Who really benefits from that increased productivity and cost slashing?
Germany after WWI had about 30% to 40% unemployment due to the war reparations payable in gold to the bankers. If there is only 2% increase in the gold supply each year, a factory that can increase production of shoes 25% each year but sells the production to get gold will have to keep dropping their price in order to sell the shoes as there isn’t enough gold in circulation and the banker who owns the gold is only going to buy a few shoes. The people that need the shoes and are willing to work for them, don’t have gold so there needs to be medium of exchange.
Hitler when campaigning promised to pay every pfennig (penny) back in loans. Once he got in enough power, the people that backed & chose him, quit paying the loans in gold to the banks in England and France as they realized the problem of above using the example of shoes. They created their own money and made agreements with companies that they could build factories in Germany but they could only take out part of the production and not gold draining the country.
They realized that any country that went against the bankers would have military force used against them from another country if the bankers could not get their way so they started building up the economy including the military and the infrastructure to support it. They also realized that the Jews that had bought up factories and assets on pennies for the dollar after WWI especially those that worked directly for the Rothschild’s were a real problem so they either had to move them out of the country or put them in concentration camps. In high level meetings with other countries, no other country wanted them so about the only alternative was to isolate them in concentration camps. (The Rothschilds realized no Jews would voluntarily leave their homes Europe for the already occupied land in Palastine and rather than offer enough money as incentive – it would make them more money by financing a war to drive them out to the location they had chosen for them, oil & mineral rich wealth around Palastine oops Israel – God’s chosen country for the Isrealites of whom over 90% are Kazars converted to the Talmud with absolutely no blood relationship to Abraham – why were Hess & the others really murdered again?). Why are Ernst Zundel & others in jail for the terrorist acts of letting others know what really happened again?
Within 2 or 3 years under Hitler & his advisors, there was virtually no unemployment and within 10 years, by careful choices, money creation along with the industry of the German people, they were able to have a prosperous country that was producing planes, ships and other wealth. It is unfortunate the average person did not understand that and could have said no to the created staged WWII that made ruins of all that wealth with Christians from the Allies fighting Christians from Germany and Christians from Italy. It would be more efficient and professional to lock the bankers in a room and let them settle who is going to win.
Now you know why Hitler has been painted as such a monster in the media and history. He is the only politician that I know of that promised one thing to the bankers in his election and yet did the opposite when in power. Most politicians promise one thing to the people when campaigning yet do the opposite in power. When a politician starts receiving bad press, look out for what he is not going along with and why the elite want him out of power.
It is a misconception that money needs to be backed by gold in order to bring stability to the dollar. When the Rothschild’s control and own enough gold that they set the price in London each day, just who benefits from that party line? Which would you rather have, yen backed by the productive manufacturing might of the Japanese or the rand from a South Africa country torn apart by created conflicts so more gold diamonds and other wealth can flow to the Oppenhiemers and their cohorts?
What is most important is like Benjamin Franklin said – to issue money as needed for beneficial projects. Canada could issue 1 billion for a computer chip factory. They could issue another billion for other factories to produce robots to make life easier for workers. They could build factories and replace what they are importing in manufactured goods. The people of Canada would own those factories and get the revenue from them. The flow of money outwards would go to contractors and laborers who could then buy other goods & services. The work week could drop down from 46 hours to 30 or even 20. In fact the Iron Mountain Report in the 1960’s covered that & one of their main solutions to counter balance that was to have continual war.
Why is it that a country can produce all kinds of ships, airplanes and other hardware during WWII and yet 50 years later, have high unemployment in several provinces and manufacturing be virtually shut down in those industries? Why are they encouraging immigration from such countries as Somalia when skilled tradesmen from Europe are blocked from coming in? Does that drive down wages for other Canadians so the corps make more money? Do those people make good obedient government personal & they will even help the corruption going on in high places?
“If our nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good, makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20 percent, whereas the currency pays nobody but those who contribute directly to Muscle Shoals in some useful way…
“It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30 million in bonds and not $30 million in currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurers and the other helps the people. If the currency issued by the Government was no good, then the bonds would be no good either. It is a terrible situation when the Government, to increase the national wealth, must go into debt and submit to ruinous interest charges at the hands of men who control the fictitious value of gold.”
Thomas Edison     
Why did  Meyer Rothschild say  “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws”  
Now whereas instead of 10 families struggling with a bankruptcy rate each year approximately equal to the interest rate, there are several billion people in the same situation as the families above. The mentality of cooperation and helping others has changed from 100 years ago to an almost dog eat dog due not daring to help because of the debt load, having to make interest payments, not being able to relax because if a person does, someone else will get that job, contract or asset if a person backs off and doesn’t keep pushing.
Companies and countries are in the same situation of competition or survival of the economic fittest in order to survive from such a simple created book keeping banking problem but it has such horrendous nightmarish results for the world.
For  example, Chase Manhattan bank spends 1 million for a bank officer to go to Brazil, he sets up an office and makes a 1 billion dollar loan to the Brazilian government payable back in US dollars. It is preferable the 1 billion goes into politician payoffs, large construction contracts that Chase Manhattan Rockefeller connected construction companies get, the project has costs over runs so it never gets completed or if it does, never operates as promised. At first, the billion dollars stimulates the economy but then, repayments when the Brazilian dollar drops in 1/2 means that 2X as much cattle, grain, iron ore etc have to be sent out of the country in order to meet payments. When that isn’t enough, social services have to be cut to the people and national companies need to be privatized or sold to foreign companies which causes more problems for the average person and more revenue leaving the country.
Chase Manhattan can use the paper loss on non-performing debt to reduce real taxes owing to the US government or as in the case of Royal Bank of Canada, they reduced their payable taxes enough that a window washer for them paid more taxes. (Back about 40 years ago, corporate taxes were about 80% of the revenue and the personal taxes about 20%. Now it is reversed with the individuals paying 80% of the income through taxes.) Because it is easier to foreclose and resell on Canadian farms and businesses, Royal Bank choose that option for loans secured in Canada. The Canadian Royal Bank realized that with 30 year old helicopters, a few old ships and the present Canadian military force, it wasn’t worth enough to even bring up in passing conversation to the Brazilians. But an updated military with 100’s of black helicopters sure will be helpful in Canada to control a rebellion if the planned economic collapse is triggered.
The Chase Manhattan bank is putting pressure on the South American countries to swap real assets for paper debt but it is a matter of how much bribes and how much threat of force they can use in order to get the deals the Rockefeller’s want. Rothschild’s are countering them using their influence so it isn’t always an easy road fighting for the top position. For the people at the bottom, it doesn’t make much difference if they get squashed by an elephant or eaten by a killer whale but hey, that is why competition is good for everyone!!!! You have more choices of getting squashed or eaten before dying that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins goes into more detail about examples such as above.
The opal file such as gives a condensed history how the Rockefellers took control of the Australian mines & oil rights along with various national companies with names of various politicians, the amounts they received along with numbers of their Swiss bank accounts that the money was paid into.
The Gemstone file written prior to the opal file gives more secret history in the US regarding Onassis shipping drugs & oil, not loosing a ship during WWII, involvement in taking over the Hughes organization, who was involved in the killing of JFK etc.. Updated with more information by the writer who condensed that information.
3 CIA rogue? agents bought a used Cray super computer at government auction for $25,000 and used the secret backdoor NWO Promis software that could access various computer data bases & use the data to find out peoples records such as tax, bank accounts, assets owned etc. to find out the bank numbers and payments that a number of US & even some Canadian politicians were getting. A brown paper bag with the information was sent with the information notifying those politicians that they needed to resign or the information would be publicized as well as the IRS being notified. There was a rash of politicians saying their families needed them so they would not be running again despite the work they desperately wanted to do for their country.
2 of the CIA agents were eliminated right away and the third was thought to be flying on a plane to Florida so a bomb was set off on it. When 300 or 400 people are killed, it sure makes it more difficult to figure out the target than when one person is killed after he has done certain rebellious actions and the more importance for getting that person, the less importance other peoples lives are. The Spotlight paper was shut down shortly afterwards so I didn’t find out what happened to the third CIA agent and it was another reason why The Spotlight was shut down, the bankers don’t have any problems with copy cat killings when satanic ritual or mind controlled serial murders are done to scare the people into supporting legislation for gun control curveillance equipment and more police but they sure don’t want copy cat rogue intelligence agents copying shenanigan like the 3 CIA patriots. And now you know why the word rogue was applied to them too.
The question is why do people put up with all the increased surveillance monitoring through web cameras, telephone taps, reverse auditory & sight sensors in TV’s & cellphones and internet logging? Why are they not asking for 24 hour surveillance of their bankers, politicians and CEO’s in order to protect us all from the real terrorists?
Thus legislation is passed and Brazilian companies are encouraged to burn 1000s of acres of the Amazon jungle each hour to have land to grow grass for 3 to 5 years before the land starts blowing away the thin topsoil for cattle to export to pay off debt because like the Shakespearian play about the Jewish lender, whether it is the Rothschild’s or the Rockefellers, they each demand their pound of flesh or more. 
Companies pollute because they make more money and the directors that put ecological and people caring before profits are fired and replaced in order to keep the insane debt created money system going.
Computerized robots could do most of the work people do now. People are useless eaters so from the Illuminati Luciferian perspective, it is a matter of reducing the population through various means outlined in the Global 2000 population reduction program. Famines, wars, genetically engineered viruses like AIDS & SARS, chemtrails, chemicals to reduce the life expectancy, fertility and reasoning ability like fluoride, chlorine and aspartame were added to the water and food supply, vaccinations that produce long term health problems are some of the creative solutions the experts come up with and are using.
An implanted microchip that can keep track of each economic slave biological unit with no chance of rebelling from prison planet earth are one of the Illuminati Luciferian goals. There are experimental projects already wherein welfare mothers are implanted to save loss of vouchers, prisoners can leave if they agree to tracking, high risk people like soldiers, politicians, children at risk for kid napping are implanted for monitoring etc. It could be most of the ID theft is aided by the NWO as one source believes over 80% of the credit card numbers with names and social insurance numbers come from insiders in the banking system and not much effort is made to stop it until the people cry out for a easy simple solution like the implanted microchip
Passports and drivers licenses are heading for required biometric information and then it will be easy to go to the next step of implants. The latest world cup soccer match in Britain required all ticket purchasers to show ID and all tickets had a RFID tracking chip attached.
Those that have studied Revelation in the Bible, feel that it is fitting current events more than ever & it must have been inspired to have been written 2000 years ago.
One of the greatest threats to the Luciferian Illuminati is Christians that believe in not paying wrongful illegal taxes, are self sufficient and are educating others as to how events and their plans fit with the Bible which the Branch Davidians were doing in the past before David Koresh.
In order to counter this, a psy black operations needed to set up similar to Jim Jones. Vernon Howell’s name was changed to David Koresh as a Manchurian patsy with 6 others who were aided by the CIA to infiltrate and take over the group. He could have been easily been picked up when jogging but Black helicopters fired from the rear at BATF officials in the front starting the fire fight. (The infarad camera expert testifying on that, was killed shortly afterwards.)
2 or 3 body guards of Clinton that were likely threats from what they knew that Clinton was illegally doing for the NWO, were killed by a fourth person in the fire fight as cover. 
Black operation troops sent in under false pretenses to take out Koresh and his supporters as they were resisting the NWO plans for them. (Koresh also had counter black-mailable information on the drug & gun running, sex trade etc. that the CIA was doing  ) The black ops team were told that the tear gas would drive out the women & children. They didn’t find out until afterwards that muscle relaxant gas was mixed in with the inflamable gas so those women & children had no chance to escape the fiery inferno.
When the black op troop’s memories started coming back with those facts, they leaked the information to the attourney Paul Wilcher who put them in a report. He was killed for that & likely the most revealing pages near the end have not surfaced publically yet.
It also tested the people’s reaction to using tanks and troops on US citizens and prepares them psychologically for future operations. Use the media with a twist such pedophilia and they can just about do anything without the people resisting back or in fact supporting the operation.
The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave. Dedication & Table of Contents. Fritz Springmeier’s Introduction is a very good on how the NWO can create programmed slaves with multiple identities and layers such End Time programming, Messiah complex, sexual service, etc.
Randy Weaver’s programming was breaking down especially with the help of Christian prayer & support and his wife’s & baby’s killing also sends such a message of dread & fear to patriots, christians, ex-military of loss of wife & children if they resist the NWO.
While, it seems overwhelming and scary at first, the better a person understands the problem, the more solutions start appearing.
1 Community issued money &/or barter. – Publically Controlled Banks like the North Dakota Bank very good information How to apply Social Credit locally using simple ledger keeping. Used in a number of villages around the world already by François de Siebenthal economist and Consul General of the Philippines in Switzerland. If they can do it in a village, it can be as simple as talking to your neighbor about sharing skills, information & services. “The Money Myth Exploded” Louis Even – Go through the rest of the site inspired by one of the pioneers of the Social Credit community money movement. Ithica Hours units by New York printed equal to 1 hour of labor with over 25,000 individuals & businesses signed up. The Chinese government sent representatives to visit them.
Wal-Mart & a number of other large companies have chose not to enter the community as they had too much competition from local businesses accepting Ithica hours.
There are a number of barter clubs using web, email or paper transactions. $1,000 of extra goods & services each year adds to $10,000 additional wealth to a  person and his local community in 10 years. In the deliberate 1929 crash when the elite sold out their stock at the peak, about 80% of the people had access to rural living with some food, water and shelter. The few places in the world on the barter system were not affected nearly so much. 
Now it is the opposite so that any crash now causes that much more misery, suffering & hard ship. By studying & making contacts now with alternative health, local food, mechanics, etc., a person can be more prepared.
Guernsey is a small island located in the English Channel. In 1816  its sea walls were crumbling, its roads were muddy and only 4 1/2 feet wide. Guernsey’s debt was 19,000 pounds. The island’s annual income was 3,000 pounds of which 2,400 had to be used to pay interest on its debt. Not surprisingly, people were leaving Guernsey and there was little employment.
The started creating their own currency and built up that island with roads, bridges & a town marketing square which still exists today. They became so wealthy that over 30 banks have branch offices there today.
Guernsey has an income tax, but the tax is relatively low (a “flat” 20 percent), and it is simple and loophole-free. It has no inheritance tax, no capital gains tax, and no federal debt. Commercial banks service private lenders, but the government itself never goes into debt. When it wants to create some public work or service, it just issues the money it needs to pay for the work. The Guernsey government has been issuing its own money for nearly two centuries. During that time, the money supply has mushroomed to about 25 times its original size; yet the economy has not been troubled by price inflation, and it has remained prosperous and stable.7
The US and any other country could follow this 200 year old present day example in order to build up their own crumbling infrascture debt free. Where are our Nobel prize economists with this example on the mass media when we need them? Or are those prizes & the mass media for propaganda purposes?
This example is so important that it is no wonder that the Tavistock Institute in the UK as one of their recommendations in mass brain-washing techniques in order to confuse people from realizing and acting on truth, was to bombard them with short bites of information from all different directions so that the people become over whelmed. They sit there stunned into immobility & then numbly go with the establishments rule & direction. Does that remind you of TV news?
A very wealth financier & industrialist paid a consultant to advise him on increasing his productivity. The consultant asked him to write down the most important things he had to do and of those most items, rank them highest to lowest. Then start acting on those steps in that order.
Does that work with you? Can you choose the most important information & act on it? Has information about the legislation that has been passed under secrecy from the Farms Claims suits that would switch the Federal Reserve debt created interest bearing money back to the US treasury dollars. It is a continuation of what John F. Kennedy had started attempting to do until his public execution. It would cancel debts including mortgage & credit cards and switch income taxes to a sales tax on new non-essential items. There would be a return to constitutional law with peace declared bringing troops back from foreign wars.
Dove’s information stated the day after the World Trade Center bombing, that one tower housed the computers for transferring the software updating programming for the switch over, the Pentagon section that was hit was the fraction in the military supporting the switch and the Pennsylvania plane was a cover story for going after the backup fiber optic command center controlled by the patriotic constitutional fraction working against the NWO.

2.Tax rebellion
The bankers benefit the most from wars. In order to extract that much more wealth from people, it is necessary to pass tax legislation so more profits can flow to them and their companies from the people in war time in cost plus contracts. Do you know of any average person knowing ahead to set up a munitions factory or an chemical company prior to a war or having the funds to do so after the war starts? How many small private companies have their firms taken over under the necessities of war? Was the seizure of land, buildings and assets of the Japanese citizens in US and Canada necessary or another theft by the bankers?
Originally, the income tax legislation in the US & Canada was started before their entry into World War I. It was promoted as voluntary on very high income people from sources of income other than wages like interest, rental, etc. to benefit the poorer people in order to get people to vote for it. For most people it sounded good, thus the legislation passed.
In Canada there was an additional requirement in order for it to pass that the tax legislation would be nullified within 4 years of the ending of the war or when the war debt was paid, which ever came first.

The lawyers for the Rockefellers set up trusts & foundations behind the scenes in preparation so they were exempt from the taxes. Even in 1978?, Nelson Rockefeller paid no income tax as reported when he was running for governor of New York. Can you imagine how much more money you would have if you were able to keep all that you spent in income tax over the last 10 to 50 years? Can you figure out what an advantage that gives Nelson Rockefeller in competition with others that do pay taxes and why control of government laws is so important?
What ended up happening since then, is that the “voluntary” tax not including wages has become almost compulsory for the brain washed unquestioning masses and the tax burden shifted down from very high income down to the high to middle income. That income gives subsidence support for the unemployed or near impoverished so they don’t rebel and start asking too many questions. The social government departments beg for more money giving answers that sound good but are just band aids. 
There are a number of people fighting the IRS & CCRA with varying degrees of success depending primarily on their knowledge and crookedness of the judges deciding their cases. .
American Tax Consultants: 3910 Northdale Blvd., Suite 210, Tampa,
Florida 33624, Phone (813) 908-8422; Fax (813) 908-6882 are quietly revoking the contract citizens signed with the IRS when they completed their first 1040. The method is perfectly legal and once complete the IRS leaves you alone. From their literature, none of their clients were ever investigated. They simply become “not required to file” by the IRS’ own laws. Best I have found for the US. about 1300 clients and haven’t lost one yet as I understand it. Eldon Warman hasn’t paid any taxes since 1978 in Canada. Free information for what he suggests for both Canadians & Americans. Donations welcomed.
American Tax Consultants: 3910 Northdale Blvd., Suite 210, Tampa,
Florida 33624, Phone (813) 908-8422; Fax (813) 908-6882 are quietly revoking the contract citizens signed with the IRS when they completed their first 1040. The method is perfectly legal and once complete the IRS leaves you alone. From their literature, none of their clients were ever investigated. They simply become “not required to file” by the IRS’ own laws. Best I have found for the US. about 1300 clients and haven’t lost one yet as I understand it. A past record can be nullified by a corrupt judge in the future.
might not be in existence in 2012 has hundreds of articles & unfortunately even the best arguments can fail against corrupt paid off judges and the risks should be spelled out so people aren’t naive about what could happen. snips A Family Business paid employees face value silver coins for wages. The employees could report $1 per hour face value rather than $17 per hour depreciated Federal Reserve Note value on their wages.
The IRS took them to court and in defense the family business argued that the constitution established sliver & gold as legal tender.
The IRS lost & the media buried the information into one small news item.

Others are just going to the cash underground economy as much as possible and reporting what they have too

Joe Banister was a special criminal investigator with the IRS until he discovered the truth and switched sides. He was doing consulting and has won several cases including his own.
A number of people are fighting loans, mortgages and credit card debt again with varying degrees of success depending on their knowledge & the crookedness of the judge. A few have been successful in staying foreclosure on their houses by requesting the original signed mortgage agreements which were misplaced during the slicing & packaging of the mortgage agreements.
Edward/Elaine Browns & Sherry Peel Jackson (In my tenure as an IRS agent, I personally saw marriages broken, families torn apart, homes confiscated and businesses destroyed – all while my colleagues and I were out making unjust  demands on the American people – without the proper authority) have lost so far without the IRS showing them the laws wherein they are obliged to file and pay income taxes.  “The above Judgment was entered by the Court on December 9, 1968. The issue there was simple – Nothing in the law gave the Banks the right to create money on their books
“Justice Mahoney (One of the few honest patriotic constitutional judges) denied the use of Federal Reserve Notes, since they represent debt instruments, not true money, from being used to pay for the appeal process itself. In order to get this overturned, since the bank’s appeal without the payment being recognized was out of time, it would have required that the Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota bring a Title 42, Section 1983 action against the judicial act of Justice Mahoney for a violation of the Constitution of the United States under color of law or authority, and if successful, have the case remanded back to him to either retry the case or allow the appeal to go through.

Justice Mahoney was murdered about 6 months later as his payment from the bankers.
It is important to study those that have proven track records against the IRS, Banks & courts before fighting the system as even then, there are no guarantees as even in a jury trial, the judge can give recommendations that the jury perceives as virtual orders contrary to the jury deciding what is the best decision in the circumstances on the evidence presented for themselves for each particular case.
Some people transfer any assets that they do have out of their possession before fighting the system.
Others like corporations, just fudge with the books so that the IRS finds it almost impossible to uncover the real income. It is easier to go after the people in order to get a higher quota of taxes owing for each hour of time spent at the office.
The I.R.S. audited 1.36 percent of all tax returns filed by people making less than $25,000 last year, compared with 1.15 percent of returns filed by those making $100,000 or more. Since 1988, audit rates for the poor have increased by a third, from 1.03 percent, while falling 90 percent for the wealthiest Americans, from 11.4 percent. 2 heads of the IRS have resigned over non-compliance with the number of people not filing and likely because of what they have found out behind the scenes.
Most people in Canada don’t know that the BNA Act for Canada has the provinces raising money through local taxes & the Federal Government was to raise money through customs/tariffs on imports to help protect local manufacturing and to print their own money for the rest. By not paying taxes & contacting your politician with what they should be doing in printing money directly instead of borrowing digits on the computer, it is a much stronger message than voting once every four years & paying taxes each year in servitude.
You could be setting up your own retirement fund, paying for your own alternative medical, private education, workers compensation plan etc. Walter Burien has uncovered in the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report), that the states are hiding so much assets and income from the people that right now, there is almost no necessity for state or income taxes.
For a little known brief history of the US.
The Kings of France, Spain and England needed income to pay debts to the bankers such as the Rothschilds. They were desperate for gold & silver as that is what the debts were repayable in. That Spain used torture as part of the methods to get their hands on gold from the Incas and other Indians, is a sign of their desperation.
The colonies in the US were originally financed by the monarchies and the monarchies allowed the colonies to have and use most of the assets they found or built except gold and silver. The bankers scheme was to get the colonies into debt and out of the King of England’s hands so they helped finance and supported the revolution behind the scenes using Masonry (51 out of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons). They had already gotten the colonies off of the different us states social credit money through orders issued using the King of England as their front man which was a supreme threat to their debt issued money.
They needed a new entity that would borrow money and would be responsible for the repayment of debts using the citizens as collateral and a revenue source. The united states of America was promoted to the people as a constitutional republic government of the people, by the people, for the people but through clever legalese, bribing and misrepresentation, what actually happened was that the United States of America Corporation (Name changed from the original VIrginia Colony/Company) was instituted in reality using democracy as a guise of being a constitutional republi. It is run by the rich for the rich with the people choosing between 2 or 3 front men for them every 4 years who act as PR men. If the politicians can’t read their scripts with the right expression emphasis or vigor, then they get a professional actor in like Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger who have real theatrical skills and their body language won’t give away as much as of their deceipt on the television when they read the lies oops scripts prepared for them.
When people think they are voting their government in, they think it is their government representing them but it is actually for PR people to govern them for the bankers or more like officers & directors for the United States of America Corporation listed in Dunn & Bradstreet as being setup in 1787. The bankers own the most shares with the trans national corporations next. Those share holders are who the officers & directors really listen too behind the scenes except a few bones thrown to the public for half of their gross earnings taken from them each year. The voting is to make the peasants think one thing when in actuality it really government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.
Another example of created illusions is when people hear word the word “person” in court, they think of a flesh and blood person but to a lawyer, person can include artificial paper entities such as corporations as being a person under their crafty use of words and definitions. has information on how the US states are still colonies of the British. The Revolutionary War was fought and concluded when Cornwallis surrendered to Washington at Yorktown. As Americans we have been taught that we defeated the king and won our freedom. The next document I will use is the Treaty of 1783, which will totally contradict our having won the Revolutionary War. (footnote 2).
George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and others had a choice of to keep fighting the British with continued loss of trade and impoverishment of the people or to sign a treaty promising repayment of debts incurred & setting up the United States Corporation as guarantee and surety for that debt. They chose what they thought were the lesser of two evils for themselves and for their work, Benjamin Franklin was knighted and George Washington has been promoted as the father of the country in the history books.
That fatherance included as a start paying back all debts incurred to the banks and of breaking virtually every treaty of about 274 with the Indians down through history so the Indians lost control of their land to the immigrant Europeans who then lost control to the European bankers. The “dumb” Indians woke up what was happening over 250 years ago as to what was going on but it seems the “smart” whites are still mostly sleeping.
The crash of 1929 behind the scenes led to the bankruptcy of different national government corporations around the world leading to Roosevelt shutting down banks and calling in the people’s gold under threat of $10,000 fines and 6 months in jail. For gold valued at $20 per ounce they received a piece of colored paper costing about 4 cents. Then the elite revalued the gold price to $35 per ounce so that piece of paper was worth about 2 cents whereas they could buy almost twice as much.
Thousands of smaller banks got closed down and rolled into the large 13 illuminati controlled banks along with other concentrations of wealth. The US Government has been actually operating under bankruptcy trusteeship since then behind the scenes. Traficant, a US senator for his exposing that in public record was framed on bogus charges and put in jail.
The Birth Certificate with the bond number on the back is security created & held by the states/provinces as security for the international bank loans just as was title ownership for black slaves used by the plantation owners for their bank loans. One arguement used in courts is to not allow the created paper strawname be attached to the flesh & blood person who might think he is the all capital’s name. For example, a man stood up and said to the Judge something to the effect of, “that name belongs to the Province of .. they are the legal title holder and therefore have the burden of perfomance and stuff of that nature (as in paying fines, dues,  bills).
In plain English, if the province/state creates a paper name, they can pay the debts/charges attached to that paper name.
It is similar to a gold ingot replying that the certificate of gold ownership is not the ingot himself but only a paper fiction accepted as reality by the lawyers and judges. Parents, without full disclosure under law, make application for a “birth certificate,” thereby making the child a citizen of the corporate government known as the United States. The government then turns the new citizen into a corporation, a legal fiction, under the laws of the state. The birth information is collected by the state and is then turned over to the U.S. Department of Commerce. The corporation is then placed into a “trust”, known as a “Cestui Que Trust”.
People pay into social security for 30 to 40 years in order to receive a small part of that back in the last years of their life. The age of 65 was chosen back in the 1940’s as that was the average age of death at that time. Through crooked government accounting, those funds have been placed in general revenue in Canada, so in a crash, even those funds will be lost or minmized in hyper inflation. Check into self directed pension funds under your control & invest using contrary fundamental based investing with a background of knowing the monopoly games the international bankers play.

People think by paying 50% of their gross income, they are helping others somehow. It would be one thing if the money was simply wasted but the military money is used to prepare troops for controlling a rebellion or steal other countries wealth such as Iraq, the educational money is used to dumb down the kids, the health system uses costly drugs, radiation & hi tec care and good alternative health is blocked or taken out using different methods, black projects build high tec weaponry, advanced mind control, along with antigravity planes and non-lethal control of the population while free energy devices and beneficial technology are tracked and blocked from going to the public. The free energy inventor is 100x more threatening to the Banker/Corp than the moslem terrorist in a cave in the middle of no where. The Grace Commission Report to President Reagan – With two-thirds of everyone’s personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government.
Thus the shortfall has to be borrowed creating more income for the bankers and more debt for the people.
So essentially, people are paying with their taxes for the chains, jails and jailors to bind them and the media to entertain them with propaganda while they go on their little rat tread mill.
3  Investments
A person is trying to find something that will be worth more in the future.
A banker is trying to get people into debt and squeeze them out of paper wealth and their real assets especially.
A good rule of thumb is the more the mass media is promoting something and the more your neighbors are following along, the more a person should not do it but do the opposite.
The mass media is used to move the masses to buy high and to sell low. A good example in the last 2 years was how many people were buying homes and real estate for investment despite about 1/4 of the homes were being bought on interest only payments.With the interest rates moving higher, how many people are going to be able to keep making payments and who are they going to sell the houses too?
The tax legislation that allowed interest deductions on home loans was a sucker trap for people as the bankers know that people will work that much harder before loosing their home when interest rates go up and/or when their wages drop due to corporation layoffs and down turns.
Who is buying up the bankrupt mortgage companies with those assets on their books on cents for the dollar?
Another good rule of thumb is to try to find out what the super rich are doing. A good example is Warren Buffet and Bill Gates buying silver and gold approximately 2 to 3 years ago at their near all time lows of $4.50 for silver and $250 for gold.. Gold & silver in one’s possession is also safer than digits in a bankers computer that can be zeroed out if it is a free energy inventor or 10 billion that gets stolen by the CIA from Iraq’s central bank the night before the attack. Also the bank accounts of wicked people like Suddam Hussein around the world that persists in trying to set up a oil bourse selling in European dollars, nationalizing the oil industry controlled by the Rockefeller 7 sister oil companies and working for a Moslem dinar dollar backed in gold for more independence from the European/US bankers sure blocks Suddam Hussein’s ability to do anything in the present & the future.
Supposedly there are laws against insider trading on stocks. Contrary to that public myth as being for everyone, there are specialists that specifically trade and are given knowledge in certain stocks such as Ford, GM, GE etc prior to the public. Supposedly they are to smooth out the market, sell when there is a demand and buy when prices drop. Does that remind you of a fairy tale you were told when small? Those that are not insiders and make too much, are fined &/or taken to jail as they are competition that needs to be removed.
Richard Ney thought he was a pretty good stock broker until 1 person came in and told him when to buy and when to sell certain stocks. What was amazing was that he seemed to be right all of the time and to get the peaks and lows. He further found and publicized information on the specialists. He also was tracking big block transactions from insiders. When they were buying, that was an indicator that they believed that stock, commodities or options would be worth more. When they were selling large block transactions to the public, that was bearish & an indicator to not buy. Watch the large block transactions in the futures!

With computerized tracking of trades and fore knowledge, the Bankers & their inside corps have such an advantage over the public, that it is no wonder it is hard to find the average person that has made money in the stock market.
Ask someone knowledgeable in stocks if they could make money knowing what the interest rates were going to be and what stories were going to be publicized in the mass media the next day or the next week? What would that knowledge be worth to them?
Another myth is to listen to your stock broker. There are a lot of times, he is a sales man for whatever issue or stock his firm is trying to push. It is difficult to find the really good analysts and newsletters that have the expertise, software and contacts to out maneuver the bankers and their sudden switches.
An example of that is the 1987 crash that caught so many by surprise.Supposedly it was computerized trading that fell through resistance points and kept falling. Actually what happened was that there was too many people and smaller independent companies making too much money that needed to be weeded out & taken down. The blue chip companies came back within 3 to 6 months but many of the smaller companies did not regain their highs for several years if ever. A number of the better smaller firms were bought out and merged into insider blue chip NWO firms.
It used to be the elite had longer range plans for the stock market so it was easier to figure out the trends. Now with faster reactions by the public, they can be fluctuating the market up and down by only a few percentage and pulling money out on each little swing up & down. Short down, buy, hold, then buy short term up, then short down and repeat.
Those that learn their passions in life and work toward goals involving those can live a far more rewarding life overall despite not necessarily having money for the largest house, latest car or the other gadgets that the subliminal advertising tries to trick a person into thinking is necessary for happiness.

4 Health
By 1890, John Rockefeller, had through the predatory and rapacious practices of Standard Oil gained control of approximately 90% of the oil market in the US. He needed more markets & income if he was going to grow and the health industry had not yet been monopolized by anyone.
Through grants, government influence and crooked studies like the Fixner Reports; alternative health colleges were shut down and new colleges promoting drugs, surgery and new technologies back then like radiation were set up. Government regulations and accreditation boards were then set up to make sure colleges and doctors were taught minimally about organic locally grown food &/or bulk organic food buying clubs or coops, diet, nutrition, natural low cost therapies and never about the alternatives such as radionics, Rife microscopes, ozone therapy, chelation therapy. etc.
In fact, it was necessary to have regulating boards to take any doctor or even any other practioner to court for practicing as a doctor. How anyone could be charged for practicing as a doctor when they don’t prescribe drugs, do surgery or radiation is beyond me?
If a natural substance such as laetrile could not be synthesized effectively, it would be promoted as quackery. Joel Wallach was the first person to replicate Cystic Fibrosis in animals with a deficiency of selenium. Rather than awards, he was fired from Sloan Kettering.
Kirlian photography, live blood analyses, radionics, muscle testing will show more of the damage of drugs and common allergens such as foods, poor quality of water, the toxins from chemicals, heavy metals, chemtrails, and deficiencies in common processed foods that the elite are using to create chronic long term health problems so more money is extracted from the peasant before he dies. It is reported that the top 10 pharmaceutical companies make more net profits than the next 90 companies combined.
www.mercola.comis the #2 alternative health site in the world set up by an alternative health MD. It cost him $500,000 to set up and $200,000 a year to maintain with 15,000 searchable web is a MD that researched 40 alternative therapies for her cancer and she believes one of the best quality absorbable nutrients is organically juicing. She had breast cancer the size of a grapefruit & was so weak she had to be carried outside. She has a videotape “Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore. kirlin photography showing the affects of medication on the body. Kirlin photography showing energy fields around herbs, plants and hand
What a number of people are doing is using doctors for acute care like broken legs, heart attacks and going to alternative health professionals for the chronic problems or preventative health maintenance before major problems show up.
5 Legal System BAR
Meyer Rothschild said  “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws”  Rothschild cared not until the first judge passed a judgment against his interests. Then it became important to find who controlled the legal system and take it over.Lawyers swear a oath to the Queen in Canada and people have wrote that BAR is short for British Accredited Regency. They have found that the BAR Association goes back to the Inns of Court in the City of London which is a sovereign square mile owned and controlled by the Rothschilds. The Queen wears plain clothing and bows when she enters that City of London showing subservience.
The higher up the judges rule especially at States and Countries level, the more important it is to have Masons/Roman Catholics and/or blackmailable/bribable legal prostitutes that know which side their slush dollar is coming from. Thus 4 out of 7 supreme court judges can pass new changes to society that congress or senate is proving too difficult to get through binding on 300 million people. Or they can ensure that Silverstein the short time owner of the WTC gets a double 3.5 Billion or 7 Billion insurance payout on buildings worth at most 2 Billion when their life was shortened due to faulty construction and the estimated cost for wrecking and removing was 2 Billion.
It can ensure that the Katrina home owners loose a 1 Billion insurance payout for the loss of their homes when faulty constructed levees failed if the explosives that went off 3 to 4 hours after Katrina passed didn’t do that job. I wonder who is going to buy up that cheap land?
Two Lawyers in Canada found out that at least one of their Supreme Court Judges were Satanic and using Indian children at a minimum as sexual slaves if not worse. When they tried to take it to court, swat teams showed up and they were disbarred.
John R. Dempsey BSCr. LL.B  A lawyer in BC Canada has started a class action lawsuit against banks in Canada for basically fraud in supplying nothing of value or substance for making loans.
Lawyers don’t tell people that they can write their contracts with an arbitration clause choosing an arbitrator, giving timelines and on what basis information is presented using their own information & presentation without lawyers being in attendence. Hopefully it will be faster and less expensive than courts as the litigants are not paying lawyers to drag the case out.
Those people in court have found that often times it is not justice but just us that win or those that don’t run out of money first. It is such a good racket no wonder the MAFIA recommend their kids get into law. Where else can you guarantee $250 plus per hour for keeping track of paper files? About 1/3 of the car insurance payments in one Canadian province go to the lawyers. Of course they protest when no fault vehicle insurance is suggested as being more efficient and cost effective.
In order to ensure that their isn’t too much competition that might bring down their extortion wages, class size is limited in colleges and if that isn’t enough, the Florida Bar raises the board pass percentages to weed out more.
Luke 11:46 But He said, “Woe to you lawyers as well! For you weigh men down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers.
Luke 11:52 “Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge; you yourselves did not enter, and you hindered those who were entering.”
It appears that the problem existed over 2000 years ago and again, ask your ministers to have a sermon on those texts, arbitration and informed jury trials. Also to focus attention on the important lawsuits like the class action lawsuit against banks and stop sucking up fluff like which movie star got picked up for DUI and how much they got charged for.
Now you know why their is such an emphasis for separation of church and state. The Elite don’t want local churches and ministers actually giving their members real good information from the Bible and how current events fit in with the Bible & Spirituality. The constitution basically says their shall be no laws made with respect to religion PERIOD How come Christmas is phased out with laws while the military & jails are bringing in satanic worship & exemptions through other regulations?
It is reported that back in the American revolution, a number of ministers spoke from the pulpit saying “Disobedience to Tyranny is Obedience to God” and a few went to join the revolution. Contast that to what they are saying & doing now?
Lyssa Royal February 21, 1992 Spiritual Sovereignty
A privilege is permission – granted by a higher authority to carry out an activity. When gaining a privilege, one must often give up a natural right. Example According to the U.S. Constitution, people have a right to travel public roads in their private vehicles. However, when they enter into a contract with the state to receive a drivers license, they exchange their constitutional right to travel for a state-granted privilege to drive, and are thus subject to the stipulations of the state (auto insurance, realm of integral registration, etc.).
Rights are natural states of being, whether recognized or unrecognized, that all humans inherently possess. (For example, the right to procreate or grow food is obvious, but not necessarily recognized by documentation.) Some rights are recognized in the U.S. Constitution, such as the right to travel. Rights are nullified when they are exchanged for privileges, such as when one enters into a contract with the state through a marriage or drivers license. When natural rights are exchanged for privileges granted from an outside source, one becomes a nonsovereign, or a subject of the authority who has given the privilege.

Civil law is the structure that organizes, controls, punishes and rewards individuals who have given up their rights in exchange for privileges.
Common law, a law of sovereigns, is based on the idea of self-responsibility and natural rights. It is recognized under the Constitution as being the natural state of being. Only in the last century has common law been methodically exchanged for civil law.Sovereignty is the state of being achieved when one operates only under common law, or has taken total self-
responsibility for their lives.
I want to clarify that it is basically a right to travel on the roads. The Supreme Court has ruled that this includes one’s personal automobile.Because that is your right, you don’t have to do anything to exercise it other than to exist. However, when you enter into a contract (a drivers license), you relinquish that right and subject yourselves to laws that are made regarding the privilege you are now given. As teenagers you are taught that you take drivers education, apply for a license and then you can legally drive. Of course, when you get your license you are then subject to the laws about automobile insurance, vehicle registration, the laws of the road, etc. Your traveling then becomes a privilege instead of a natural right, correct? You’re not taught that you have a choice.

Another example is common-law marriage — marriage in the eyes of God (never mind the piece of paper) – retaining your rights to educate your children. Or you can sign a contract and thus no longer educate your own children. You and your spouse become legally bound to each other and are given certain supposed privileges. You are not told you have choice, it is taken for granted that you get married and sign the papers. There is seldom conscious thought about alternatives that may better serve your situation. 

When you go for your first drivers license, you are not told you have a choice under the Constitution, which your forefathers wrote and which you all co-created. You are not told you have a choice either to retain your natural rights as a citizen or to sign away those rights in exchange for certain privileges and all the laws those privileges are subject to. If you retain, for instance, your common-law rights -your natural rights under the Constitution – even if you are caught by a policeman for speeding there may be a hassle but constitutionally you still have the right to travel. You can be fined or punished only when you have given away your rights in exchange for privileges; then you are bound by the laws. Are we correct? 
You are led to believe that, yes. We want to clarify what you said. There may be some confusion, and this is a very important point. You are led to believe, just like with the drivers and marriage licenses, that when you get that draft card and you are inducted, you must serve. However, you are never committed to serve until you raise your hand and take the oath, and the taking of the oath is voluntary. 

(Audience participant) Because being forced to take an oath is invalid.
And so, as you said to the channel, there have been men who have not taken the oath and thus were dismissed from the induction and didn’t have to serve.

(Audience participant) Yes. It caused quite a commotion, but they were ultimately dismissed. The oath that you take to get into the military is a voluntary oath, and you have not known that. The marriage license is also a voluntary procedure, as is the drivers license. Paying taxes is a voluntary procedure. But you have led yourselves to believe they are not, and that is what is insidious. 

Let us go back to the beginning of this session before we close. Emotional sovereignty means understanding your reasons and motivations and healing those denied parts of you, which will eventually lead you to take 100% responsibility for your reality – and the result of that is spiritual sovereignty. You are on the path. You will create it. Have patience and trust yourselves.”
The more critical the case in court, the more important it is for supporters to show up so the judge knows his community is watching him. In order to keep the crookedness from leaking out in documentation, courts have banned cameras & recording devices as it would show publically the judges making their own rules under maritime martial law (gold fringed flag) rather than constitutional law.

6 Education
Bankers have realized that education is very important for the control of people. If there is real knowledge & information taught, people might actually figure out what is going on and make changes.So simple changes were made starting in the 1890’s that on the surface didn’t seem like much yet decades later, children read less, have less comprehension, hate school more and are less likely to actually do something to make real positive changes in the world.
Instead of time primarily spent really learning reading, arithmetic and writing, more time is spent on trivia and fluff subjects. Reading has been changed from phonetics to sight reading or whole word. The McGuffey readers that were straight forward and fit each grade level have changed to readers that have words shifting around with uncommon rules for english words up to 2 or 3 grades levels higher causing frustration and incomprehension amongst the children. Math is taught in a spiral approach so less time is spent on each area but moving faster through more problems with less explanation so kids end up punching numbers in a calculator without understanding why except the teacher did it this way. More money for technology and teachers isn’t as good as graphing on paper with hands on understanding. Writing on stories of practical interest to the children has been changed to drudgery projects with various do it this way by different teachers and again, not learning the real basics of sentence structures and forming them.
From older children being responsible, encouraging and helping younger children in a multigrade school, it has changed along with removing the strap to an attitude of both teachers & students of just putting in time and trying to suffer as little as possible or cause as much trouble as possible as the teachers can’t do anything. Those that don’t break down from the 2 or 3 hours of extra school work assigned every day, will fit into the robotized job life that they will enter after school. Those that break down and can’t keep up feel like failures and can end up juvenile delinquents, drinking, doing drugs &/or sex believing they are failures rather than realizing the system was designed to break them down and spit them out like boot camp in the army.
Schools that provided nourishing meals along with removing soda pop & junk food have found that the children’s attitudes, grades and interest have risen quite dramatically. Yet when parents try to talk and ask for changes such as these, they are made to feel like outdated fools compared to the experts that put the system together.
Home schoolers often spend only 2 or 3 hours per day and if in districts where they can choose what subjects, interests and time to spend on each are even more motivated and excited about learning in general. Colleges such as Yale are now anxious to receive these types of students instead of having them go the competition schools.
Ask around and don’t just go with the public school curriculum at home which is the parent taking over the task master sergeants role then. Pushing children ahead of their development causes more frustration for both them and parents and often in just waiting a year or two, the children will pick up something that much easier when their brain has developed sufficiently for processing that information contrary to the expert advice. Dr. Raymond S. Moore, author of Better Late than Early has researched studies showing the above and in fact demonstrating that those kids pushed too fast, more often ended up on average accomplishing less in work & personal life later on.
They can be learning practical things like cooking, cleaning, helping parents or having part time jobs. With more balance in physical, emotional and spiritual life instead of mostly mentally, they will be calmer and more likely to succeed in life.
They can be learning more beneficial subjects like starting your own business, saving & investing money, choices for products that produce versus being consumers of the latest gadget. They can learn the effort and time involved in raising and taking care of children versus the mass media hype of having sex at any time any where and somehow it magically ends up all right.
They can learn that Einstein was a patent clerk when Nikola Tesla was getting advanced patents for induction AC electric motors, wireless transmission of power, voice activated remote controlled submarine in the early 1900’s before Marconi invented his radio device based primarily on Tesla’s patents , particle beams, building a free energy Pierce Arrow electric car and other advanced technologies that needed to be suppressed from the public. Einstein a Jew was built up by the media as a genius with a special  theory of relativity that has almost no relevance for anything in life whereas Tesla was wiped out from the educational text books, common references in libraries and the mass media.
They can also learn what their talents, interest & goals are and how to achieve them rather than achieving the goals the NWO sets before them – humanoid robots ready to fit in the NWO structure with no questions asked.
It is important for bankers to remove children from the troubling influence of knowledgeable parents so government money is poured into child care centers and detention centers rather than giving tax credits and support for parents or local controlled community schools and home schooling projects. It is paradoxical that public schools have government money tied up in carpentry, metal working and other trades that are barely used yet when parents try to get permission to use those facilities to work with their children, they are denied access.
The elite send their children to special schools where the real information is taught on how to choose, manage and control people as the future leaders. Monopolies, connections for beneficial government laws, mass media manipulation and the use of black ops intel operations to monitor and shift people’s thinking are just some of the information they pick up along the way.
Mark Twain was more right than most people realize when he said, “I try to not let schooling interfere with my education”
7  Knowledge of what the bankers have done in the past gives fore warning and examples of what they can try doing in the future. As an example is the Prohibition Movement that seemingly sprang up spontaneously. What really happened was that people like Henry Ford were including plans for simple alcohol stills with his Model T so that farmers and others could be self sufficient on energy for their tractors and trucks and would be enabled to buy more of his vehicles. The lower the cost of energy, the more independence people have and the more freedom they have from bankers and their control. That could not be allowed to continue so thus the blue blood families in the east were encouraged to finance advertising and other monies for leaders in the prohibition movement to take out the small independents that were a threat to the oil market controlled by the seven sister Rockefeller oil companies. They might also pay off their loans which would mean less income for Rothschild banks.
Large alcohol factories were set up in insiders in Germany and other places to supply the illicit demand created and moved through connected mafia members so that more money was made by them. After prohibition was declared a failure, red tape and bureaucracy was created to block any farmer that might set up his alcohol still so that there was another monopoly created supplying continuous large profits for a few super rich.
Hemp used to be grown on nearly every quarter in the 1800’s for fiber and oil that could be used in clothing, rope, cooking and even the first diesel engines. There is four times as much fiber per acre produced from hemp as from forests. New machinery processing was being developed that would have dropped the costs tremendously and cut into Dow Chemicals 80% supply for chemicals for processing trees into paper, synthetic fibers being developed etc. Again, the small farmer would have benefited but independent farmers don’t borrow from banks so the marijuana threat was hatched up so that legislation was passed to outlaw hemp. For a short while at the end of WW2, hemp was needed to keep up with the demand of rope etc. so a temporary exemption was granted and then removed after the war. Now forests that supply orgonne energies, shade and a balancing effect are cut down while farmers are being subsidized to not grow crops when hemp would be a very good alternative.
Drugs such as opium and marijuana were sold publicly with very few people buying in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. But there is no money with many sellers and few buyers except if you are a rail road company that wants a cheap national railway built with Chinese laborers brought over and sold opium in order to get their wages back.
Thus those two drugs had to be demonized and Christians jumped on the band wagon to in support of banning legislation not realizing that they have helped to make few sellers, more buyers and much more money involved. Now the school kid hooked is going to try every angle to get his buddies hooked in order to make that extra $50 to $100 dollars per day. If that isn’t possible, $500 to $1,000 worth of stealing has to occur every day. Girls are targeted for prostitution. The costs for jail with over half of the inmates due to drug use is exorbitant.
Do a google search on “CIA drug running expose” and Dope Inc. to find out who really benefits from anti drug legislation.
It is interesting that from theJournal of the American Medical Association, of which they admit to, over 225,000 people die each year from harmful affects of doctor prescribed drugs, accidents, hospital related etc. and various other doctor errors. which would make iatrogenic causes the third leading cause of death.  Despite about 13% of the GNP on medical spent in the US, it ranks 15th out of 25 industrialized countries.
When the doctors went on strike in New York city, the death rate fell. Maybe the wrong drugs are banned and the wrong people are in jail? Maybe doctors are acting as legalized drug pushers for the pharmecitcul companies?
Taking the numbers, doctors are 9,000 times more likely to kill you than from a gun. Why are guns being banned instead of doctors.
Dow Chemical’s Freon patent was going to expire after 17 years so the threat to the ozone layer was promoted for three reasons:
1 One to block other countries from producing a low cost generic Freon. 2. Guaranteed profits on new more expensive patented substitutes that are often times more damaging to the environment and people’s health, 3. Cover up the ecological catastrophe from all the incredibly stupid nuclear testing underground, above ground and atmospheric testing and leaks from nuclear reactors and the polluted side products. Also petrochemical products with the toxic after burning pollutants are another major reason that acid rain is killing off the fish, trees and oxygen producing algae in the waters and oceans.
Benjamin Fulford was former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine for eight years. He believes from his investigations that the Rothschilds are financing/backing the Global Warming due to CO2 gases rising while the Rockefellers are financing/backing the anti-terrorism agenda. It has just been uncovered that Al Gore is head of a hedge fund for trading CO2 credits. If they can break OPEC with alternative green energy, a side affect or main reason will be that it will cut deeply into the competitors such as the Rockefellers with more of their wealth flowing from oil. If the Rockefellers can pull off a serious enough incident for martial law, they can use the US as a power base to take over Iran and other countries.
In reality, it appears that most of the rise of temperature is due to increased solar activity. It could also be a real problem in petroleum engines using up oxygen and the pollutants are killing off the oxygen producing trees and phytoplankton (some believe over 75% of the oxygen is produced by similar organisms in the ocean). Even more damaging is the nuclear testing fallout. 
Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo of two primary reasons why the elite bankrolled women’s lib, one because before women’s lib the bankers couldn’t tax half the population and two because it allowed them to get children in school at an earlier age, enabling them to be indoctrinated into accepting the state as the primary family, breaking up the traditional family model.

Russo states that Rockefeller told him, “Eleven months before 9/11 happened there was going to be an event and out of that event we were going to invade Afghanistan to run pipelines through the Caspian sea, we were going to invade Iraq to take over the oil fields and establish a base in the Middle East, and we’d go after Chavez in Venezuela.”

Rockefeller also told Russo that he would see soldiers looking in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Osama bin Laden and that there would be an “Endless war on terror where there’s no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax,” so that “the government could take over the American people,” according to Russo, who said that Rockefeller was cynically laughing and joking as he made the astounding prediction.

“The end goal is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world.”

Rockefeller even assured Russo that if he joined the elite his chip would be specially marked so as to avoid undue inspection by the authorities.

Stalin and Hitler said something like it is easier to get people to believe the big lie than the little lie. A person can see that when there are still people that believe that the Moslems were responsible for the world trade tower collapse and that Iraq was a threat to the world. There are still people that believe Bush is a good president doing the best he can in a difficult situation. There are even people that believe that by voting in another president, they will get someone better and will somehow will be actually be working for the people instead of the bankers unless they choose someone like Ron Paul being who is being blacklisted in the media. Of course, the computerized voting systems with back door changes should be pretty nice to make the votes go the “right way”.
People think that the internet will stay free and low cost. Take a look at the legislation being passed and being promoted and they will find that something that used to be low cost availability is going to be controlled and costly just like alcohol, hemp and other targeted products.
Free energy devices were invented by Keely, Stubblefield, Tesla and others before 1900. Since then, other inventors have been stopped or bought off including such inventions as antigravity and invisibility shields. Black projects using tax money were used to reverse engineer ET craft and create even more projects like star gates, time travel and cloning along with more sophisticated mind control and implants. is good for present possible commercial devices Naudin a French Engineer has done a lot of good work replicating various energy devices. Shows Satanic occult pattern on US map of children school killings with the increase of HAARP signals just before. Usually there was more drastic gun control and other wanted NWO legislation that needed to be passed before each set of killings. Svali used to be a programmer and trainer in the cult of the Illuminati. Both she and her entire family were involved in the cult group until several years ago, when they finally broke free. Unfortunately it appears that brave woman is likely dead now for her efforts in trying to expose the evil.

8 Religious offerings & donations.
Proverbs 22:7, “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” I am curious how often you heard that text in any church or by any minister? Why don’t they go into more details fitting today?
Exodus 20:15 Thou shalt not steal. Isn’t what the bankers doing sophisticated theft?
The bankers realize the bigger the church or any other organization, the more important it is to infiltrate it and or take it over if they haven’t originally set it up them selves through front men.
The Church of Scientology somehow was shown papers indicating Hubbard the founder (ex military) had sold the copy write’s to his Church of Scientoloty books & publications to some Jewish people that are very difficult to find the names of. The wife is contesting a will drawn up just before his death wherein she is left out of the inheritance. The son was likely murdered with the cover story as a suicide to remove that potential threat prior to Hubbard’s death. The good part of clearing high stress negative emotions out has been perverted to extracting the most money and collecting blackmailable information especially from & on those prominent in society.
Do a study and search on the Roman Catholic church and especially the Jesuits as an enforcement arm of the bankers after Napoleon backed by the Rothschild’s sent his general to conquer the Vatican in 1798. Find out which bankers handled the investments of the Roman Catholic church before and after that general took control of the Vatican and after the Pope again sat on his chair. Do a search on the donations to Mother Tereasa and find out if all the donations that were given to her actually went to the projects that they were raised for. Do a search on the amount each diocese raises and how much remains in that diocese to help the poor people there. Alberto Rivera ex-Jesuit priest reveals very high level information about the machinations of the Roman Catholic Church before he was murdered.
Most people don’t know this but Hitler and all his top cabinet were Roman Catholic. Was the Roman Catholic church supporting Germany against the Rothschilds to regain more control that they had lost 150 years prior? Were they hoping to take out the Orthodox Christians that were an offshoot to the Roman Catholic early in history. Why is it that the those Orthodox countries and areas in Europe ended up the worst off with the least amount of reconstruction after the war? Who ended up with the wealth that the Germans and Japanese seized from conquered countries during WWII? Did a large part of the German booty move to South America coinciding with the rise of Roman Catholicism/Nazi influence there? Was a big part of the stolen gold from the Asian countries buried in the Philippines to keep it out of circulation leaving the Asian countries destitute for many years afterwards?
The Red Cross is also another corrupt organization that raises millions such as during the World Trade Center collapse, yet those that should get those donations are not getting them. The Red Cross also knowingly took likely contaminated blood from high risk donators and allowed others to be infected as part of the Global 2000 population reduction program.
The cancer societies along with government grants and aid raise enough money so that there is almost as many researchers and other workers as there is cancer patients. Those proven herbal formulas that help and other helpful remedies are black listed and known co-factors such as candida yeast, chemicals especially from automobile exhausts are covered up.
Don’t expect your churches & religious leaders to tell you what is going on. John Todd high up in the illuminati before he became converted was responsible for multi million payments and knew of other mullti million plus payments to various Christian evangelistic leaders. Those that don’t go along and or who want to much of a cut or are an interference are taken out with publicized dirt like Swaggert & Baker. Simple math, 5 billion in donations in the US with 100 million less to 4 or 5 transgressors means that much more for those left behind.
Your money can be used for real good in donations to those that really need it if they get it or wasted in corrupt or semi corrupt organizations. Please study and research before you just hand money to those that call, knock on the door or give TV appeals. Check what percentage is used in management and expenses versus what is actually given to the people or project.
It is reported that the Rothschilds are financing synthetic religions and if John Todd is correct in that the occult groups look up to Rothschilds as their god, they are likely building up Satanic cults & other off shoot groups with money, backing and protection. What better cover than to have 12 & 13 year old kids chanting spells & setting fires off in California? Svali mentions the military training & intense mind control programming cultic kids were given starting at a very young age.
Svali: Want to hear the end of the world scenario the Illuminati taught me? It was cult propaganda, but this is how they believed the New Order would be ushered in:
There will be continued conflict in the mideast, with a severe threat of nuclear war being the culmination of these hostilities.

An economic collapse that will devastate the economy of the US and Europe, much like the great depression.

One reason that our economy continues limping along is the artificial supports that the Federal Reserve had given it, manipulating interest rates, etc. But one day, this won’t work (or this leverage will be withdrawn on purpose) and the next great depression will hit. The government will call in its bonds and loans, and credit card debts will be called in. There will be massive bankruptcies nationwide. Europe will stabilize first,and Germany, France and England (surprise) will have the strongest economies, and will institute through the UN an international currency. Japan will also pull out, although their economy will be weakened.
Peacekeeping forces will be sent out by the UN and local bases to prevent riots. The leaders will reveal themselves, and people will be asked to make a pledge of loyalty during a time of chaos and financial devastation.
Doesn’t sound pleasant, does it? I don’t know the exact time frame for all of this, and wouldn’t want to even guess. The good news is that if a person is debt-free, owes nothing to the government or credit debt, and can live self sufficiently, they may do better than other. I would invest in gold, not stocks, if I had the income. Gold will once again be the world standard, and dollars will be pretty useless (remember after the Civil War? Our money will be worth about what confederate money was after the collapse).
Why not give direct money for alternative therapies for cancer victims, find a local church in Iraq to send money too, give micro loans that can help those in lessor developed countries so they have long term solutions like cows, sewing machines, one good water supply, crank turned LED lights etc?
Spirituality can be a powerful force for good or if misused, an impetus for the dark side. A people with no hope for the future living for today are more easily controlled & manipulated. That is why humanism, evolution,  derogatory movies from Hollywood like Jesus Christ Superstar, large amounts of media on the hypocrisy of any Christian leader that makes mistakes are all promoted so heavily. Yet those like Ernest Zundel, British historian David Irving and others who merely try pointing out the errors of the claimed 6 million deaths in the German holocaust are picked up & jailed in kangaroo courts showing the mass media is not news, is biased & they are agents for the dark side.
By Anonymous
Based on Even Social Credit 
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