Sir Timothy Thrapp teaches on “The Covenant and the Contradiction Part 2” and our guest Brother John Wsol shares his theories on Crop Circles and their origins (Q&A remains but most of presentation was lost due to technical difficulties.)


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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Covenant and the Contradiction Pt 2, with Guest Teacher: Brother Urban Rand

Guest/Topic: Brother John Wsol – Crop Circles & Their Interpretation

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The Covenant and the Contradiction Part 2


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On tonight’s broadcast Sir T will continue with last week’s topic: The Covenant and the Contradiction Part 2.  He’ll be covering concepts of healing, concepts of faith, and the power of positive believing!  Joining Sir T briefly will be Brother Urban to share in the teaching.


Returning to the program for another interesting presentation will be our guest, dear brother John Wsol. His subject is: Crop circles and their interpretation.  Brother John always brings thought provoking material to light in his discussions.


Last week’s show featured Brother “Farmer” who had much more information than we could cover in one show.  He has put together an informal webpage that contains various notes and links on many interelated topics.  It’s a really good place to start if you want to expand your awareness of the way the world works.  Visit here:


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