Dear awesome brothers at World Improvement Ministries.

We are seeing rain in Cisco TX. again this morning after commanding the rain to come again. Some are saying these weather patterns are strange in the dry place of Cisco, TX. The reason for these strange weather patterns is we are given authority In Yahshua (Jesus) the Messiah’s name… Halleluyah!!!!!!!!!!

We are also seeing a variety of people healed of all sorts of ailments in Yahshua’s name… Halleluyah!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot thank you for your broadcast enough! Your broadcast with Man Of God (Yahweh) Sir Timothy Thrapp has been a testimony to the Power and Grace that we are all supposed to be walking in as Sons of the Most High God (Yahweh)!

I notice that any time I use capitol red letters with exclamation marks while emailing people to prove my point or to help people to come closer to the word of God. It has the opposite effect as if beating them over the head with the Bible. So I have learned to use a more peaceable approach by not using such tactics. 

I have appreciated being able to watch Sir T and see that he is teaching the word of God with the Grace that is in him which speaks louder than words. In other words as time goes on and Sir T puts himself out there for all to see, the Grace that is in him becomes obvious and by his conversation he has and is winning many souls.

I notice that I have a lot in common with Sir T. I also am seeing the sick healed, rain come and go on command (in Yahshua the Messiah by faith in his name Act 3:16), and am actively seeking after the development of free energy inventions and am keenly interested in such things. No doubt sir T had great mentoring from Ron Brant and the World Improvement Team! Which mentoring would help me to come to my full potential as well. 

Thanks again for making us aware and teaching us how to do the things that not only lead  to victory in our walk with The Most High, but also teaching us how to save the earth from destruction by developing clean solution for everything we do on this God given earth!
Tom Linebaugh
Tower Light Guys
Tower Strobe & Red Light Parts & Service