Received Approximately June 24, 2012 –

To the World Improvement Team,
Thank you WITTS Ministries for helping me and my 86 year old grandma and my elderly great- aunt (91 years old).
Sir T and all of you there, thank you very much I already receive the Healing book and the Bible this book will help me a lot and reading this will add to my knowledge and to my grandmother. Thank you so much WITTS for sending this books.
Watching your teaching online help me a lot. We have better health then ever before due to applying what you teach about the Word of God!  My grandma and ante both had high blood and strokes and paralysis.  But no more! Totally healed by God! After learning Gods word from the Bible and your teachings.  I will continue reading and watch your excellent Bible teaching online.
Thank you and more power. GOD BLESS US ALL
Jacqueline Abquilan