Greetings Brothers at World Improvement Ministries! (WITTS)

Thank you for your post. 

It is good to hear from you and thank you for what the WITTS team is doing to save lives in the Philippines and China and give the world a chance through advanced technologies, including the Power of God!

We believe that in addition to the witness in today’s world which WITTS provides, that WITTS also has a great role to undertake when Yeshua (Jesus) comes to rule the world with a rod of iron.

Who else is so well qualified and positioned to lead the way in implementing a whole new Godly technology to the planet which is capable of supporting the freedom and abundance that Christ’s rule will bring?

Thank you for sending the mileage booster.  We would like to request some more QUEETS next month however. We will make a formal request along with our next donation.

Summer is in full force in our part of the world. Because of the widespread burning that the Australian Aboriginal people use to do, many native plant species have adapted to germinate only after fire and also to grow in the ash beds. Fire also destroys woody weeds and encourages the regrowth of beneficial grasses.

We were blessed today, with rain that helped put out a large fire that had broken out yesterday, burned out about 40, 000 acres of bushland and looked like threatening a number of rural properties. 

In spite of the heat however, we have green grass growing in summer for the fourth year in a row. This is unprecedented in living memory and we are grateful to the Lord for His mercy and provision.

We thank God for his ongoing miracle of faithful rain when needed!

And we thank you also, for teaching us about this authority that we have and for demonstrating it to us, and for adding your faith to ours, for this ongoing miracle of God! (this miracle of climate change, 4 years running now!)

Blessings to you all.

Richard and Anne Lobwein
Roma,  Australia