Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on God’s Will For You To Be Prosperous!, Pt 2



Guest/Topic: Sister Poornima Wagh – Financial Crisis & Politics





Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

Q: Poornima, when you worked for a bank, did the top executives take millions in bailouts, and use much of the taxpayers money to give themselves millions in bonuses?  and Did those executives [rich on free taxpayer money] hire hundreds of more people?
C: Cornelius gave 50% of what he had to the poor and Yahweh God Almighty sent an angel to inform him to send for Peter.  And then he heard the words of salvation and received the Holy Spirit.  Believing in Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus The Christ)
Q: Are the owners of our central bank the some owners of the european banks?
Q: SISTER POORNIMA Is there a currency worth having right know?
Q: Will the bond market do a hard crash or will it lose value slowly?
Q: Do you see a fast crash to happen with the US dollar or just the slow inflation effect?
Q: Do know what vocation(s) maybe be stable in this future?
Q: What happens to Home Mortgage if the dollar bellys up?
C: Thank you so much I love my brothers and sisters! God bless you Sir T and Sis Poornima GREAT SHOW!!!!!!
Q: what is Sister Poornima’s plan for when the crash does come?
Q: Does Sister Poornima think there is any merit to Texas or any other state separating from the USA?




Further Discussion:

Tonight’s short video is about an unusual anomaly that took place on our sun.  Sir T has some new information on a remarkable event that took place in our solar system March 2012 that’s never before been seen.  It appears to be a spherical UFO, sucking up energy from the sun.  At least 2 times the size of earth, this UFO moves in, sits in orbit around the sun for over 3 days, with a tether-like energy vortex extended to the sun’s surface, then moves back out again, away from the Sun!   This never-before-seen event has sun watchers the world over still speculating as to what this happening last March was really about.  Some speculate this is the family of God, cooling the sun down for us, in response to prayers of faith from the saints, who know the earth is in trouble.




References & Links:

Update – Unidentified Object SUN! March 12, 2012 Jupiter Sized Sphere-SUNSFLARE




From Original Newsletter:


Greetings to all Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


Get informed and involved in REAL World Improvement!  Help change our world for the better!


Sir T will be teaching tonight on: God’s Will For You To Be Prosperous!


This week joining us will be another amazing guest, Sister Poornima Wagh.  What happens when a powerhouse in business and finance, with connections to insiders on Wall Street, discovers first hand the reality of corruption and lies at the top of our economic system?  Tonight she will spill the beans on the Federal Reserve bailouts and where 16 trillion dollars ended up.  Articulate and passionate, Poornima has worked as a financial and revenue analyst in the private, public, non-profit and banking industries for over 16 years.


She’s also been deeply involved in politics as the Executive Director for the Republican Party in Santa Barbara county and chosen as a national delegate to represent Dr. Ron Paul at the Republican National Convention in Tampa during the 2012 presidential campaign.  What she experienced was nothing like what she expected.  Tonight, find out how politics actually works directly from an insider who saw things first hand.  What we’re fed on television news is a far cry from how things really work!