This is a testimony to the great healing of our Lord of Heaven and Earth through his only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ. 

     I contacted W.I.T.T.S. concerning a gift of one Queet.  My e mail reached Brother Kyle.  In my message I asked for one Queet and told Kyle the reason for this was to help with the pain in my wife’s hip.  It has been bothering her for a few months.  The response on my e-mail the next morning was wonderful.  He asked for the shipping address for the Queet and then told me I am standing in faith that your wife’s hip is fully healed in the name of Jesus! When I opened the e-mail, I felt an amazing feeling of power.  I was not myself all morning.  I was not able to get in touch with my wife till that afternoon.  When I finally had a chance to talk to her, I asked her about the pain.  She was amazed that it did not hurt any longer. Nancy was surprised and grateful.   I was surprised to see a body of believers who truly believe and care to this degree.

      I wanted to take this a bit farther.  The weekend before, I was turning a tandem axle trailer by hand in my driveway.  In the process I strained a muscle in my lower back.  A week later the Queet came through the mail.  I read the instructions and applied the Queet to my lower back and within 15 minutes the pain was gone and never came back. Praise God for this!

     Now here is a greater miracle happening now.  I was suffering from an inactive thyroid for about 7 years.  My dear wife found a doctor that prescribed me a natural supplement and I felt better but after many years I still had the problem.  I decided December 9th to stop taking the medication.  In the evenings I place the Queet at the base of my neck, I pray giving thanks to God for a great healing.  I am feeling great and grateful for God’s grace.  The symptoms associated with this problem, feeling sleepy, mental fog, feeling cold are not there.  I have energy, peace and joy!  I believe in miracles and my faith is growing.

Thanks be to God and men like Brother Kyle and Sir Timothy. Thank you my brothers, for your prayers, and words of encouragement.  Glory be to God and his Kingdom.

Your Brother in Christ,

Rich Whisler