Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on How to Have Miracles “On Demand”…& Keep Them!


Guest/Topic: Sister Poornima Wagh – Politics & Corruption



Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

–What do you think of the US constitution and limited government? What do you think of central bank owners deciding who can run for president?
–Regarding the politics of the U.S.: WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?
–Was Ron Paul asked to step down? He was winning.
–FEMA is waiting and prodding folks to act-out so that they can go cherry picking. I think the solution is more spiritual.
–If you can find it view the documentary “LOOSE CHANGE.” Very good underground video about 911.



Further Discussion:

Tonight’s short video is about people being chipped and what can be done about it.  Far more folks than originally thought have been implanted with tiny electronic devices.



References & Links:

Domestic Terrorism: Silent Rape


Domestic Terrorism – Silent Rape – HD




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Tonight’s program will begin with Sir T teaching: Key Points to exercising your God-given authority on this earth!


Returning this week we will continue our discussions with Sister Poornima Wagh.  Last week we heard her explain some of the corruption in banks during the bailout programs.  She saw large amounts of funds being used to enrich bank executives that were touted to be going to help suffering balance sheets.  She also described how the recent TARP programs are nothing more than scams to line the coat-tails of the bankers and their friends.  Articulate and passionate, Poornima has worked as a financial and revenue analyst in the private, public, non-profit and banking industries for over 16 years.


Sister Poornima Wagh has also been deeply involved in politics as the Executive Director for the Republican Party in Santa Barbara county and chosen as a national delegate to represent Dr. Ron Paul at the Republican National Convention in Tampa during the 2012 presidential campaign.  What she experienced was nothing like what she expected.  Tonight, find out how politics actually works directly from an insider who saw things first hand.  What we’re fed on television news is a far cry from how things really work!