Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on How to Raise The Dead (How to Have Miracles On-Demand, Pt 2)

Our guest is a sister who was raised from the dead a few days ago, by God, during Sir Ts ministry. (She is sharing her awesome testimony!) Proving once more that Jesus was telling the truth when he said “these things that I do, shall you do also, and even greater things then these”


Guest/Topic: Tim Litke – De-Cloaked Ships in a Dream – Now Confirmed Real!



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References & Links:

Sean Gautreaux’s site on www.youtube.com/industrialsurrealism

Sean’s 4th and 5th videos shown on the show:

Clip1:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2z0qFytVHM

Starting at 4:40 run thru 9:39 – shows the different shapes of ships he’s seen, and that he believes the ships are part of a system meant to both break up as well as manufacture clouds.


Clip2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIZql3Nt9i8

2:40 thru end – shows recon capability, color and texture differences from regular clouds, and describes what chemtrails may also be up to in his view.


Watch all 20 plus of Sean’s video’s to see the interesting footage he’s collected and his in-depth analysis.

Thanks Sean Gautreaux for posting your work for all to review and comment!


Other interesting sky photos from another source:









Sir T will be teaching and have a special testimony tonight.  After being pronounced dead by paramedics and a doctor, a dear Sister awakens after more than 5 hours being departed.  Sir T has an interview with this remarkable woman and discusses how this amazing miracle took place and how she was told to return to carry out her mission as it was not yet finished! 

Also this week we have Brother Tim Litke who will be speaking about a strange dream that shook him so much he felt he had to write it down.  The impression it made led him to the research of others that have documented with photographs and videotape apparent ships that are in our skies but remain mostly invisible to the casual observer.  However, after careful examination it appears these vessels are showing repeating patterns and actually creating clouds around them.

Join us to hear Brother Litke explain how this aligns with his dream and how they can stay in the airspace above us and not be detected!  He’ll have pictures and video to discuss.