Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on How to Have Miracles On-Demand, Pt 3

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Tonight Sir T will be revealing more details on: How to have miracles on demand! 

Also our guest this week is Brother Kyle Smith who will be discussing the topic: Sinners or Sons, How does God view Christians?

Brother Kyle will be teaching on what we are In Jesus our Christ, versus, what we were without Jesus our savior.  He will also speak about the reality not normally perceived through God’s word and the importance of it’s power. He will also be sharing some wonderful testimonies of miracles that God has worked through belief and faith in him!

Our video tonight will be the first segment of three parts on the disclosure of the secret space programs by people who have seen real evidence that our technology is much further along than most of the public knows.

Quoted from anonymous in the USAF in 1980…
“NASA must be used to convince the general public that our current technology, such as with our very old and decrepit Space Shuttle program, is the best we have, while our military conducts top secret space missions with highly advanced technology that we can only dream about while watching Sci-Fi films.”