I received a Pyramid from WITTS and when I did I immediately wanted to feel the energy projecting from it. So I held the pyramid in one of my hands and I took the other hand and wave it over it horizontally from right to left and left to right. I felt a cooling sensation that was unmistakably different that when my hand was outside the pyramid. Then directly after my experience, I brought the pyramid to my wife and asked her to do the same thing I did. I intentionally didn’t tell her my results, that way she would have a virgin opinion on the matter. She by the way had no idea that pyramids (built correctly) produce a wonderful concentration of energy. She also felt a cool sensation and was very impressed at what she could feel but not see. It’s quite real and wonderful! 

 I then did the same experiment to my mother. She had a little bit different experience than my wife and I. When she waved her had across horizontally, she felt a warm sensation. I was surprised by this as it was the opposite temperature of our sensation. Than I pivoted the pyramid 90 degrees and told my mother to wave her hand across the pyramid again. This time she felt the cool! Than my wife and I felt the same thing but still opposite of my mother when we pivoted the pyramid 90 degrees! 

 Next, I put the pyramid in my crisper drawer in the bottom of my refrigerator because the pyramid energy that we felt helps to keep the food from going bad and it increases the flavor many times over! For instance, I bought a bag full of baby carrots prior to putting the pyramid in the refrigerator. The carrots are out of season and so they tasted a bit dry and tasteless. Only one week after being directly under the pyramid they tasted sweet and juicy, PRAISE GOD! 



Brother Kyle Smith