Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on Resurrection Power – Having Miracles On-Demand!, Pt 5


Guest/Topic: Tom & Ruth Rambo – Visions from God

Brother Rambo and his wife shared some remarkable experiences they’ve had.  They both gave some nothing short of amazing descriptions of a few of the manifestations they’ve lived, including simultaneously witnessing visions of Jesus Christ.  They saw in a vision, Jesus standing in the room.

Brother Rambo shares some of his experiences:

My wife and I had a few experiences together with Jesus in a Glory Cloud.  Twice He showed up in the isle of our motor home next to our bed, which lasted over an hour.  We just communed together with the Lord and he gave me personal instruction and comfort about certain situations.

One other time it was at someone’s house while watching a preacher on TV.  I looked up at the ceiling fan and it was covered in a thick cloud and the Lord began to speak to me.  I got drunker than a coot! (In the Spirit of course.)

One other time we were at a church camp meeting in Ohio and I saw a cloud over the pulpit and then I looked and saw it was raining in the building.  I began to feel it on my head but no one got wet!  Amazing!

These and many other experiences, dreams and open manifestations (gold dust and feathers) have happened to us over the years.   We will tell you all about it!


Some Questions & Comments From the Netcast:

–The Lord did not tell Moses how to build the Ark until they got to Mt. Sinai. (Really in Saudi Arabia at Lat, Long: 28.58511, 35.353375
–God wants to reveal all kinds of things to His children who are seeking the truth.  God is really polite in that he will not force us to see more than we are seeking.  The key is to be seeking.  Seek and you shall find.  God wants us to seek Him for more reality.
–Bro Rambo, you wear glasses.  When the pillar of cloud showed-up,  since you were waking from sleeping, did you have your glasses on …and were you seeing the stars clearly without glasses?
–Can Brother Rambo explain why the Lord has revealed Himself in such ways to them?
–Sir T have you seen anymore demonstrations of the pwer of Yahweh God Almighty lately like multiplied food or people raised from the dead ect…
–Very encouraging! Thanks!
–We saw the rain stop on the tower in LittleRock yesterday and the sun burn through just as we asked and the clouds were all around the tower, but no clouds over us



Further Discussion:

Also this week we showed a video clip discussing the possibility of ancient Egyptian technology which suggests electric lighting was utilized by these civilizations.  As WITTS has extensive knowledge of advanced energy devices, Sir T talked about how more than just a few ancient peoples could have discovered and employed techniques that would be perceived as foreign to conventional researchers and scientist today.

Nikola Tesla – The secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt  – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuINhmT3V8Y


Later in the broadcast, Sir Timothy tells the specific formula he’s used that’s kept his vision sharp and let him be glasses-free for years!



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