From: Tom Linebaugh
To: Witts Ministries2014
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 11:53 PM

Greetings to my Awesome brothers in Jesus at WITTS,
I have sent you Sir T 3 books 2 Visions Beyond The Veil and 1 Mega Shift a must read! For people like you and I.

Thanks to your wakening me to the power and authority in Jesus name many more people are being blessed and healed.
I have been commanding healing in people and they are being healed and delivered from years of pain and injury. One lady said she definitely wanted prayer for various things. As Yahweh started healing her miss healed back, from a car crash, leaving her partially crippled. She literally freaked out. 
You see as I was commanding healing on her back that area started tingling intensely and my wife who was on the other side touching her shoulder felt an intense vibration in her back as well.  
That healing vibration freaked her out so bad she hopped out of her seat eyes bulging and I hope she got a complete healing. You see she was expecting the ritual of prayer without the power, but when the power In Jesus name and to his glory came it scared her and was a bit more than she was prepared for.
My wife and I saw and felt the power as she left our touch we smiled as we looked at each other in awesome wonder and grateful amazement after having witnessed such majesty from his majesty the Almighty. 
Another man who we know was abused in the military. He was given a huge heavy pack and made to jump out of moving vehicles causing him great repeated bodily injury. He had bad injuries causing him crippling pain and a need for disability. I spent about 20 to 30 minutes commanding healing and pain relief as well as freedom from depression and the joy and presence of God . He claimed 100% pain relief. And my wife and I saw a real smile on his face the likes of which we have not seen for ever. He is my wife’s cousin.
More miracles and healing. No time for all the details.
I want to go on your show and want to be included as a trusted one with you at WITTS. I long to be a part of your group. My net connections are not so good and I have a hard time finding time for much lately. Be patient with me.
I have also been seeing answered prayer for rain across Texas and I prayed for rain intensely until it came with a good soaking Praise God in Jesus Christ! God did not tell me not to pray for rain so I have been commanding it and seeing it.
Use these testimonies on the show. 
You have awakened me. And things cannot and will not be the dreary same, ever again! praise God!
I need to go home and go on your show with my Big 10 coiler pulse motor and other great stuff to share.
I love you guys,     
Tom Linebaugh
Tower Light Guys
Tower Strobe & Red Light Parts & Service
Temple, TX 76503