Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Greatest Reality of All

Guest: Andre Nachtigall Tessmann – Tells How God Has Moved In His Life




Greetings and Blessings to all the Brothers and Sisters Joined on this Holy cause of Real World Improvement.

We are making progress and hope to be started on the healing crusades within a few months.
(Teaching and Demonstrating healing for the individual as well as for the whole planet)

Groups that would like to be on the list of Churches or groups that we will endeavor to teach, should get in contact with us by email ASAP. contact@witts.ws

Tonight’s program will be an inspiring teaching on the “Greatest Reality of All”!

The Reality of God and the things of God!

How do we become a part of that greater reality?

How do we bring the blessings of heaven to this earth?

If you are not seeing the manifestations of Heaven showing up in the things around you (Miracles, Healing, Salvation, Love of God, Blessings, Prosperity), or if you would like to see these things in greater number, then this is a teaching you will not want to miss!

Sir Timothy will be teaching you how!

Our Guest tonight will be our dear brother Andre Tessmann, coming all the way from beautiful Brazil.

He is a wonderful brother in The Lord Jesus. A man of whom the “Love of God” shines through.

He will be sharing his testimony about the Great things that our Wonderful God has done in his life! He is a blessing just to listen to.

So you are all invited to join us tonight!


God Bless You All!

From The World Improvement Team.