Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The Awesome Things God Has Planned For YOU!

Guest: John Wsol

Guest Topic: Shared a fascinating slide show and told about some of his experiences in his study of the fascinating field and science of Cosmology

Further Discussion: bases on the moon, trips to the moon, first moon trip 1890 done BY the ministry, how to circumvent the radiation from the sun, there’s NO way we went to the moon in the rockets we had with what they had – must have had higher tech or astronauts would’ve been cooked alive!


John’s Website: mysteriesoftheuniverse.info

Referenced a video by a 13 year old youtuber: fathomoftheuniverse (spelling) who believes the universe is…



Show #059

Genesis Cosmology















Greetings To All in the wonderful name of our wonderful God!

More awesome testimonies this week of the great things God has done for us, His sons and daughters, world wide!


Sir T will be teaching on the awesome things God has planned for you, God’s Children.


The Scripture in Exodus 34:10 says that “God will do awesome things for His people!” And that “He has Wonderful Acts in store for us”!


Our Guest will be brother John Wsol, sharing about some of his experiences and the fascinating science of Cosmology.


God has given him some wonderful insights into this field.


Another exciting program that you will not want to miss!


See you all there!


God Bless You All!


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