Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp on The SAME, Yesterday, Today and Forever!

Guest/Topic: Kyle Smith – Seein God Move!

Fasting Experience, felt FULL when he’d read the Word!

How do YOU hear the Voice of God?


SirT Recommends the book “Mega Shift” – by James Rutz.  …Relates documented events of healings, raising from the dead, and many other miraculous happenings.  You ‘Won’t be able to put it down’


Further Discussion: 

Sleep with your Bible!  Nikola Tesla – Great man of God!, John Keely – Great Man of God, Smith Wigglesworth – Great Man of God.



God TRULY is “The SAME, Yesterday, Today and Forever!” – Hebrews 13:8 and 9




The program tonight is full of fascinating true experiences of healings, resurrections, dreams, miracles and happenings!


There is a Mega-Growth of the Kingdom of God and the power of God, going on worldwide, that few of the people of USA know anything about.


We partially covered this in the movie called “The Finger Of God”. But there are so many more Miracle Experiences that God has led us to share more about the Awesome things He is doing ! Worldwide!


Sir Timothy will be sharing along these lines tonight.


Our Guest is brother Kyle Smith, back by popular demand.


Last time his experiences he shared were so astounding that many are still talking about them.


He has many more bible teachings and examples to share. So he has blessed us with an encore!


We thank God for every one of you, our viewers. God is So Good to give us such a wonderful brotherhood of you all!