Hello again!

Wow ! I’ve been watching the teachings from #1 and up to 12 and the last 4 or so …. I feel Awakened to it all now , I’m definitely going to work on watching the rest of them . 

I was raised a Christian but fell away for years , and now I’m realizing that Gods power is here for us today ! Not just back in the bible times . I thought that for along time . So far I’ve taken authority over my Chevy alternator , that was making a horrible noise for two days , now it just kicks in and works 🙂 I put over 2000km on it and I’m going to see how far it will take me ,  another weird thing happened , I work in the oil field and there’s a lot of h2s, well it was blowing right at me , I was alone , I took authority over it and commanded the wind to blow to the north instead of to south which is where I was standing , And it DID , so yea , Praise God !! , I’m going to keep asking God to demonstrate his power through me . And try to really change my life for good . 

Since I’ve gotten the 40kw plans I’ve been constantly thinking about building it , but I’m a slave in the oil industry and can’t get to the machine shop , I’m also praying that God will reveal a new job for me , so that I can get started on free energy devices and teaching my children what I know about God a lot more , I have two young girls and a wife who are extremely receptive to what God has to say, so I’m not going to waste that . Like I have been .
Thank you for your time and your wisdom 

God Bless You !

Justin Hill and Family