Received by WITTS the Week of March 1, 2011…

To the World Improvement Team,


I enjoy your Wednesday night broadcasts… but last night touched on something that God has reaaallly been dealing with me on lately…


You told about when you were on a missions trip, and went outside during a storm and, in Jesus’ name, commanded the rain to stop, and then the clouds to depart.


Well… to say the least… I’m not one who would ever call this anything but the truth!!


Right after I was first saved… which was about 15 years ago, I was outside my house, installing a home-brew central air-conditioning condenser unit.  I was working on the AC wiring, and the skies clouded up, and it began to rain.


I ‘had’ to get it done that day, or wait another week… and I prayed “God… I really need to get this done… would you make it stop raining please?”  (as I said…. I was a baby-in-Christ at that time… pleading for help).


What happened next was something that I had never had happen to me before…. and it was a shocker… God spoke to me…  VERY CLEARLY… and He said “No, you make it stop… remember My Word… how Jesus commanded the storm to stop?… and how several times He scolded His disciples for not having enough faith?… and that I gave you My SPIRIT to live in you?


Well… that was a shocker… but what happened next will stick with me forever…. and beyond!


I said, out loud and looking skyward… “In JESUS NAME, STOP raining”. And exactly like you said… within about 3-4 seconds, it completely stopped!


I had to look around to see if anyone saw this… but I immediately praised His Name, and gave THANKS!!


Well… years pass… until about 4-5 years ago.


My wife (an incredible Chinese-Malaysia woman-of-God) & I now have 2 boys, and it was tornado season in the Kansas City area… and we had one heading right for us. There were reports of sightings within a mile of us, and the radar on TV News showed we were directly in its path.  God reminded me of the first event (above) and I knew full-well that no tornado was beyond HIS powerful Name… so I went to the door, and IN JESUS’ NAME, told it “PEACE, BE STILL”… then went back down into our safe area with my family, and continued to pray and watch the weather reports.


At that very moment, the tornado retreated back into the clouds… it was gone. The next day, we were driving around, and saw obvious damage of houses, trees, fences… all within about ¼ mile of our house… and in a line directly towards us.


NEXT…   about a month ago, we were having lots of bad Winter weather around the area, and had already had a couple of bad Sunday attendances at the Church where I work… obviously affecting the Church tithes/offerings. (silly people… why do they not make up for it, just because they can’t make it to Church, doesn’t mean they get to “skip out” on their tithes/offerings…?)  (BTW… we are very much an “inner-city” Church… far away from the “wealthy-burbanites”… our people are mostly inner-city people… hard workers, but low income.)


Anyway… the forces of the enemy were hard at work, brewing up another snow/ice storm for (of course) Sunday morning.  God started bugging me about it Friday afternoon… pray against it, call on His Name again.


Well… I “weenied-out” a bit, and told all our staff to pray against the oncoming storm, so that people would be able to make it to Church on Sunday.


…but God kept bugging me…. “YOU do it”… was what I was hearing.


All day Saturday… kept hearing the forecast for “several inches overnight”… and I kept hearing “do something about it”… God kept bugging me…


Well… Saturday night came, all the weather reporters were still saying it was going to be bad… it was already snowing (about ½” had already fallen)….. and God FINALLY got to me… after the rest of my family had all gone to bed. I went to the front door, opened it a bit (it was cold!)… and commanded that in JESUS NAME, there would be no storm, and that people would be able to make it to Church in the morning”. Shut the door, went to bed.


Got up Sunday morning, looked outside, and there was ½” of snow… it looked exactly like it did when I stuck my head out the night before!   \O/



Long & short of it…  I believe what the Word says… that if we have FAITH, and in my understanding – according to HIS will, and strictly for HIS glory… we can tell a mountain to get up and jump into the ocean! (my translation).


Problem is… our “modern Christianity” is AFRAID of MIRACLES!… afraid to PERFORM Miracles is more like it.

We’re “open” to allowing God to perform Miracles… but do it ourselves?… well…. that’s another thing!


BUT HE SAID WE CAN… and it’s not some “small part” of the Holy Spirit that lives within the Believer… it’s ALL OF HIM… ALL OF HIS POWER resides within us, according to HIS will.


Oh…. if “we” could only get this across to God’s people… the WORLD would be changed!





I’m not saying that at Sheffield (where I work) we don’t see miracles… we actually DO see miracles of healing… and a constant miracle of provisions to pay for this place that God said He wanted in the INNER-CITY to bring GLORY to HIS NAME… when all the “church leaders” said we should NEVER try such a thing!

(see photos)


We still struggle with church finances.  I (as well as others) have not had a raise in 6 years, and with a single income household, and 2 boys in Christian school… it’s tough… very tough.  This is one area I wish God would “bug me about”… and have me command some finances to come not only into our household, but into Sheffield as well… to free us up to do more Ministry than we can now.



Personally… I was called out of a high-paying Electronics Design career that I’d been in for 15+ years… God said “it’s time to leave”… but never would answer my “WHY?”….  so I just did. I was working for GARMIN International at the time… I was the 12th employee, and got to grow with them to over 3,000 employees, worldwide in over 10 countries.  The President was a WONDERFUL man of God… who gave as it was given to him…. and God richly blessed the company for it.


I’m totally a “believer” in “alternative energy”… it’s people like you who give the whole movement credibility!


I’m mainly involved in areas of water dissociation, and “motionless electrical” energy ‘harvesters’.  I believe God has given me a few ideas in both areas… just wish I had more time to work on it!!!!!


God has already given me some amazing product insights in my life… even WAY before I believed in Him!  In the early 1970’s, I was in my early teens, and loved music and bicycling… but there was no such thing as “boom boxes” at the time… no battery powered stereos to play my (yes, I’m old) 8-track tapes on…. so I made my own… and put it in my backpack, and went riding.  World’s first battery powered, high-powered portable stereo tape player.


(hey… I’ve been a electronics tinkerer since I was about 6 years old… so this was child’s play)


Then, in about 1980 (age 21), I was a product design engineering assistant at a law enforcement electronics company, M.P.H. Industries. I still loved my music, but hated carrying around 100+ cassette tapes, and swapping them out just to hear the songs I liked on each. I came up with the crazy idea that someday, I would be able to digitize my music, store it on a memory chip, and plug it into my car stereo somehow… but unfortunately that was the days of 16-64Kbit DRAM memory chips… nowhere near what was needed to implement what we now call MP3 players.


Much later, when I was working in R&D at GARMIN, we were facing a whole new product generation, and needed to simplify our TCXO calibration process to meet mass-production requirements. I had a stupidly simple idea… why not just use the GPS satellite clock frequency to ‘calibrate’ our GPS receiver xtal oscillator, in real-time… storing calibration factors in a “offset table” in NV-memory based on our xtal osc. temp?  I mentioned it to our chief engineer… and it was one of those “DOH!” moments… like why didn’t we do this before?  That was my first  patent… though shared with other Garmin engineers who co-developed it into a producible form.


After I left Garmin, I was the Director of R&D at a small electronics contract design/build house.  I had my 2nd patent there for a snow plow remote control which sent the RF commands through the vehicle 12V wiring.


Well… I tend to go on and on… and on!

I’ll cut it for now… and I continue to send you my prayers for support and protection!!


I look forward to the day when you are allowed to increase your “claimed output” of your motor-generator set!  You told me before it would do something like 40KW… that’s awesome. Maybe someday I’ll be able to build something similar, so I can get off the grid… and use that money for my boys’ schooling!  (My Dad passed a year ago to cancer… leaving me full/unfettered access to his completely equipped machine shop… I’m already having fun fab’ing stuff.  At least he made his decision for Christ before he left this life… though just barely! \O/)


Blessings to you!!

R. C.

Ps. R. C.