Received by WITTS the Week of March 26, 2011…

Comment from the brothers at World Improvement Ministries: This faithful brother has a heart of Godly love,
and has been a guest on at least one previous show.

God says in Malachi 3, vs 8-12, that we should “test Him out in tithes and offerings.”

This brother obeyed God, and God delivered him.



Hi my name is MJ Romein

I live in the Netherlands where I work as a receptionist annex security guard at a home for the elderly.
I pay my tithes to WITTS ministries. With my wages I can make ends meet, but I have no buffer for unexpected bills. Last year the tax authorities ordered me to report my income.  I thought all my taxes were paid, but when I read up a bit on taxes I found out I had probably paid 1,800 euros too little.

I asked WITTS to pray for a lower tax bill than I expected. They did, and I got a bill for some 100 euros.

A couple of months later I had another encounter with the authorities.
I was fined 3,344 euros for not having a health insurance.
I couldn’t pay and I asked them for clemency.  Then I asked WITTS to pray that the fine would be remitted.  The fining authority exhortedme to pay up, and they added collection costs to the fine.

It didn’t look good, so again I asked WITTS to pray.
WITTS said: God has spoken and said, “you won’t have to pay it”.
I was surprised at WITTS’ confidence because it didn’t look good in the natural.

But then the fining authority did a miraculous U-turn.
The next thing I heard from them was: The government is considering abolishing these types of fines and we’ll postpone a decision about your request for clemency.

It’s now 9 months later and they have just informed me I definitely won’t have to pay it.

These events show that the Lord is true to his word in Malachi 3:10

Tithing is less expensive than not tithing.