There is some AMAZING news in my insurance case.

The fining guys have informed me they’ll postpone a decision about my case
for a while because the government is presently considering abolishing
these types of fines!
And they say I owe them nothing, if they get abolished!

It looks like your standing in agreement with me is moving the Almighty
God to change the law in the Netherlands!!!

I consider this a miracle and my flabber is gasted!!!

Long ago there was a preacher named Corrie Ten Boom. She said The Lord
told her to book a particular flight. When she got to the travel agent,
they told her: direct flights like that don’t exist and are impossible
because there are no islands on the route where a plane could refuel. She
said: we’ll have to pray for an island then.
Then the travel agent got a message that that particular flight was
possible after all, because
henceforth some obscure island would be used for refueling.

That story impressed me, but I consider my case nothing less than that one.

Please keep standing with me in agreement that the government will indeed
abolish these type of fines.

If the Lord keeps acting like this upon our standing in agreement, keeping
taxes and fines away from me, my donations to you cost me nothing!

It does not cost to support Gods work, It Pays!

I have received your June newsletter, thanks. I’ve missed your first live
broadcast on
I hope I can watch the next one.
May the Lord bless you guys.

MJ Romein