Justice Thunder was able to see some absolutely amazing results after we consulted with him several times and taught him how to acquire his healing and health.  We received the following letter from him March 1, 2011.

You folks keep up the GREAT work.
I want to let you all know, that GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.
HE allowed my body to reject the nasty disease of AML
Acute Mylogenis Leukemia
last sept-nov—- man’s chemicals but with the knowledge of GOD IS
how they ALL got me in to remission cured.
I Consider my self CURED by the grace of GOD, I am now since Nov.2010
no longer have the most deadly of all leukemia’s.
Now, Cured and have no plan, but daily prayer to keep it all away permanently. there is so much more
to tell but I won’t won’t bore you with the full details just now.
But here is one reason I have Not been in touch for a while.
Hi Doctor John…

Peace and thank you