This week Sir T taught about “God and the Quantum Connection,” discussing what role does physics and science play in a dialog with God?  We also showed a man who shared how he found God despite being in the New Age movement.  Also, what did Nikola Tesla have to say about Gravity?  And Brother Rand joined for a bit and shared some interesting thoughts.  We also looked at some evidence for “Sim Theory” in which it is posited that we are all in a kind of “matrix” – a simulation.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “God and the Quantum Connection”

Sir T shares his thoughts on the question: What role does physics and science play in a dialog with God?



We also shared a testimony by video from a brother who discovered God in his search for truth, after wading thru new age teaching.

From New Age To Jesus – My Testimony





And later on, Brother Rand joined in and shared some insights he had this week.


Technology & World Highlight:

–>Could this reality be some kind of simulation?

Sim Theory – We May Actually Be In The Matrix – The Evidence (HD)

Have we been misled about the nature of basic scientific phenomenon? Nikola Tesla and others were not impressed by many of the explanations and theories by other so-called physics experts.

The Gravity Misconception – Tesla Was Right






Questions & Comments:

Q: Lots of information about people time traveling and altering history. What is the ministry’s take on this?

Q: When we bear one another’s burdens -as scripture says …Like a family member dies of a friend (for instance) we pray for them we feel sad for them we kind of take on their burden. Is that like quantum entanglement or some type of God science going on???

Q: Sir T what are the mechanics of quantum entanglement? I.E. What happens in the quantum world to cause this effect?

C: I heard a quote yesterday, “In times of change the learners will inherit the earth, wile the learned will be beautifully prepared to deal with the world that no longer exists.” -Dr. David Jernigan quoting an unknown person.

Q: Are these digital codes in this simulation mathematical in nature? Like a universal language?

C: Mark 11:24 Pray as if you already received what you were asking for. I watched that video “Little Boy”.

C: John Keely said the highest form of matter was mind in the mystical 9th’s.  I think the mind mentioned by Keely has to be the mind of God.

C: (Re: people who swear) If you do not have anything intelligent to say ,then you swear.   –  Anger short circuits intelligence, it happens to me, some swear for bravado.

C: Usually people swear when they are (ticked) off. If what they are saying is true and you accept it as truth, you should be (ticked) off too.   –  It means literally trillions of dollars smuggled from tax payers over the last few decades.

C: They only teach you (the general population) enough to run the machines… yet not enough to ask questions.

C: I agree the LIE is falling apart.




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