Guest teacher and author Brother Isaac Dargan Joined us tonight and taught on “Understanding the Scriptures through Parabolic Reasoning.”   Brother Max joined later on and shared always insightful thoughts and experiences. We also discussed the newly fascinating topics of Feline Physics and Kitchen Chemistry!

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Teaching: Brother Isaac Dargan – “Understanding the Scriptures through Parabolic Reasoning”

Joining us this week was Brother Isaac Dargan who taught on “Understanding the Scriptures through Parabolic Reasoning”.  Brother Isaac’s Youtube Channel:

Also, Brother Max dropped by and shared some of his always interesting and insightful testimonies and adventures.




Technology & World Highlight:

–>Did you ever wonder how a cat always seems to land on his feet? This week we take a look at how our feline friends seem to defy Newton’s laws with the unusual ability to upright with no outside influence in mid-air.

Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58


A little kitchen chemistry can yield some surprisingly effective pyrotechnics! See what’s possible with common table sugar and a few other ingredients found around the home.
Homemade Rocket Fuel (R-Candy)





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