This week Sir T taught about “The Cure for Doubt, Fear and Unbelief!”   We also discussed the electric theory of the universe, magnetic pole shifts on the earth and moon, helping people on the planet, the tiny clues and the big clues God leaves, and more about strange activity people have seen on the moon for decades.   Brother Rand joined for a few minutes, and a brother from Colorado Springs joined to share a unique testimony of God’s blessing.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Cure for Doubt, Fear and Unbelief!”

Sir T shared life-changing teaching this week on The Cure for Doubt, Fear and Unbelief!  This could change your life!




Brother Farmer shared some information during the Q & A time.

Here’s a page Brother Farmer prepared for us, and maintains:


And later on, Brother Rand joined in and shared some insights he had this week.




Technology & World Highlight:

–>There are certainly many perceived dangers on earth during these times. One that may be often overlooked could be the number one risk to life as we know it.

The #1 Risk To Earth



With so much access to lunar data in the last few years, investigations have found more and more anomalies on the moon’s surface. Disclosure is happening regardless of those who’d rather not have it.

MUST SEE! Alien Movements On The Moon Up Close Footage! 4/26/16



Citizen Science – Model of Solar-Triggered Earthquakes Confirmed

(first 6 minutes)



Dome Shaped Alien Base Found On Mars? (Mars Mysteries)






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