This week Sir T continued his teaching on “Jesus came so that we can THRIVE!” John 10:10.  Ever heard of the Keely Motor?  We’ve talked about John Worrell Keely many times on the program and tonight we discussed his water implosion motor in some detail never before discussed publicly.  An interesting show as always!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Jesus came so that we can THRIVE!” John 10:10″, Pt 2

God has not changed His mind!

Success and Happiness and Prosperity is God’s will for everyone!

Another inspiring teaching on healing that you won’t want to miss!


Technology & World Highlight:

John Worrell Keely’s accomplishments go mostly unrecognized among engineers during recent times. However, his groundbreaking discoveries were likely more significant than even Tesla’s vast library of work.  This week we’ll take a look at one of his surviving devices.

Dale Pond Explains John Keely’s Water Implosion Device


Catherine Fitts has been a vocal whistleblower about the systemic government and corporate corruption.  Here she touches some noteworthy points we can all take to heart. Who’s your farmer?

Catherine Austin Fitts – Who’s Your Farmer?


–>Farthest flight by hoverboard – Guinness World Records

–>Mysterious Events Caught On Tape (Part 1)

1:14 to end

–>Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices

–>World Economy Collapse explained in 3 minutes



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