This week Sir T taught on “Jesus came so that we can THRIVE! (John 10:10)”  God has not changed His mind!  Success and Happiness and Prosperity is God’s will for everyone!  Also, we reviewed a flying saucer remote control project you can build: The Coanda Effect Saucer (CES) UAV.  A link to the plans below.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Jesus came so that we can THRIVE!” John 10:10″

God has not changed His mind!
Success and Happiness and Prosperity is God’s will for everyone!

Another inspiring teaching on healing that you won’t want to miss!


Technology & World Highlight:

NASA Speechless! ENORMOUS Mystery Space Object Outshines Galaxy! 6/16/16


Engineers can come up with some amazing machines when faced with a challenge. Here are a few samples of uncommon machines that have been built to address particular problems.

Mind Blowing Machines – Innovations From Some of the World’s Most Brilliant Minds – Cool Inventions


Sometimes it’s not so obvious the way things work. This “flying saucer” is one example of employing unconventional techniques to achieve flight.  Sir T will share some first hand experiences with unusual flying devices.

Coanda Effect Saucer (CES) UAV flight demonstration


PDF File w/instructions for model saucer:




Questions & Comments:

C: The greatest weapon we have against the darkness is knowledge of the Word of God.

C: Given the teaching of how faith works, it sounds like taking account of progress may be important because it profits our faith.

C: I heard it said that Jesus is our commanding officer in the army of God.  This is why Peter asked Jesus to command him to walk on the water.  If Jesus commanded Peter to fly, he would go airborne.

Q: Is there places in God’s word where Jesus commands us all to do amazing things like raising the dead, walking on water, recover from every disease and such as that?  -Not just demonstrating these things but commanding that we do them.

C: The soul is mentioned 1600 times in the bible but not once does it say the soul is immortal. Only the righteous is given eternal life the wicked or lost will die.   –  In Ezekiel the Bible says all souls belong to God and the soul that sins “it shall die” so souls can die.

C: Speaking of that in God we are a new creation: shouldn’t we all be living working, thinking and speaking like we are the army of God upon the earth and there is no one or people who can compare to us?  This is by God and not our own credit.  In other words, as the children of God, anyone who we endorse upon the earth is a HUGE step down from the place God has assigned us to.  There is no man on the face of the earth who can save like Jesus working through a true child of God.

C: John 3:16 tells us that those who don’t believe in God shall perish.

C: There’s nothing like speaking Truth into a situation…even if they do look at you like you suddenly sprouted an extra head, lol!

Q: Is there any verses in the Bible that states pets/animal have souls? i.e. do they go to heaven when they die?

C: The Bible does call animals souls but there is nothing which says they go to heaven

C: I have a pack of dogs waiting for me……  –  And a Kitty or two here or there… lol

C: Re: underground cities:  I heard a documentary on You Tube where a man claimed that there were unfriendly aliens living in some of the tunnels under the western U.S.

Q: I have heard of the city under DIA. Is that why in CO we have sink-holes?

C: Re: Giants in ancient times: Well in the bible it says there were giants in those days… :-/

C: very long distance power distribution are DC… China uses them a lot

Q: Have you ever seen an Alien with an Alien Android Robot(s) and/or Other of Robot(s)?

Q: Sir T does your Implosion device use dominant energy?

Q: Is there any other ministry like WITTS anywhere in the world?  🙂

C: Re: Trying to talk to people plainly: I know just how you guys feel. 🙁

Q: What is the Largest OverUnity Generator you ever Built?

E: I just want to thank you, SirT, Timothy Martin, and everyone else who makes this possible for all you do. It has certainly made a difference in my life, my wife’s life, and what we teach our children.

Q: Do you think that God is giving an extra measure of anointing and gifts to folks who participate and support this ministry?





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