This week Sir T taught on “Healing is Agreeing with God!” and Brother Max joined with testimonies of miracles.  We also discussed a “Nitinol” engine built decades ago, and some related experiences SirT had along those lines.  We discuss evidence for our Earth’s pole shift occurring now – and how you can track it at home!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Healing is Agreeing with God!”

This week Sir T will be teaching on “Healing is agreeing with God”.  Job 22:21-25

Both healing and Faith is agreeing with God. God states his views and His greater reality in His Word.

Another inspiring teaching on healing that you won’t want to miss!


Technology & World Highlight:

As the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere has recently transpired, some are noticing unusual sunrises and sunsets. Others are finding the position of the North Star is not quite right. Is there something going on or is it simply erroneous measurement?

WSO Jun 20 – North Star Moved…Week in Review with Wayne Steiger

–>This Orphan Baby Goat And His Human Friend Are Inseparable


Sir T shares some insights about this special engine and the main component that it needs to run.

5- Megawatt Nitinol Engine by Mcdonnell Douglas


Might the common understanding surrounding addiction be flawed? Here is compelling research that reveals more truth about what addiction is really about.

Guest: Brother Max

Brother Max joined and shared some inspiring miracles he has recently seen.




Questions & Comments:

C: Amen Timothy, The Kingdom is rolling forth like a Stone ,a solid foundation cut out of the mountain without hands to fill the whole Earth; Thy will be done on Earth as in Heaven.  An Eye for an Eye, keep thy Eye single to the glory of Good

Q:  I wonder how the earth shift would effect some of the energy devices.

C: Re: the instability of the earths poles:  I thought it was the earth shall wobble or stagger like a drunkard.  Isiah 24: 20 “The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.”

Q: Could the Earth shifting cause a emotional effect upon Humans?

Q:  What do you think about Tesla’s Turbine which uses Air or Water to Power the Motor :))

C: WITTS had a guest that said Massive Lightening Bolts will be hitting the earth (in the days of the end of the age?)

C: I believe tungusca was a giant lightning bolt sent by Tesla.

C: Regarding Nitenol wire and McDonnell Douglass (who owned the patent), the fact that they sat on it and it never came to the free market says a lot about what that company (and many more like it) are really are about.  They are not about saving the earth or humanity.  Anyone who has doubts about what we talk about here on the program can see with their own eyes and mind what the condition of the world actually is.  WITTS is uniquely awake and alive in the kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.

Q: re: Orphans and sim card devices:   what about giving the kids really loud whistles to only use in emergency situations.

Q: Regarding Nitenol: a very interesting metal, where do I buy it and how much does it cost?

Q:  Re: the video of the sun set direction on the map, is the angle it is setting at further north than it is supposed to be?  I could not tell from the video.

E: Thanks Timothy, Martin, and all the Kingdom of God bless forever in the Good news

Q: Any ideas on alternatives to nitenall?  There must be many common materials that can have a similar effect.

C: Awesome Max, the past couples days I’ve caught myself looking at the sky while I’m riding my motorcycle to work in the morning. The sky was beautiful and something seemed different.)

C: I am increasingly becoming aware that God is waiting for us to really direct Him and the armies of Heaven to exert authority over the earth.  It is almost as if God is pushing me to do this more and more.  Interesting.

C: Yes family of God seen and unseen is the team we are just a part of.  I connected with family of God ET’s one time unexpectedly and got a couple technologies in my mind almost instantly.




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