This week Sir T taught about “Faith that Overcomes!”  Also, part 4 of former Spokesperson Ron Brandt’s video demonstration of his PermMag Motor.  And then Brother Buster Anderson joins and shares about The Perm Mag Motor details.  The Plans are Now Available on his website! (below)

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Faith that Overcomes!”

This week Sir T will be teaching on Faith that overcomes! Faith that overcomes the world, the flesh, and the devil, Is a common theme throughout the book of Revelation and even the entire Bible. Rev 3:21, Rev 21:7, Rev 2:26

How can we be an overcomer in this day? The answers will be shared from God’s Word. You won’t want to miss this!


Technology & World Highlight:

–>Check out this VERY Unusual instrument!

Previous WITTS spokesperson, Ron Brandt, finishes up the discussion of his PermMag motor in part 4 of this 1995 presentation. Sir T will expand on the efficiency of this motor design and will welcome our special guest.

Guest: Brother Buster Anderson

Motor plans are now available!

Buster Anderson, long time friend and colleague of the ministry, was our guest. He has set up his own website and will be selling plans for building the Ron Brandt PermMag Motor!

His website,, is open-sourcing considerable information on the motor and other topics. Buster was one of the few who worked closely with Ron and has pictures and details never before seen by the public.

Brother Buster Anderson has also been on the broadcast before and has another website he referred to:



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