Sir T taught on the topic “The Authority of the son of man!” Daniel 7:13-14.  Also discussed was Kenneth E Hagin on not walking by what you see, Truths about the Giants of Romania, and the curiously strange facts about Saturn’s Moon Iapetus.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Authority of the son of man!  Daniel 7:13-14”





Technology & World Highlight:

–Brother Kenneth E. Hagin speaks about not walking by what you see, and not what you feel, but instead by what you believe. He shares one of many healings experienced throughout his life.

Kenneth E Hagin 2000 0917 PM Birmingham, AL




–Although not widely known, Romania has had a history filled with stories of giants. In the 1940’s and 1950’s 80 giant skeletons had been found by archeologists and geologist, only to be hidden and suppressed.

The Giants Of Romania “Gallery 13 And The Mysterious Gravestone”




–Saturn’s third largest moon, Iapetus, has a baffling, highly geometric, 60,000 foot-high wall around it’s equator. Also, it has a strange similarity to the “death star” in the original Star Wars movie.




Dilbert – The Knack “The Curse of the Engineer”



















Questions & Comments:

Questions and Comments

C: I say it is one of the biggest conspiracies of all time that the children of God have been tricked out of their authority since the time of Jesus. Now we are once again taking our places in that authority.

Q: QUESTION FOR SIR T….Biblically what can we do about Evil People Evil Empires…

Q: Sir T how does intangibility work or how do you become intangible?

Q: What is the rate of vibration that matter on earth resonates at?

Q: (Regarding intangibility) ok but how do you get out of phase?

C: Hey the DARK Act was Defeated today Praise the LORD!!!!!!  –  DARK Act is the Monsatan protection act that would make it Illegal for GMO’s to be labeled!!!

C: Special thanks to Bro Martin’s wife. She sent a suggestion that God laid on her heart for a cure for my rash. It’s been gone ever since. Is that a miracle or what?

C: Regarding the woman who had bleeding issue: the woman in the story that was healed but was afraid to approach Jesus and hid.  After hearing your account of healing the woman who smelled like a dead rat I can see that the woman in the bible story is characteristic of many people who are afraid to approach Jesus because they think they are too unclean.  Thanks for telling this account and shedding light on this.

C: Tagging on what you said about the parasitic bugs dying when they touch your body, following the teachings on this program, I prayed against fleas on my dog and they all died and the dog never had fleas again.   Very useful practical stuff faith in the power of God is.

C: Ya gotta call those things that are NOT as though they were! Romans 4:17

C: Speaking of the rectilinear formation of the planet/moon Lapetus in the video, Saturn’s pole is also rectilinear in the shape of a hexagon.  Saturn is symbolic of the adversary and is even mentioned by God’s word by Amos in 5:26 and Stephan in Act 7:43.

C: Absolutely, Brother Martin and Sir T we really appreciate your work and devotion to bringing this program to us each week. The dedication the devotion is obvious , thank you brothers!

Q: I saw one Philippine and three Canadian hostages by Muslim radicals in the Philippines online.  Could we take authority over that and command they be freed?

C: I am new to the group, but I have watched the old programs, and I highly appreciate the work Martin and Sir T is doing. They are awesome!!!  –  I have learned so much from the shows. Thanks you so Much!

Q: Speaking of the natural resonances found on earth, what do you estimate is the effect on all the ever increasing multiplicity of radio traffic upon our health and upon nature and the earth?  What can we do to protect ourselves?

Q: 20k is a resonating frequency for most things?  –  Is the 20k resonating freq. due to the earth? i.e. if the items are taken far out of space would they still be at 20K?




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