Sir T taught on the topic “Unlocking the Power of God.”  Also we talked about a strange woman found Russia in a “casket”, that perfectly preserved her body – dated at near 800 million years old!   And underground tunnels found in Romania, and Sphinx’s found all over the world?  The mystery grows deeper.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Unlocking the Power of God.”





Technology & World Highlight:

–The media lie?  Say it aint so!

Ben Carson Loses His Cool, Slams Obama and Media Double Standard




–More mysteries in the Bucegi Mountains where the Romanian Intelligence Service was said to have found a network of underground tunnels and chambers along with advanced technologies.

The Discovery That Could Have Changed The World?




–In 1969 Russian coal miners discovered an unusual marble casket reportedly containing an ancient princess remarkably preserved by a strange blueish clear liquid.

Mysterious 800 Million yr old Maiden Preserved SLEEPING – in unknown Substance – Russia





–Were the pyramids of Giza utilized as tombs for the ancient pharaohs, or instead are they possibly high technology that remains in a state of disrepair?

The Mystery Resolved – Pyramids Of Giza Incredible!!!







What Huygens Saw On Titan – New Image Processing | Video






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