Sir T taught on the topic “5 Kingdom Keys, To Receive From God!”;  We also discussed healing scriptures, the nutrition factor in healing and health, and the apparent relationship between the black projects and the 1947 National Security Act.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “5 Kingdom Keys, To Receive From God!”





Technology & World Highlight:

–The history of the Secret Space Program is becoming more apparent in recent months. Former Assistant Housing Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts, follows the money trail and traces it back from the 1947 National Securities Act.




–Dr. Andrew Saul speaks about hospitals and health, and the apparent absence of common sense regarding food and nutrition. He shares tips on how to reduce your chances of mistakes or problems should you find yourself requiring their services.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Saul




–Need healing? Spend some time listening to this and the following video below.

Hell Testimony – Kenneth Hagin – Near Death Experience




–Nothing works like the Word for healing.

God is Speaking…..Healing Scriptures













Guests / Callers:

A caller briefly called in and shared some comments.






Questions & Comments:

Questions and Comments

C: I am happy to be here watching the program. This is the first time I have joined the chat. I have listened to many of them in the last 3 months. thank you all for the programs!

C: I am in chat now.  Had to sign in because Live Stream signed me out without me knowing.  I had to sign in and was asked to reset my password.  I did, setting it to the same password and all is fine now.

C: I was in hospital for intestinal blockage and what a scam!    –  I was cured with warm pitted plums and ginseng tea in 6 hours…they refused to give it to me and I had this contraband delivered to my bedside. My grandfather was correct- two plums a day makes it..

C: (Regarding Hospitals and mainstream medicine)  Cancer feeds on sugar. If you are short (on sugar), you can refill from the candy dish in the waiting room of your local oncologist. 😉

Q: Is there any update on nibiru? Gil Broussard had said it would arrive this month, i believe.

Q: Where do hospitals send all there money? It is ridiculously expensive for any procedure.

C: There was an eclipse two days ago and an amazing sunset in Ohio with colors not usually seen in this part of the country.

C: The subliminals (images) on the dollar bills is the destruction of hoover dam and a title wave hitting NY NY

Q: Is rice from India GMO?

C: Our votes may not count for anything but where we spend our dollars really makes the dark side stress-out.

C: An alternate currency would probably take off if people who possessed it could pay off debt with it.  If the currency was guaranteed to grow in value -and the public believed it- they would be happily trading in their dollars for it.  If the guarantor of the alternate currency could demonstrate this on a micro level, folks would start to trust it on a macro level.

C: Ubuntu… Its been up and running for some time now. Though there is also an Operating system for computers named the same thing so that google searches go to that first…   – Google Michael Tellinger Ubuntu

C: The more interviews I see of Catherine Fitts, the more I think we need to write her in for President

C: There are lots of sightings of nibiru (it’s really a star system) on the web, but for me the sky is almost always cloudy or chemtrailed.

C: I think the key to making an alternative currency  successful is to have an exchange that works with it (along with other currencies)

C: 64 countries have laws on GMO foods

Q: Please pray that all debts of believers, taxes, loans, hospital bills are cursed at the root will die and shrivel quickly. And our incomes and productivity will increase 7 fold

Q: Any self sufficient free energy organic farming communities of like minded Christian individuals forming in Colorado?

C:  The internet is a two way window. You can learn anything you want, but they will know what you learn whenever you do.

C: How many countries are there? By most accounts, 197.




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