Sir T taught on the topic “The Great Omission!, Pt 2.”  Brother Max Joined  for a few minutes to share a recent, very practical, ongoinging miracle!  Sir T also shares more detail about his experiences fasting food and fasting sleep.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Great Omission, Pt 2!”

You’ve probably heard of “the Great Commission”, but what does Sir T mean by The Great Omission?

These things that I do, shall you do also…  John 14:12

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Technology & World Highlight:

–Are there senses beyond the five commonly cited: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch? Is it possible to learn new ways of sensing our environment to expand our awareness? This young lady has a new way of looking at things.

Girl demonstrates Cool SuperPower (Third Eye)



5 People With Real Superpowers




–Popular television personality Steve Harvey shares a unique and inspirational message for his audience before his show starts. See how it resonates with many of the lessons taught in past months.

Steve Harvey – You Have to Jump




–We often talk about UFOs and other lesser known subjects during the program. See if you can identify this latest sighting brought to us by brother Rand.

GIANT Alien Structure Near Jupiter In New Images? 2/18/2016




These Kinetic Sculptures Hypnotize You










Guests / Callers:

Brother Max called in to share an ongoing miracle he has been experiencing and continues to experience.


Sister Adrienne from Florida called in briefly and reminded us about the showers people typically get in 3rd world countries.






Questions & Comments:

Questions and Comments

Q: Miracle Request: Pray for the raising of my nephew Tyler from the dead in Yahshua the Messiahs’ Holy name!!!!!!!!!! We need a miracle!     – He died today at about 4:24 California time West coast time   – Tyler is the only son of my brother and believes in the power of God Almighty Yahweh, I laid hands on my brother and he immediately started walking in the power of God.

Q: Miracle Request: I’ve had a rash for a year. Tried everything. Just stopped eating wheat again and it’s a little better but not healed.     – Seems like wheat is in everything

Q: Prayer Request: Please continue to pray for my wife’s back (as her pain is still there).

Q: Which is more expensive to build a solid state generator or a motor driven free energy transformer?

C: The more you jump, the more your jumps become successful. Commanding a miracle is a leap (jump) of faith.

Q: Sir t, what was your process of learning how to just need 2 hours of sleep a day and function better then most. I’ve got 3 businesses now and I think this would be awesomely beneficial.

C: Re Supermen video: Searching out the sages and found that sometimes demons merge with men to give them supernatural ability, be careful of anything that does not glorify the Almighty, as demon or Egyptian magicians   – Remember Aarons staff snake ate the Egyptian magicians staff snakes and returned to Aaron   – Satan comes as an angel of light……..   – See demon magicians on youtube, and the sword put through a man’s body, he had demons tell him how and what to do, shocking!

Q: What in your opinion is the most cost effective way to generate off-the-grid means of generating electricity for the existing100amp to 200amp range of current service for a house?

Q: I would like to send Bro Max my tithe. How can I do that?   – I heard him mention eating money…..which suggests a limited budget.

C: I agree with Sis Adrienne that our vote counts before God and that we will personally get what we vote for.   I would add that our vote counts for nothing before men but everything before God.

C: Exo 7:8 And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, 7:9 When Pharaoh shall speak unto you, saying, Shew a miracle for you: then thou shalt say unto Aaron, Take thy rod, and cast it before Pharaoh, and it shall become a serpent.



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