Sir T taught on “This is the Victory that Overcomes the World!” and shared a few of his personal nothing-short-of-miraculous experiences.  Also, does happiness result from success, or vice versa? We discuss.  And there appears to be public evidence for UFOs leaving earth’s atmosphere, we review one source.  And Sir T answers your questions!  Join us for today’s program!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “This is the Victory that Overcomes the World!”





Technology & World Highlight:

–How does happiness relate to performance? Do you need success before you can be happy or do we have the cart before the horse? Harvard teacher Shawn Achor sheds light on what he has found.

TEDxBloomington – Shawn Achor – “The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance”




–Video from NASA’s space shuttle has provided plenty of evidence that indicate there’s plenty more going on than they’d like to admit. Here are some great examples.

Real footage from space. It shows real ufo’s leaving earth…








Questions & Comments:

Q: Sir T have you ever been to area 51? If so what did you do there?

Q: in off planet travel could you produce all the water and oxygen from a dominant generator?

C: When we are using the milk of the word we are learning and not ministering, to do the will of our father in heaven, is when we are partaking of the meat, Yahshua said in John 4:34 “Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work”

Q: How much of the current technology hidden technology do you think has been back engineered?    What do you think of Bob Lazarr?

Q: Please pray for a lost 2 year old boy lost in the woods in piston Tennessee. Please pray that God’s angels will come and keep him warm tonight.

C: Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1    -great verse!

C: I had a tornado come to my house and I commanded it to leave and cause no harm, in Yahshua the Messiah’s Holy name.

 –   A car passing by was tossed at 60 mph backwards into the trees in the only place no trees were without a scratch on the car or the driver,

–  and not a tree was damaged on my property!  Halleluyah! The man (driving the car) was praising god Almighty Yahweh!!! He said he just let go of the steering wheel when he realized he had no control…

C: Regarding the exercise of faith, whenever (100% of the time) I am looking for something, God always gives it to me when I ask Him.

C: I was with William Lau and others at an Elijah Challenge meeting and we saw a man 34 years old deaf and mute from birth, delivered from a deaf spirit in the name of Yahshua the Messiah, boy was he amazed at the way sound made a difference in his life!

Q: If God wants us to mass produce these dominant energy technologies why don’t we start each program with a prayer requesting that?

Q: With the flying saucer last week, what are the voltages involved, for creating such lift and explain how they are using these voltage propulsion on the B-1 bombers, in silent mode? Is millions Volts.

Q: I agree with the Shawn Achor teaching on productivity and happiness.  But in light of what he teaches, how best to stay aware and share the knowledge of the dark side schemes so that we can immunize ourselves from these?

C: There is a lack of unity in rights so there is a lack of unity in technology or overunity.  –  A very funny video when most of what goes on in politics is deception.   –  Chaos is job security  –  job security is slavery.  –  Serving Rights is not a job it is the work of eternal salvation and exaltation.  –  denile is depression.     –  when we serve Rights, an ounce of prevention is worth tons of cure; prevention is the only cure.  –  continual acts of loyalty.

Q: How do you start a dominant energy generator?

Q: does a flying saucer have to reach escape velocity to enter orbit altitude?

C: Those (UFO’s) were similar to what I have seen (both live in San Francisco)–  at night when visiting San Diego last June saw 2 of those  (and in my visions).

C: When we serve Good it multiplies  –  when we serve Good we serve our highest good and eternal good.

C: How ironic is it that income taxes are required of people to pay interest on an artificial debt to people who do not need it because they are able to create unlimited amounts for themselves anyway.  It recognize a tree by its fruit and not what is said about that tree.

C: (Regarding tithing) 10% is the bare minimum, why so many get offended doesn’t make sense to me.   –  our hard-earned dollars wouldn’t be hard-earned unless we received the blessing of God to be able to earn in the first place.

C: I am witness to the faithfulness of God.  His faithfulness EXCEEDS what we ask for!  As soon as we ask of the Father, the answer IS on the way and is only a matter of faith and time till we receive it!    I have seen this repeatedly and am seeing it now.  God exceeds our hopes.

C: Regarding the face of the Apostle Peter: My mom, when she was 19 years old died, went to heaven and came back.  She met the Apostle Peter there and was really impressed with his glorified appearance meeting him face to face.   Not knowing who he was when she ran into him, she asked him if he was God.  He chuckled and said “no, but I am (Saint) Peter”.  -Sir T, you had a conversation with my mom about this account several years ago.

C: (God) Thy Kingdom come into our hearts, –  Thy will be done on Earth as in Heaven.

C: A man is just about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.   -Abraham Lincoln

C: I saw lots of those type of ufo’s (like in the video) in Vietnam when I was there.  – it was while I was on the ground (as opposed to flying in a plane) looking at a clear dark sky at night.

C: There is a very simple solution for those who want to reduce the population of the earth: They can simply dispose of themselves and viola! Problem solved!   After that solution, there is another: just leave people alone and the population ALWAYS levels off and starts to decrease in post industrial nations.  This is a well known sociological (sociology 101) phenomenon.  No secret about it!

C: When people give allegiance to Rights, they do not overpopulate.   One criminal is overpopulation.  They maintain balance and harmony with nature and neighbors  –  to create the highest quality of living

C: The banks have made an important change to you bank deposit as a collateral for them, so it is no longer yours if the banks decide to take away our money   –  They can at their discretion hold our deposit as the banks when they should need it if there should be a collapse  (This is called a “bail-in” and opposed to a “bail-out”)

C: the bank “bail-in” law is a result of the Senators “Dodd and Frank Act”  Consider getting money out of the bank and or into a credit union.

C: Thanks Sir T!  Another very good show!  Well done!



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