Sir T taught on “5 biblical keys to Ruling And Reigning In This Life!”  This week our special topic continues on “How To Build Your Own Flying Saucer!”.  Sir T answered many questions on those topics and others.  Join us for another fascinating program today!

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Five biblical keys to Ruling And Reigning In This Life!”







Technology & World Highlight:

–Last week we reviewed some flying saucer public disclosure taking place by insiders during the last few years. WITTS has played a role in developing many of these technologies and this week Sir T will cover the fundamental workings of these early man-made craft.

Zero Point – The Story of Mark McCandlish and the Free Energy Fluxliner Space Craft





–Researchers have apparently discovered unusual skulls left behind by one of Hitler’s most secret occult groups in Russia. Were they searching for extraterrestrial evidence or is there more than meets the eye to all this?

Alien Or Demon Skulls Found In Russia?







Questions & Comments:

C: Romans 8:39… :39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
C: You are the light of the world, do good so the God of Heaven will be glorified for all. – only through the holy spirit can you know the spirit and law of God completely. – where there is the love of God there is the holy spirit.
C: 36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
C: Acts 20:35 more blessed to give than to receive.
C: When you give to Good , you multiply good
Q: Sir Timothy have you ever ridden in a reverse gravity or flying saucer?
Q: I can build a flying saucer
Q: Sir T have you seen the video of the teenager Nathan who had a experience with Jesus and ww3 vision?
Q: Is your saucer an anti-gravity human ship?
Q: is there any relationship between sonic resonance and electronic resonance to extract energy from the quantum field?
C: I loved the teaching…the discipline my father used to say that stick-to-it-tivness/determination and working smart…taking care of the body temple is all important too. Need to be good for yourself. – in order to be good for others!
Q: What are the main components of the hemisphere generator? How is the resonance induced? I plan on going off the grid this year. I want to get the plans for the hemisphere generator or the flux-switch
C: Stan Deyo has written for years on how flying saucers work. (any thoughts?)
Q: Is zero point energy modeled by the concept of the “limit” in calculus?
C: There are ancient Indian records with similar space craft
C: Bitcoin is a scam to create a National internet sales Tax
C: …Of course it’s (bitcoin) a scam… it’s though going against the established banking system
C: …When Tesla told the Morgans that he had free energy they said… “who would want to pay for that?”
C: You don’t need anti gravity… you can use inertia fluctuations.
C: There was a crash of a ufo in rural Texas in the mid 1800’s. The crew was buried in the local cemetery. – they were human pilots
C: Amen on monopoly Banking (that it is a monopoly). – this is why we must put the Kingdom of God first. – Store our treasures in Heaven = the Kingdom.
Q: Isn’t a tractor beam a type of gravitational/ ant-gravity device?
Q: How does a tractor beam work?
Q: Are light sabers as in the film Star Wars do-able? how would that work?
C: …If you really want to get everyone to notice the ministry, just make a working model of some space craft from Star Wars.
C: (re: the skulls of the creatures without mouths) …They may live on radiant ( or dominant?) energy? – and communicate telepathically. – like communicating with God and the holy spirit
C: GMO plants do go back to normal after a generation or two. 🙂 Its why they continually push it.
C: freshly harvested corn and soybeans are considered Hazardous Material.
C: I believe aliens are fallen angels masquerading as aliens to deceive mankind.
C: I heard that the greys are actually virtual reality drones made of flesh and blood. Perhaps…
Q: What are the theories of de-ja vu. (your thoughts?) My brain and senses tell me that I have done things before when I know I haven’t.
Q: Wes – has anybody ever heard of Steve Quayle? (Thoughts?)
C: Hi Sir T could you please tell us what you know about magrav technology. Nano coatings and Gans.
C: I believe this is the only planet that has fallen to sin. The other planets would not contaminate themselves by coming here.
C: Thanks for another excellent message in the Great News.
C: Great show tonight brothers. Thanks and God bless.








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