Sir T shares on the theme scripture “Thou shall decree a thing… and It shall be established unto thee. And the light shall shine upon thy ways”! Job 22:28.  Brother Max joined in to share a good portion of the teaching as our guest teacher this week.  Ever wonder what’s inside a working flying saucer?  We share the 1st portion of an eyewitness’s testimony describing in great detail what he saw, including dimensions. We also discuss a bit about the current events occurring in Oregon.

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Below are Times and Keywords of this program, courtesy of Brother Michael T.

Keyword Time
Brother Max 6:59
Perpetual Worship 10:40
Praising at God’s Throne 13:48
How the elite stay in power video 27:21:00
Oregon BLM Bundy Rancher crisis 38:01:00
Kris Anne Hall video 39:37:00
Flux Liner (Flying Saucer) video 50:34:00
Mark McCandish 54:53:00
Alien Reproduction Vehicle 55:45:00

Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “Thou shall decree a thing…and It shall be established unto thee. And the light shall shine upon thy ways”! Job 22:28

Theme Scripture: “Thou shall decree a thing…and It shall be established unto thee. And the light shall shine upon thy ways”! Job 22:28

Our Guest Brother Max joined to share a good portion of the teaching as our guest teacher.







Technology & World Highlight:

–KrisAnne Hall shares some insight on what’s going on behind the current news going on in Oregon.

What’s Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative ! KrisAnne Hall




–What’s inside a real, working flying saucer? – Mark goes into great detail on an older design that works (although the current state-of-the-art is much better now.)

Zero Point – The Story of Mark McCandlish and the Free Energy Fluxliner Space Craft




–The elite’s formula of control utilizes many tools at their disposal such as major media, banking, and even corporate shenanigans. However, do we sometimes forget who is really in charge?
How The Elite Stay In Power




Guest: Brother Max – “Sharing from the Heart”

In addition to sharing a large portion of our teaching, Brother Max joined to share some more personal experiences from his heart and also graced us with a song!






Questions & Comments:

C: Pray always = think always on the Good of God = keep your eye single to the glory of God

C: The four living “creatures” are created beings and as such cannot be omnipresent as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

C: Thanks Max Amen ….Amen  Amen

Q: Why do passengers in a vessel that is experiencing anti-gravity/magnetic fields not subject to extreme inertia at quick 90 degree turns or sudden stops?     (Also,) –  Did Neil Armstrong see aliens or our folks on the moon when they went there?

C: Another thing to be aware of is Matthew 13:30. We probably don’t want to be the first to leave earth, they gather the weeds first and burn them. 🙂

C: The conspiracy is real world order, Amen Timothy

C: Max thanks for a great message and testimony

C: Divide and conquer economics = at first robbery by counterfeiting and then bribery to tern everyone into traitors  –  We are all connected, (yet) we are all different, we are not equal  –  the more we serve what is right the more united we become.

C: My people die daily from lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6

C: Nice Message. The human condition when focused with attention to intention move us all forward in that direction.; being mindful of the direction being taken.

C: Constitution is constitutional. Bankers corrupted it. Even when it was written it was warned to always let the people make their own money rather than a private banking institution.

C: Until we base our National currency on allegiance to Rights; we worship the Double Standard   –  We cannot serve two masters = we must worship Rights or Idolatry.   –  Natural sustainability = salvation is based on upholding Rights. –  The monopolization of material wealth does not uphold Constitutional Rights.    –  Monopoly Governments are created when people worship false Gods, instead of Rights.

Q: Bro Tim you said once you have been asked to go off planet before. Was that to the moon or mars?

C: This constitutional attorny Kris Hall is dead on. Problem is most people have taken the cool aid and believe what they are told, retold until they become comfortable with the misinformation. She’s good

C: Opening up ones mind to the possibilities whether you agree or not is important to gain new information. Just being able to entertain an idea is good.

C: In the Bible the Garden of Eden is east of the Earth = a specific location on the Planet

C: Real space travel may be through portals like in Stargate

C: Thanks Timothy, (Bro) Martin, another great message  -great UFO video

C: NASA- Never A Straight Answer… 😛

C: It seems a lot of the folks that post on the internet about quantum energy involve themselves with spirits. We are told in the Bible not to get involved with familiar spirits.  –  David Sereda specifically says he talks to spirits daily.    –  The Holy spirit is not a familiar spirit as defined in the Bible. Familiar spirits are supposed dead loved ones.

C: I like this Music, thanks   –  Beautiful Music  –  Thanks for you Inspiration Max Clark

Q: Max, where can i get a recording of your music?

C: beautiful music

C: Re. the faked Moon videos. Yes, sure the Nazi advisor to Nixon, Kissinger, had the videos produced JUST IN CASE the lander crashed. But, it succeeded!     –  HOWEVER, why let the expensive, faked video go to waste — so they broadcast it anyways!  –  The point is the Government is run by deceptive agents. You can count on them to be lying.

C: Thank You Max. That was beautiful.

C: Nice picking Max!

C: Many beings including humans can be in more than one place at once.

C: Very interesting Timothy on motion and energy fields

Q: I didn’t know time dilation affected inertia. IN the equation F=ma where does time interpolate into it?

C: Tim Martin: correct about clocks on different planets! Every star and planet creates a dent in time. The greater the mass the deeper the dent and slower that time advances in that reference-frame.

C: As long as we trust in the false God of the Federal Reserve, they will continue to lie to us = United States Reserve

C: Did you know that the latest U.S. currency color scheme is the same as monopoly money?  Another sign of the times…

C: Thanks for another great message in the Good news Brother Timothy, Martin and all








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