Sir T continues an inspiring teaching on “How to Stay Motivated in a De-Motivating World!”  We also discussed the “Straw Man” and other interesting topics including one Swiss banker’s view on the banking system, and what kinds of technologies you will likely see widespread in the coming years.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “How to Stay Motivated in a De-Motivating World!, Pt 2”

This week Sir T continues his inspiring teaching on, “How to Stay Motivated in a De-Motivating World!”








Technology & World Highlight:

–A former Swiss Banker discusses his experiences at the highest levels of international banking. The control of money by private interests is the greatest swindle of all times, and it has brought about disastrous consequences, like economic depressions, wars, etc.
Former Swiss Banker Francois Siebenthal discusses his experiences at the highest levels of International banking.

Wageless Economy Robotic – WE-R(c): Swiss Banker Siebenthal





–The strawman is not only a character from The Wizard of Oz or stuffed and used on the farm to keep away birds. Here it has a legal meaning that few realize or ever have heard about.

The Truth About Your Birth Certificate





–What type of breakthrough technology can we expect in the next decade or two? Here’s one person’s summary of possible new developments.

15 Futuristic Technologies You’ll See In Your Lifetime

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Questions & Comments:

Q:  What would you do if every time you want to give toward a good project, but your finances continually get attacked. I know it sounds stupid, but this is what happens. Suggestions?    –  Second Part of Q for show: I am also attacked via my spouse also and I need to protect against these things.

C:  We need to take control in the spiritual to win this whole struggle for heaven to be established on earth – Just like Jesus said when telling us how to pray.

C:  I think this is straw man video is in Chicago. In the first part the guy with the beard is standing on the campus of University of Chicago -a dark side landmark.  He was probably a student there at the time.

C:  To navigate the legal framework you need to know what a judge knows, cpa and an attorney knowledge base   –  Many gaping pitfalls you can fall into if you make a mistake.    –  It is based on Maritime, Military and Tribunal Laws originally created by the Merchant class.

C:  Follow up to the technology video, I just heard a report that Jade Helm was about the testing of a computer (Named something like J-2 Helm) executive command (as opposed to a human command).  It was a test run of the machines are in control. Hence the byline “mastering the human domain” written on the Jade Helm emblem.

C:  Merchant class people eventually divided the discipline of Law into Accountancy and Attorneys at Law. Attorney is a titled position in the Royal Courts for the World.

C:  Man is made from clay, Machine is normal Iron, Now you understand the feet of clay and iron In the book of Daniel with machines going through the bloodstream of man.

C:  Excellent point about the nature of gravity and the moon and tides!  Thank you!

Q:  What protects a living organism from space radiation on the moon?

C:  Saying there is no good without evil is like saying there is no light without darkness. It is a lie.  Just like darkness is with out the light so are we without God.

C:  Regarding the Jade Helm comment:  Just a reminder that I started a car by the power of faith and this is proof that we can also stop any machine by the same faith.  Therefore not to worry about the machines.

Q:  Is the van Allen belt just fear mongering?

C:  I started my moms car this last week with a completely dead battery! Good to know I could have done it before it was ever done 🙂 Mechanic said he didn’t know how it turned over when checked hahaha

C:  We are more than just conquers in Christ+





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