Sir T shares on “The Power of HIS Love!”  We learn more about bankers from an insider who spoke out – in part 2 from last week.  Another Quantum Physicist explains how group meditation can lead to World Peace.  And we hear an inspiring message from Brother Charles Capps about the Authority of the Believer.

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Teaching: Sir Timothy Thrapp – “The Power of HIS Love!”

This week Sir T will be teaching,  “The Power of HIS Love!”

He will also share a couple of miracles that happened this week in this regard.








Technology & World Highlight:

–Can group prayer and meditation have an effect on bringing about world peace? Although you’ve likely not read about it, the science community has published numerous studies on the subject.

Can group meditation bring World Peace? Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin explains.




–We will continue with last week’s video where a former Swiss Banker discusses his experiences at the highest levels of international banking.  Former Swiss Banker Francois Siebenthal discusses his experiences at the highest levels of International banking.   (2nd half of video for this week.)

Wageless Economy Robotic – WE-R(c): Swiss Banker Siebenthal




–Brother Rand has brought us what he feels is a most important message to communicate to today’s Church. A teaching on the believer’s authority by Charles Capps.

58 Charles Capps – Authority of the Believer

41:35 to 46:30 and 1:00:00 to 1:06:30




Video that will change your life. I have no words left.








Questions & Comments:

C:  Love is not truly definable outside the personage of Yah. For Yah is love, not loving, He is love and all love comes thru Him.

C: HALLELUYAH!!! That is the supernatural power of his love! He is our provider, awesome story!!!

C: You are absolutely right sir T, we need to go to developing these qualities, which is filling yourself with the Holy Ghost, like the wise 5 Virgins.   –  This should be taught everywhere and often, to all believers in our Messiah.

C: Speaking of the power of love, Dr Len Horowitz talks about the power of love -that when perfect love shows up all disease gets healed.

C: Love is more powerful than the most powerful nuclear device.

C: When we love others, we plant the seeds of love.  Under our God given authority, what WE do reproduces itself in others.  When we love others we sow the seeds of love.  Many times when we love others, those others may cast hatefulness in return.  I was seeking God about this and God told me that seeds of love need dirt to grow in.  When someone returns dirt for love, it is what is necessary for the seeds of love to thrive and grow and bear much fruit.  Now I can rejoice for the dirt that is given in return for love.

C: when the student is ready the Teacher will appear–  Perfection is a life-long journey  –  2nd Thesolonians says there must first come a falling away from allegiance to evil and when the students are ready the teacher will appear.

Q: How does the “electrolyzer” in the water powered car work? I know it separates the hydrogen and oxygen. Do you all have this perfected yet?

C: In monopoly economics = government; there is not much accountability at the top   –  Poverty keeps the people in the slave camp cities.    –  This man is very accurate, very much wealth is purposely destroyed to control the people.

C: (Re: God providing drink for you?)  -what an awesome testimony from Sir T!

C: all wars are economic wars…. –  The biggest tax is the counterfeiting itself….–  counterfeiting is a tax on the poor or honest people….  –  Rights = righteousness is the solution to all problems.   –  We need to become the credit masters, giving credit to God and his servants.

C: The rothchild family is one of the money masters who has been known as the pope’s treasure keeper.

C: Amen, bail out the people who have been robed with counterfeiting and the economy will be strong.

C: I want to learn how to build my anti- gravity mobile home   (Rand-We need to get this one up on the gifts page 🙂 )

C: Allegiance to Rights is the highest value backing for currency, technology is second in value for currency, and Property is third in value to back currency.

C:  The physicist said that 1000 normal people can influence 1,000,000, BUT 300 children of God can change the world!

Q: So the conclusion is that not only the future is a wave form but so is the past? (double slit experiment).

C: With the right teamwork we win the war

C/Q: The gov has been working in remote viewing for a long time. Folks who can do this can see with their miinds anywhere in the world. Supposedly (Thoughts on this?)      –  If the past is a wave form then it is no wonder we have school systems teaching us what we are supposed to believe.






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